♩♪♫♬(Changes according to season)♬♫♪♩
(Warning: Sound may be L O U D.)
Name: Lilika (02.30.09)
V-Class: Above Core
Char Type 1: Shapeless
Char Type 2: -
Style Set: Morphic (Latex/Slave)
(*yet to be added*):
(Level): (Yet to be determined)
(HP): (Yet to be determined)
(MP): (Yet to be determined)

Aka: (none)
Age: Apparently 4 years since initial build
Born: Lunar Surface Station (Now Defunct and destroyed)
Raised: "By Valkyna"
Occupation: Servicing Valkyna's needs
Weapon Preference: none/self
Discipline: Obedience
Alliance: (doesn't comply to Lilika/ willingly follows Valkyna)
Mental Nature: Soft/Sweet (sometimes naughty)
Situational Mentality: (Depends on the moon)
Fighting Mentality: Will run away.
Likes: Valkyna, Full Moons, Caligator (Has a huge crush on.) Laressa (Sees as favorite familial playmate)
Dislikes: People that annoy Valkyna, When people block her view of the moon.

Species: Latextant
Gender: Female ( Technically genderless)
Height: Usually around 5 feet, but varies at her whimsy.
Weight: Varies.
Blood type: Liquid elastin latex. (whole body is a morphic nanite)
Hair color: Blonde, but can vary.
Eye color: Blue, though it can vary, she hardly changes this.
Strengths: Predators that forget where Lilika draws the line.
Weaknesses: Great discharges of electricity.

Valkyna (Mistress, shared with kizna )
Caligator (Lusting for)
Laressa (Loving Playmate)
Delilah ("Corrupted" Sister)
Zia_Thesta (is intensely jealous of)

Family, Via Valkyna:
Kailindrea (Grand-Mistress)

Standard Appearance (Without ear covers)
Inky Top
Skunk Form

Personal Details:

Originally a stolen construct from the Lunar Surface Station, the theif reprogrammed and re-purposed her from her original designs to that of more of a
'personal-servant' type of sentient tool. After having her mind absorb a great deal of information from the nexus dealing exclusively on logical processes, she
gathered minor particular input on predation and sought to experience "educational growth" from consumption and experimentation, starting with the one whom
had initially owned her. She consumed him and absorbed his mental process for 'human awareness', proceeding to go about experimenting further on
the denizens via communication and observation with the occasional consumption of a common passer-by every now and again.

When she had enough sense to reason with who or what she was, she began seeking out persons who she felt kindred bonds to, which lead her to
Valkyna. She agreed to be Valkyna's pet and was later eventually absorbed by Valkyna, her original body used to fuel the mistress while Valkyna herself
transferred Lilika's consciousness into a new body of the Mistress's living Latex from the very loins of Valkyna herself.

Lilika resumes her loyal abide of Valkyna and remains in a constant state of curiosity and exploration, observing things at her own whimsy and often
wandering wherever she happens to feel like without any sort of set goal.

She is more naive than mischievous and only seems to engage in less than respectable behavior after she's already witnessed it, often leaving
one to believe she's merely mimicking those around her.

At times, she may misbehave and act out of petty emotions, but it's very uncommon for her to do so as her understanding of what constitutes "good" and "bad"
not only fickle, but very unclear, leading her to only having the foggiest of values similar to Valkyna's own.

She lacks the ability to detect motives unless there are outwards signs that suggest she is in danger, leading to many situations where she would have
no problem approaching a fearsome-looking creature far larger than herself, but actively avoid a person or creature smaller than herself if it appears to be
'stalking' her with glaring signs of ill intent and/or causing a ruckus.

She will far more often attempt to be friendly and is rather unconcerned with how she may appear to others at any given time, awkwardly-dressed or not.

*Lilika's body is one of a strange sort. She is in truth without a concrete shape, but chooses to remain in the familiar form that she was programmed to be
defaulted to from years ago. For the sake of convenience and familiarity, she stays in this shape far more often to avoid confusion from those who might run
in fear and deny her a chance to learn from the world around her.

