Delta Prysm is a continent that exists within the realm of the "Nexus" in a manner which is far more static and concrete
than the other myriad of places within it's ever-changing structure. Here in this place, conflict has become the longest
lasting law and order which maintains the continent's unchanging form.

The phrase "Survival of the fittest" is a mantra is so ingrained into the culture, economy and civil structure that
most citizens always fearing a bigger fish waiting just around the corner to claim those who dare enter unprepared.
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1. Ne-on - Supercity of vice and rampant immorality with a perpetual night sky.
2. Destral - Futuristic city where unregistered predation is a crime.
3. Holiday - Highly-regarded tourist location.
4. Cape Crest - Wealthy suburbia town that is controlled by mobsters.
5. Green Hell - Rainforest with traditional wildlife.
6. Nega - Abandoned supercity in ruins where magic/mystical powers are disabled.
7. Forest of Dead mages - Superforest that is overloaded with magic energy in the air.
8. Mana Caverns
9. Gaudeamus Tree
10. Last Key - Cursed desert island that guarantees impending death by local wildlife on approach or contact.
11. Haku-Sen - Region overrun with ninja that prioritize magic spellcraft.
12. Ryujoji - Region overrun with ninja that prioritize tactical engineering.
13. Moving Forest - Megaforest that rotates trees and paths after people travel through.
14. Prosper - Island with abandoned scienctific labs in ruin and countless experimental creatures on the loose.
15. Nega Inval - Domain on edge of Nega where one witch holds godlike power unaffected by Nega's atmosphere.
16. Desert Wastes - A vast desert sandscape
17. Paradox Highlands - Realm composed of creatures so dangerous that societal habitation is impossible.

Delta Prysm is an unusual continent that has an unorthodox and complex history with it's business, trade, culture
and politics due to it's specific region of the world. The entire continent in itself is located so far north of the equator
that sunlight strikes almost entirely across the horizon majority of the world's year, causing problems for those in
unfortunate positions where sunlight is blocked by larger objects for extended periods of time.

This peculiar fact makes crime and predation a bit more commonplace and often in plain sight, thus effectively altering
society's perception of both over an extended period of decades.

Control over the continent's future was nearly decided entirely by Judge Leilen and the Delta Prysm Government
Federation was almost made to conquer the entire star system under her rule as she had made flawless exploitation of
the world's resources to amass an army capable of invading and terraforming foreign worlds with frightening efficiency.

After she had been made President, she cracked down heavily on crime in person, as well as ordering several other judges
to do the same until she had turned up missing. With her absence, a revolt had erupted from the very heart of Delta Prysm
against her regime and the continent in itself shattered under it's own internal conflicts into it's own set of city-countries
due to various degrees of government approval and dismissal. Laws and regulations wildly vary on a case-by-case basis in
the different regions and some places simply don't have any at all.

The struggle for power in any one region is practically an eternal one with people in any particular position of power or
authority going missing or having their remains turning up in unusual locations, making power vacuums nigh unpluggable
and keeping the entire society of the continent at a state of controlled chaos.

To visit this place is nothing short of folly and to remain is stupidity of the highest order.
To make one's mark without concern for one's own well being is bravery worthy of praise.
Choose which you are wisely before entering.



(Demonym: Neonian)

This City-country rests at the foot of the High-Hell mountain range. The peaks of the mountain are so ridiculously
high up and the city is so far below sea level that the 50-mile wide city is wrapped in perpetual night at all times.

The city is host to the most perpetually active population on the continent due to the lack of sunlight to attune the
people's natural sleep cycle instincts. The massive amount of people awake and asleep at any one time remains almost
perfectly equal at any given hour of the day or night, (Not that people can tell day or night apart here anyway.)

The city is one of the least safe areas in Delta Prysm and only becomes safer the closer to the center one gets as
the city's core is host to those that the city fears most; Computer hackers, scientists, engineers and various other
technological geniuses who are capable of completely disrupting and damaging the entire city should they ever
feel they or their friends are in any way threatened.

Those stationed around the city's core often protect the weaker individuals as would-be "white knights" that are the
closest thing to any kind of law that the city has to offer.

