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Ceephus Rahulei Kagato
(The wind)

Name: Cham Cham
Aka: (none)
Age: 19
Born: Green Hell (South America)
Raised: Green Hell (South America)
Occupation: Wild
Weapon Preferance: Yok Mok Mook (specilaized boomerang)
Discipline: The Way of the N'myawa
Alliance: Neutral
Mental Nature: Unknown
Situational Mentality: Evasive, yet testy on rare occaisions
Fighting Mentality: Will avoid at all costs, but will attack if provoked
Likes: Gentle breezes.
Dislikes: Stealing her hard-earned meals, open water.


Species: Seems to be Catgirl, but can't be proven.
Gender: Female
Height: 3' 9''
Weight: 102 lbs (excess head hair, tail and paws accounted for)
Blood type: Maya (N'myawa) Type O
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Green
Strengths: Forested areas
Weaknesses: Open water, attraction to grabbing electric eels (numbness,) Non-eel related electricity.


Stat Chart:

An unusual occurrence as a character. A feral girl with feline features, though it is often hard to tell if her ears, paws and tail are a part of her or just some form of clothing. People doubt it is real at a glance, but the more attention is paid, the more it is seen of her ears and tail acting on their own accord, tail swaying and ears twitching or perking according to whichever emotion is presently being displayed. Popular beliefs aside, her upbringing and origin is unimportant as she seems to not care nor bother trying to speak of it.

Aside from this, though she is capable of normal speech, she's gone a long while in her life without doing it. As such, she prefers not to simply to the fact that she's no longer used to it. It's very likely that she will remain in her current state of mind as long as she lives.

Cham Cham is the younger sister of Tam Tam. She lost the Tangil stone (a relic of her village) when she "borrowed" it to play with. She set out to find it years ago but became lost and ended up in the park. As irony has it, the stone was found by the village shaman the day after she lost it, but her location to the village was a mystery.

The incident passed years ago and she has matured into adulthood since then. She no longer has any memories of her childhood or her older brother, but her spirit will remain unfogettable.

Play Method:
Cham Cham is a curious character in which you'd have to treat her as you would a wild animal in order for her to properly understand her. Simply trying to say "hi" and start communication with her is the worst way to go about it, as is immidiately approaching in some over-zealously friendly manner. Much like a cat, If she isn't yet familiar with you or you decide to catch her by surprise, you're likely to find yourself scaring her away or having your face clawed to shreds.

Best Suited For:
Characters that are self-restrained and like to take care of others. Also appreciative playes that like to pet/cuddle.

Closest friends: Eka, Tridemon
Rivals: Riani (Territory control/animosity/)