Name: Delilah
Aka: (none)
Age: Age: Apparently 5 years since initial build. (One year older than Lilika )
Born: Lunar Surface Station. (Now Defunct and destroyed)
Raised: By Kizna
Occupation: Servicing Kizna's needs
Weapon Preferance: none/self
Discipline: Obedience
Alliance: (doesn't comply to Delilah/ willingly follows Kizna)
Mental Nature: Selfish/greedy/rude
Situational Mentality: Assertive
Fighting Mentality: Domination
Likes: breaking things
Dislikes: being restrained/confined.

Species: Does not apply to Delilah/Made from Kizna's Living latex. (Formerly Latextant)
Gender: Female ( Technically genderless)
Height: Around 5 feet, but varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: Liquid latex
Hair color: Varies (currently altered to an inkyblack/blue)
Eye color: Pitch black, dark blue glowing retinas
Strengths: Unaffected by Psychic powers.
Weaknesses: Iron (Unlike Lilika, Iron multiplies effects of electricity on Delilah by 20x base strength. )

Stat Chart:

Delilah, after running wild and terrorizing the parks citizens for quite a time was eventually brought down, tamed and effortlessly made into Kizna's personal pet and play-toy.

Delilah is very much a far superior version of Lilika and can do far more than what Lilika can do. Lilika is limited to "Seven Force" artillery, as to where Delilah was revamped by Tao for "Fifty Force". Her rampant upgrades and revisions allow for much higher versatility in extreme situations, however, Delilah isn't exactly unstoppable, as she shares the same weaknesses as Lilika. Though older, Her experience in this place is far less than Lilika's and her habits are completely different than before. Delilah is far more likely to make mistakes as she is still rather new to the way things in this place are meant to be.

Her original wild and violent behavior was mostly wiped out by Kizna, only a small trace of being unruly was left as Kizna completely assimilated her body and purged the corruption from within. Unlike Lilika, Delilah is a bit sassier and sometimes vulgar. She is more mature and knowledgeable than her younger counterpart, but far less innocent. Delilah is moreso into self-satisfaction by any means she can get it, but she by no means shows any ill behavior before her mistress.

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Play Method:
Delilah is somewhat of a local 'bully' as she tends to keep herself driven on self-satisfaction and and greed. Her behavior is completely contrasted to Lilika's in every way, but the exception is when it comes to obeying. Delilah respects and loves Kizna as much as Lilika does Valkyna, The only primary fault in her doing so is that she also fears misbehaving in front of Kizna.

Best Suited For:
Delilah's playstyles is suited for those who like being "the victim" or appreciate being harassed and on occasion, tortured. She is very difficult to keep down and she has no sense of respect for those she doesn't know.

Owner: Kizna (shared with Valkyna)
Lilika (considered a "younger sister")

A firm believer of having some