Central Core, safest area run by the youngest and smartest in the territory.
Gambler's Pit, A fake Casino near the northern area created by predators to trick foolish people into entering within.
The Vile Mile, A stretch of road to the southeast entirely run by hustlers and black market dealers.
Underground By-ways. The sewer system beneath the vast city-state of Ne-on. Amazingly, there exists a few small
sectors where homeless have made the occasional 'township' beneath the city streets referred to as "Desper Slums".

Situated in this area:
Purna's Body Mods
An unlicensed "Body Modder" that operates around the southwest outer rim of the city, just near the town's outskirts.
The owner has a very serious reputation in the underground black market and goes through unusual extremes to
ensure the finest quality to the future customers.

Ai Moe
Rumored to be 'not from this time', this strange girl possesses an interesting weapons technology which seems to be far
beyond what the rest of the city's inhabitants are capable of creating. In this place, she is seen as more of an imbecile
with good publicity just because of her interesting tools.



(Demonym: Destrallan)

Sister city to Ne-on, Destral is a city that spans 65 miles in length.
It is a highly-advanced technological city that houses an elaborate defense system while city law virtually prevents
all kinds of predation of any magnitude. While predation is still possible, but those whom are caught are usually
executed on sight.

The city officials are strict about a vast majority of crimes. Even littering or jaywalking merits a solid year of jailtime
and a thirty-thousand credit fine. Such strict laws have resulted in an infrastructure that runs exceedingly cheap
and clean with technologies that have advanced and a civilization that has flourished without the need for too much
reliance on the outside world.

It is the safest city-country (in general) in all of Delta Prysm.

Embassy and Senate Courts, people with high political standing are usually found here.
Destral Underplex. Located beneath the Embassy and Senate Courts, where more military-related diplomatic dealings occur,
right along with the RnD factories of the country's military designs.
City Capitol, much of the City's major business and control source back from here.
Travelport hubs, all manner of travel chains have their customers served in many hubs around Destral by and, air and sea.
Trade District, a gargantuan deal of smaller shops form a perfect ring around the outskirts of Destral's city limits.
Subterranean Sewer Structure, which is Destral's sewer system, which is heavily fortified and has many guards on patrol
throughout it. This is not only to prevent hidden predation in the sewers, but to also keep people from accessing the
Underplex via sewer navigation.

Situated in this area:
Jiro's Imports
Known for his high-risk business endeavors, the manager of this chain has established his primary sales establishment
here in Destral with at least one store per every mile of Destral for customer convenience.

While he has many store locations throughout all of Delta Prysm, his finest goods are always found within the safety
of Destral, where theft is incredibly unlikely.



(Demonym: Holidi)

Considered by most to be the "Heart" of Delta Prysm, It is now mostly a 24-7 resort hotspot for vacationers looking to
get away from all the chaos of the other locations.

While originally the most strictly-policed area in the continent, the local authorities loosened majority of their
stranglehold on their laws after the incidents of Cape Crest and the Nega Bomb Conflict, leaving the people to their
own devices as they ask for assistance themselves.

With the perfect temperature, free ship cruises(paid for by Jiro's Imports) and seaside view, the place
is always in a constant state of activity. It's impossible to find paradise anywhere else in the paradox of confusions
that is Delta Prysm.

It is the second-safest City-country in Delta Prysm. It is only second-safest due to the charitable nature of the place
being occasionally stymied by the occasional preds that lack conscience enough to give innocent people a break.

The entire location. Seriously, it's called 'Holiday' for a reason.
Sewer Passages. Beneath the city are these smaller, neater sewers than those in the other countries.

Lowtown District. The narrow, alley-like streets around the country's border which most of the smaller shops and
businesses are found. Often heavily-active during the day and very slow and quiet at night.
Katarina's home. Found just five miles outside of Holiday. While She has many locations owned for herself around
Delta Prysm, her primary "home" is located around here.

Situated in this area:
Scarletto's Real Estate
A company known for providing comfortable real estate for all types from all places, Scarletto's was founded in Holiday
and is the pride and joy of the region. Even though it has spread out through various places, many usually come from
faraway lands to come meet the CEO in person.