--> While she is now a being of pure living latex, she still retains her shapeshifting abilities to a great degree. At will, she can not only alter her skin and hair
color, but she can also alter the length of her hair, the size of her body and her proportions to perfectly imitate others, as well as allowing her body to be
transformed by others from memory via unbirth or absorption. (Whether or not she allows them to, her body naturally changes shape to the thoughts of others
who consume her in those ways regardless if she wants it or not. It's a built-in safety measure in case Lilika loses control of herself and needs to be restrained.)

This control measure is not entirely understood by Lilika herself, but should this 'forced transformation from memory' occur, her body's energy supply
and body mass are directly tied to her pain receptors, forcing her body to reduce in size whenever she feels any pain, directly proportionate to how much she
experiences. Usually helpful for Valkyna personally should she ever decide to use a whip or crop to discipline Lilika.

--> Her body is not limited to simply changing shape to imitate others as she can form into inanimate objects and even weapons or vehicles. Whatever
she transforms into has certain energy and mass requirements, meaning things that can require a lot of energy to use will cause her to expend a great deal to
even maintain the form of.

With this known, it's not at all unusual for her to take on the shape of a black puddle of latex goo, or for her to discard around half her mass to make a replica
of herself to confuse or disorient those she sees as hostile towards her.

-->Her body is not invulnerable as a large enough surge of energy can overload her micro-cells and slow her functions. Her structure also easily deteriorates
after exposure to acids, especially in environments with limited oxygen or.

-->Since she is owned by Valkyna and swears her undying loyalty as a willing pet, She will do whatever Valkyna asks without question. Lilika wears
a latex collar peppered with diamond studs a metal plate with the words "Eternally Valkyna's" inscribed onto it.

-->Her Skunk Form allows her to spray musk like any other skunk would, but her musks have the distinction of having different effects depending on her mood:
-Dark yellow liquid= Regular skunk musk. Strong odor/stinging effectiveness of Mace.
(When in normal moods.)

-Pink mist=Nerve musk. Scent resembles burning pine wood, inhaling causes muscular convulsions for about three seconds and paralyzes victims for nearly five minutes.
(When in playful moods.)

-Shiny black gunk= Molten Latex. Scent resembles melted plastic. Hardens quickly when cooled to a rubbery substance.
(When highly aroused, highly angry or in heightened state of fear.)

## Lilika can perform nearly any manner of ingesting others provided she's already understood how it's performed. The most commonplace variants are
already at her command and she has the body consistency necessary to contain almost anything she desires within her body without too much hassle.
The sheer elasticity of her body and level of control she has over every inch of her form allows her perform many feats that most predators would like to take
control of for theirselves, which makes Lilika highly-valued as her traits are easily absorbed by others provided she in ingested in ways that other predators
would benefit most from.

As far as her own abilities go, she is no more unique than the average predator on most counts, except for the fact that she is not hostile enough to others
to be considered a consistent predator. Because of the size of Valkyna's family and extended friendships, Lilika exercises a great deal of caution, doing
very much not to try harming others and usually not bothering to digest most that she eats at all, if only to keep herself from getting in trouble by doing so.

Even those that mildly annoy her and get eaten will usually end up being expelled from her body in a cocoon-like latex sac while she flees. Considering how
tight and restrictive the latex-like cocoon is, it usually guarantees Lilika at least ten minutes to flee before it starts dissolving to a gel-like state which can
be easily torn through and punctured like a balloon.

##Because of an unusual (and upsetting) encounter with an overly-eager stranger, Lilika had sought out a Faerie high council under the pretense of
converting herself to a complete Faerie in order to have herself Absorb one of the conversion ministers into herself. Because of the Faerie in question
Lilika now has as part of herself, she now possesses a rare, unorthodox and extraordinary technique.

While Lilika has yet to use it on anybody, she now has the very threat of it at her disposal to make example of those that commit a 'sin' (in her eyes.). The
technique she performs is exceptionally dangerous to others and is best avoided as failure does not provide offender with a second chance.

A firm believer of having some