Lysbeth's Magicks
A company that specializes in various mystical trades and has an actual off-continent founding, the owners moved to
Delta Prysm and settled here to not only spread the shop's influence and brand recognition to this area, but also to
be established much closer to the 'nega-zone' in order to study it.


4.Cape Crest:

(Demonym: Capallan )

A decent ocean view and a few good diners here and there, but there are more bars, bowling alleys, golf courses,
motels, auto repair shops and fast-food chains than anything else.

There are no banks and no law offices of any sort, neither are there any public transport due to the particular
social atmosphere.

The town was originally far more safe and secure during the reign of President Leilen, but after civil war broke
out over her absence, it was eventually discovered that the district's Judge was consorting with predators to attack
Metro Brinks in order to make Cape Crest look better by comparison, the citizens of Cape Crest revolted en mass,
utterly slaughtering all various forms of government employees, starting with police and other local law enforcement
divisions before moving onto the rest.

At the time, the social climate was already at a great unrest over fear of civil war breaking out over the missing
Leilen and the threats between Destral and Metro Brinks were already pushing people over the edge. The corruption
scandal was simply the straw that broke the camel's back, triggering the massive influx of organized crime into
Cape Crest.

The majority of the population here are assumed to be outlaws and runaway criminals of varying degrees. Usually vigilantes
and government agents such as police or army are killed on-sight or if they are discovered to be related in any way.
Unironically, the streets and locales are cleaner and the neighborhoods are in pristine order simply because the local
crime lords are infinitely more strict with their regulations than even Destral.

Usually, if an thug has the nerve to kill a person in broad daylight, he will also clean up all the evidence in it's entirety
within under half an hour, regardless of shots fired or however much blood spilled.The crime bosses simply do not tolerate
their streets being dirty for any longer than a few hours at a time or they will usually execute people who do any kind
of 'littering'.

Despite it's clean upkeep, Cape Crest is one of the more 'generally dangerous' zones, possibly just as dangerous
as any other in the Nexus.


Lake Brinks, a beautiful lake that is kept in perfectly pristine order with the locals going through extreme measures to
ensure it stays clean and crystal clear. All criminal kingpins favor this place with such mutual respect that it's nearly revered
as a sacred place where they refuse to 'dispose of garbage.'

It was originally named "Lake Queens" but after the destruction of Metro Brinks, the name was changed to honor
those lost in the conflict.

Tekkuhazai Shrine, Around fifty miles or so north of the Capitol is a home fashioned in a manner similar to a shrine which
is continually upkept despite being abandoned. While it is rarely visited, there is often conflict there when it is
visited by any.
Sewer Ducts, without a doubt, the Cape Crest sewer ducts play host to the greatest deal of unchecked crime in the region.
If a person goes missing in Cape Crest, they usually end up found here, in any possible condition and usually an unpleasant one.

Situated in this area:
Nexus Dojo
This dojo actually used to exist in Destral, but the owner instead took their services to this area after lashing out against
Destral for the atrocities involved in the Nega Bomb Incident. Even with as much of a rude reputation that Cape Crest
has, it's citizens are very protective and proud of the owner for making Cape Crest the go-to choice for those looking
for physical training.

Skin and Chain
A literal slave market from a professional hunter and slaver whose origins are not entirely clear.

While this place's primary base of operations is said to exist in Cape Crest, nobody seems to know where or even when
the so-called 'sales' are done. This is likely the reality of the rumor that the owner of this slave market being so saavy as
to never be caught or even detected by those intending to ruin the business.


5.Green Hell:

A clean and tranquil forest that appears to have been ripped from another dimension and put in place over where a barren
land used to be. It's true that predators regularly frequent this place, but the fact remains that it is one of the lesser of the
dangerous areas in Delta Prysm as predators usually end up too full on the naturally-occurring wildlife to bother themselves
with humans too often.

Situated in this area:
Cham Cham
Seeing to have been native from the world the forest itself was ripped from, This unusual tenant appears to return to
this place from time to time and often wanders farther north to the Moving Forest when not specifically here.

As she is mostly feral in nature, she could be considered wildlife herself and has potential to be dangerous. It's unclear
what priorities or allegiances she has, if any exist in her mind at all.



(Demonym: Brinksian )

What used to be a thriving and bustling city-region known as Metro Brinks is now a nearly lifeless wasteland with a total lack
of upkeep or refurbishing. It is a spectacle of ruins that is without precedent as the very civilization that once inhabited it was
obliterated more recently than the damage to the area suggests it to be.

A physically noticeable change in the air pressure the moment one crosses the threshold onto it's soil and that in itself is the
effect of the Anti-Oxos field which the Nega-bomb wrought, the particular pressure presses Oxos out from the central radius,
making the use of magic within this place a physical impossibility.

A month before the catastrophe, Metro Brinks had gotten wind of rumors that Destral conspired against the Federation and
planned to Assassinate President Leilen. After Leilen's disappearance just a week after the rumors, the city armed itself and
prepared to launch tactical strikes against the rest of the continent's major predator zones in order to flush out insurgents.

When Destral learned of the impending attack, They went to war with the city, commissioning a young and highly-maligned
scientist to develop special weapons against Metro Brinks.
The war drew to a close before it could even open when it was found that the Metro Brinks had accidentally unleashed a terrible
human biological weapon on the continent, providing Destral an excuse to drop a "negative bomb" in response on the Metro
Brinks's capitol without even attempting to understand the weapon's disastrous effects beforehand.

The bomb utterly destroyed most of the life forms in the capitol instantly and caused the rest caught in the expanding negative
radius after the initial blast to become unable to breathe for hours, suffocating them to death and leaving their bodies
to decay into the soil.

Years passed and the negative radius still stands, Oxos (the length of measure in which magic of any shape or form is
put to use
) is utterly devoid and dead in the negative zone of Nega, meaning Magic of any sort will not and will never
function there. Strangely, it is rumored that there exists a single being who has the ability to manipulate magic powers here
despite this effect.

This area is usually entirely harmless and lacking in predators while other crimes in this area usually amount to mere looting
of buildings, which is not very uncommon to see, especially since most would rather not want to let the vast resources within
the area go to waste.

Void Woods, the only area in Nega where wildlife from neigboring areas at least tries to flourish again from time to time.
Lake Midnight, the lake is actually consistently warm year-round due to geological activity beneath the water. As there are
active geysers about half a mile from the lake, there's no reason to bother asking why.
Abandoned Centra, the outer ring of towns just outside of the city's main capitol. Originally called "Centra Community Plaza",
the entire area is now just devoid of activity.
Demise Capitol, the ruins and ground-zero of the Nega-bomb's detonation. The Oxos dispersal's most critical zone where the
molecular tensile structures are so harshly altered that the sky is perpetually pitch-black regardless of there being sunshine
elsewhere on the continent around it.

Situated in this area:
Grant-A-Wish Real Estate
An unusual entity is sometimes found here, often offering real estate to customers, but mostly selling to a very specific
type of customer and selling unusual types of real estate at unexpected prices. Very little is known about this property
seller and the sales figures/profit margins are even less clear considering the limited amount of range that the seller covers as
there appears to be no appearances of the being outside of Nega.

A highly-violent and aggressive being whom not only attacks seemingly at random, but also engages in much predatory
conduct and even murder for no reason in particular. While she is an uncommon sight, it's mainly due to her being
afraid of her owner catching her in the act of wrongdoing.


7.Forest of Dead mages:

What used to be a regular forest became a graveyard for many brave travelers seeking fame and glory after a creature
not of this world took nest and began feeding on the surrounding populace of the continent.

Since the creature mostly feeds upon mages and magic-users tends to continue hunting for the hidden underground trove
of treasures near the it's nest, the forest is utterly saturated in thick quantities of magical energies. The soil itself is
saturated deep with the energies since the remains of the mages are all within the radius of the creature's nest.

This place is exceptionally dangerous for those with any level of magic proficiency as the creature can detect those capable
of wielding any magic from several miles away and can easily devastate highly-proficient mages with little effort.

Nexus Mists, an area where crossing back into the primary Nexus is most easily done as the remains of most of Jaska's victims
are saturated in magics so strong that the fabrics of worlds intertwine and are torn apart more rapidly in this one location than
anywhere else, making it astonishingly easy to wind up travelling to entirely different realities by merely walking through the area.
Forbidden Air, A place only known for people going missing who enter into it. One can tell they are too close
when the forest becomes both too thick with mists to see too far past one's own hand and when the forest canopies crowd
so tightly together that the area is almost midnight dark during broad daylight hours. Those that go missing often
mention that the air itself becomes sweet-smelling, which usually prompts all others to hear the statement to flee the
area immediately.

Situated in this area:
A highly-predatory harpy which resides in the gigantic 'Gaudeamus Tree'. Her magic capability is horrifyingly destructive and
her powers seem to vary and evolve depending on the victims she has consumed, making her incredibly dangerous as
there have already been countless she has claimed as prey.


8.Mana Caverns: (located within the "Forest of Dead mages")

The caves which are found closest to the Harpy's nest often have deep underground passages and wide chasms. Many
are interconnected and there are a maze-like pattern of them all around within the vicinity of this forest, but only in the
path of one of the caves is a vast fortune of valuable items an magical trinkets.

The rumored cave in question is inhabited by a Naga which the Harpy seems not to bother. It is widely understood that the
Naga continues to add to the treasure with the valuables that victims of both her and the harpy leave behind.

The caves themselves are very dangerous just on account of the Naga's ability to easily locate travelers within the
labyrinthine cave system, but there is always the chance that the Naga is outside the caves rather than in them.

Serpent's Labyrinth, a deep and sprawling series of underground passages spread throught the earth beneath the Suicide tree.
--> (*2*)
--> (*3*)
Unknown Dungeon, a mysterious underground chamberspace at the heart of an underground labyrinth. Those who venture this
far in to see it are often too frightened to go much further.

Situated in this area:
The naga seems highly predatory and rather unusual in behavior. It often appears as if there are more than one Naga
with similar visual traits and differing personalities, but it is primarily all the same exact Naga.


9.Gaudeamus Tree: (located within the "Forest of Dead mages")

The very tree itself that the Harpy has taken nest in, which casts an enormous shadow over a portion of the forest.
Due to the remains of her victims constantly being left behind around that specific tree always being loaded full of mana, the
soil adversely affected the tree, enhancing it's growth and strength. The tree now stands at over 700 feet in height and
around 150 feet in width. The bare trunk is so unbelievably sturdy and resilient from the surrounding energies that a
tomahawk missile once struck it and failed to leave a single scratch.

Of course the area is immensely dangerous citing the presence of the Harpies residing within and around the tree.
(**view from western side, for scale**)

Situated in this area:
The daughter of Jaska and growing fledgling that is rarely seen outside of the tree that she's being raised in. She seems to
have trouble flying, most likely due to problems involving one of the many mages that attempted to slay Jaska.

Despite Jajinka being nowhere near as dangerous or even remotely threatening as Jaska, Jajinka is still highly
carnivorous despite her less-than-threatening behavior.


10.Last Key:

A lone island resting out in the ocean from a distant desert. There are several islands out in that area, but this one in
particular is almost completely unreachable by sea and by air.
The desert winds present a horribly powerful downdraft which seems to recede just a few meters from it's shores
which slams any air vehicle down into the water miles before reaching the island.

The waters in that coastal region are inhabited by what appears to be millions of violent sea creatures. Heavily armored
sea vehicles are known to have been sunken nearly instantly upon getting halfway within range.

These factors make clear that there is some sort of magic at play that prevents people from exploring the island without
disaster befalling them.



(Demonym: Haku Senshi)

One of two ninja compounds on the continent.
The two warring factions have been fighting each other for centuries. Both clans are in possession of half of a sacred artifact
which when combined creates a power source of unlimited quantity and magnitude. Several times have they attempted
peace treaties, but failed to address terms mutually at any time.

The Haku-Sen clan consist of highly-knowledgeable mages. They have a source of obtaining pure mana energies and are
preventing the Ryujoji clan from getting any at all. The Haku-Sen are notorious for the applied magic techniques they utilize.

The clan is well-known for their secrecy and very little is known of their inner establishment or their methods of engaging the
outside world. Their members remain shrouded in total mystery and the area around their borders are exceptionally dangerous
as they are fast to treat intruders as hostiles or spies.

Cataract Well, a well rumored to be found within an opening of a cave very close to the primary Haku-Sen establishment.
Those that seek it out are never heard from again as the Haku-Sen elite seem to guard it more heavily than anything else
in their region.



(Demonym: Tenryuu)

One of two ninja compounds on the continent.
The two warring factions have been fighting each other for centuries. Both clans are in possession of half of a sacred artifact
which when combined creates a power source of unlimited quantity and magnitude. Several times have they attempted
peace treaties, but failed to address terms mutually at any time.

The Ryujoji clan is exceptionally strategic and deceptive, applying trap techniques and deceptions as their foremost skill.

The clan is also well-known for their quick resolutions and speedy courier systems. Little is known of their inner establishment
or their methods of engaging the outside world. Their members remain shrouded in total mystery, but their borders are in no
way dangerous unless one trespasses on the trap-laden grounds nearest to their temples.


13.Moving Forest:

A forest area in which the trees and foundation shift, infinitely more often at times when people are paying no mind. Many tend
to become trapped for years upon entering before ever escaping, or never at all because of this. This area especially dangerous
to children or persons with exceptionally weak navigational skills.

Dead Center. It might be difficult to determine, but those managing to get this far have extreme difficulty finding their way back out.
Lost Hideaway, a location that is exceptionally difficult to find due to the forest constantly being in motion. It appears to be a sort
of summer home or retreat on the outside, but the visitors that have ever journeyed within have a habit of becoming
permanent residents any one way or the other.

Situated in this area:
A very peculiar resident of the hideaway and likely the owner of the place. Whatever is known of her is little aside from
her peculiar appetites.

Owned and controlled by Mami for many of her indulgences and other interests, Hiroko is potentially a hazard for all
of Delta Prysm on account of her ability to adapt and rapidly transport from one location to another with stolen goods or
kidnapped persons. Her size and strength may be minor, but she makes up for it with raw ingenuity and an incredible rate
of adaptability.

Allegedly perceived as a goddess in ancient times, Ambika appears to have somehow fallen from grace and has a far more
difficult time getting used to her current environment. Her behavior is usually somewhere between lazy, crafty or
immature and her travelling habits usually lead her out of the forest without any problems, but she can be dangerous and
has an astounding capacity for consuming mass quantities when angered.



(Demonym: Dreadborn)

A forty-mile-wide stretch of island that was converted into a research complex and scientific nature preserve years
before Leilen was seated as president. After the founder and his wife were found to be murdered by their own daughter
(after they found she had been hiding a multitude of unethical experiments from them) the island was shut down temporarily
and the girl arrested until matters involving the investors were resolved.

After the arrest of the child, Leilen's disappearance kicked up the start of a civil war and Destral cut a deal with the child for
help designing weapons in the panic of the moment. Destral lost out on the deal as the weapon they were in a rush to use
wound up wasting the lives of countless civilians and the young girl herself fled back to a newly-fortified prosper island,
practically isolated from the rest of the world where she could see to doing whatever she saw fit without retaliation from
the rest of Delta Prysm.

After running her research for a few short years, she turned up missing and the labs have fallen into ruin due to most of
the experimental wildlife running rampant. The location in itself is dangerous, but strongly to those of weaker
constitutions who cannot handle themselves on their own.

Facility Twelve. The primary base of operations in the northern area of Prosper. It has fallen to the least bit of disrepair
after Kira Daidohji's absence. This area is the main receiving area for fresh imports from off-island before they are transferred to
other areas around prosper.
--> Halls
--> Commons Study
--> Genetics R&D Rooms
--> Isolated Recovery Rooms

Facility Nine, the location where most of the biofabrication and weapons creation takes place. This place also houses the drone
creation and repair factory. It is found near the westernmost area of prosper.
--> Halls
--> Surgical Study

Power Station, A massive perpetual power generator is housed here which supplies the entire island with electricity. It is
in the center-most area of the island.
--> Power Grid
--> Island Security Observation Room

Containment Center, or " Facility Six" of prosper. Many captured specimens were held here more than any other place on the
island, but many have broken free and damaged the building upon escape, leaving it to be the single most ruined structure of
them all. It is found near the southernmost area of prosper.
--> Corridors
--> Suspension Chambers
--> Hi-Sec Containment
--> Hall Seven

Aquanor, or "Facility Three" of prosper. It is the easternmost lab of prosper and the only one primarily found underwater.
This lab is host to the more dangerous catches that have been made prisoner for research. While the underwater containment
is far more secure a measure for retaining the individuals or creatures that are difficult to manage, the threat they pose constantly
wears at the facility from the inside due to their strength, which causes many leaks and much constant draining to prevent the lab
from being destroyed. This fact is only made worse due to the only person constantly keeping the facility under control being missing.
--> Research Chambers
--> Pressurized Containment, an area in Aquanor that has several layers of security and thick, titanium bulkheads protecting a single,
solitary chamber apart from the rest of the island and is isolated from the other major areas of Aquanor by a long and narrow
corridor about a quarter mile in length. Whatever lay behind those doors is likely to be monumentally dangerous.

Situated in this area:
Several cloned 'catgirls' of three particular varieties used to be the island's second security measure aside from the
automated artillery defense systems. Now that those systems are no longer functioning and their caretaker is missing, the
catgirls have grown more ravenous, feral and hostile to varying degrees. They've taken to cannibalizing one another and
even forming hunting packs in certain instances across the island.

They are all predatory in nature, but they are all Individually weaker than most that are competent enough to hold their
own in a fist-fight. In groups, they can be incredibly deadly.

Little is known about this individual other than the fact that Luo makes repeat trips to the island and constantly seeks
out the countless lab stations rather than the wildlife.

At times, Kira Daidohji was known to hunt down live subjects in Delta Prysm's mainland and transport them back to
Prosper. With as many labs as she had strewn throughout the island and as many secrets she had, it's expected that many
of the specimens she acquired are still locked away somewhere in that place.


15.Nega Inval:

A strange section of mountain range between a forest and the edge of Nega, which is deemed the most dangerous area on
the continent.

This area is inhabited by so few likely because of the strongest and most prevalent rumors that the area plays host to
demons, wraiths, specters, monsters and unusual creatures who torment, kill, massacre, murder, consume and torture
those that are unlucky to near the area.

This is the single most dangerous area in all of Delta Prysm. Be warned, venturing near this location is most highly

Situated in this area:
Samantha Grey
A cambion girl with a strained demonic heritage which often results in social or emotional conflicts. Her powers are varied
and the nature of her very presence allows her to walk through Nega Inval without any sort of consequence.

Posessing great demonic powers of both and elemental varieties as well as having innate control of space and reality-warping,
Abrienda is a gargantuan threat to the lives of all who cross through this area. The connection between her and Samantha is
practically symbiotic and monochrome in nature, often leaving those involved with either to tread carefully on the emotional state
of either they are addressing.


16.Andozza Desert :

(Demonym: Andosallan)

The ever-blowing winds cause the dunes in the westernmost areas to shift very often. Furthermore, the winds become stronger
the further one travels west. In the far east, there seems to be no wind blowing at all and the few types that come across
this way are generally sociable or corpse looters.

The occasional opportunistic predator may emerge every now and then to try picking off a victim weakened by the desert heat
and elements.


17.Paradox Highlands:

(Demonym: Behemothii )

Despite it's beautiful sights, This entire area of higher elevations is home to some of the most dangerous wildlife on the
continent. There is nearly no civilization or even fewer signs of it in any area within easily-accessible reach.

Very few adventurers would dare to trek to this area as even the most prestigious and competent has fallen to the
vast myriad of fearsome creatures of occasionally mythical-class emerge and prey upon those unqualified to handle this place.

(This area is presents the few greatest challenges in all of Delta Prysm.)

Grearstein Tundra, beyond the Mythical-beast-infested great plains are these rolling hills and valleys leading up to Grearstein Mountain.
Demon's Gap is located just beyond the mountain provided one hasn't been slain by drakes or griffons along the way.
As the name suggests of this vast field, demons have a penchant of emerging here very often.
Gap's End is precisely where the demon population would peter off and where the Idriac Swamp begins.
The swamp is home to many large, amphibious creatures.

Provided one continues beyond the swamp and manages to find the Impossible Glade, there stands a
significant chance that the traveler would find themselves lost or turned back as the plant life in this area has a very
powerful hallucinogenic aroma that can affect persons well over a hundred feet away from them. Most that inhale never
make it through the five miles of glade and are usually found back at the swamp worse off then when they entered.
Fairy's Lost Meadow is just beyond the five-mile wall of the Impossible Glade. In the highly-unlikely
chance that a person has made it past that point, they will practically never even be aware that they passed through
this meadow as they would most likely still be hallucinating because of the glade's spores.

The Great Fairy Plains are where the ever-so-rare fairies native to Delta Prysm hail from. As they are
considered exceptionally dangerous in their vast numbers, those that get this far never bother with going near their
Fairy Temple. stronghold out of fear of being made into gemstone. The most one should do after reaching this far is to simply turn back.

Just a mile beyond the Fairy temple, the temporal integrity of the nexus begins to diverge and radiate an ethereal
light. As to be expected of it's name, Delta Prysm is in fact a hub which divides the nexus off into several other worlds,
a place where the strongest lights of all the worlds are divided into a vivid spectrum before the end of this path. This final
path is referred to as the "PRYSMATIC MILE". The sky is perpetually night here and the environment's light spectrum rolls
a consistent series of colors across the landscape more visibly the closer one gets to the Nexus Gate.

Situated in this area:
Final Threats

(In this area are an undetermined number of characters over level 70 who utilize powerful techniques with
incredibly lethal potential. It is highly ill-advised to willingly engage this area due to this.


00A. Minor Villages:

There are a few minor villages littered throughout Delta Prysm. They are incredibly small and often not noteworthy except for
making rest stops in between long-distance travel between the city-countries.

They are specifically so small because of the convenience of having so little in the way of repairs in the event they are ever
attacked as they are usually better prepared to handle predators and bandits never find reason to bother with attacking people
who make only enough income to never posses valuables worth going so far out of the way for.

There are usually about 1 to 2 minor villages in between each major location and almost none of them consist of a population
greater than 25 persons residing within.


00B. Wanderers:
Wanderers and/or nomads are those who travel Delta Prysm for their own personal reasons whether noble, impure,
misguided, just plain devoid of purpose or left unclear to the observer.

Not all wanderers have the same goals or even have the same path of travel, nor do they always share any kind of
common interest. They may be kind, disinterested, afraid or outright dangerous, but one should never be expected
to see a limited supply of them. They are not very uncommon, though some specific wanderers are exceedingly rare. Here
are a few examples of such wanderers:

Despite having the most loyal of ties to her Mistress, Valkyna, Lilika is known for having a seemingly aimless pattern
of wandering about, often going missing for lengthy periods, only to emerge again in an entirely different region.

She often appears to be kind and sociable to all whom she actively detects to be exuding any sort of genuine 'good will'
towards her. While she has the capacity to be highly dangerous, she rarely ever postures herself in this way towards any.

Normally responding to the handle "Tasha", She is exceptionally talented at making herself scarce and remaining unseen when
she wills herself to be. She is so rarely seen that many doubt she exists and even more have not heard of her.

Most that do know of her find themselves often losing track of her and never seeing her again and even few only catch glimpses of
her as she evades her pursuers. Those who get close enough to speak to her find that she is one of few words and with very little
concern for the state of the world or the perception of others.

She is recognized by most of the few that are aware of her person as a being who does not take lightly to any inclination of hostility
and has a reputation for outright slaying many predators who misjudged their quarry.

Tread lightly in her presence and show no hostility if one expects to make peace as her values are far from clear or defined
enough for her to be easily considered ally or enemy.

She is traditionally found in places without much of a population or places usually not known for having hostile lifeforms.
Unlike others, her travelling pattern appears to be based on factors involving either training her body, hunting for food or
searching around the Nexus where the rifts are the weakest/blurred.

At a time, she used to reside at a Shrine some fifty or so miles north of Cape Crest, but frequent unwanted attackers have
caused her to frequent it far less, nearly to the point of abandonment.