Iipi Ipigou
(The Ice)

Name: Hiroko Kanno
Aka: (none)
Age: Unknown, but seems around 16
Born: Sub-terra
Raised: Sub-terra
Occupation: Slave of Mami, Pickpocket/Thief/Hunter/Kidnapper/Spy
Weapon Preference: Pocketknife
Discipline: Stealth
Alliance: Neutral/Corrupt
Mental Nature: Self-centered
Situational Mentality: Selfish
Fighting Mentality: Accuracy/pinpoint precision
Likes: Good hiding places
Dislikes: Fairies, Moving forests, being punished.

Species: Mariner Lycrian
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 10''
Weight: 89 lbs
Blood type: GN- (concentrated with souls)
Hair color: Bright Blue
Eye color: Bright Blue
Strengths: Water, Ice ( accelerates recovery exponentially )
Weaknesses: Easily detectable spirit. ( due to her body content, her spirit energy is incredibly strong, sensitive creatures can detect her from little over 10 miles away.)

Stat Chart:

Hiroko claims to be from Sub-terra, but the civilization was destroyed roughly ten years ago. The fact that she can breath underwater and can swim absurdly fast is proof enough if it were not for her unusual hair and eye color. By nature, her race were born with jet black hair. Hiroko's hair glows softly blue, but is only noticeable to glow at night.

Being her race supposedly went extinct around the time she was a child, her survival habits picked up rather swiftly. She became a proficient thief and pickpocket over time and has yet to be caught. She on occasion robs bakeries and restaurants at night and steals fish from street vendors during the day. She has very good hunting skills, but the local fish have adapted to her hunting over the course of her life, forcing her into what she does now.

She only has a knife as a weapon, which she uses as a very reliable tool in many instances, but as for fighting, she's fairly weak. She's survived with her ability to steal as her foremost ability and a bit of extra skill on the side, but nothing too great a deal.

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Play Method:
Her attitude is quite simply brattish at times and she has a great dislike for the rich. She doesn't try to make friends and dislikes people on the whole, only seeing them as people to steal from. She dislikes confrontations and usually flees at the drop of a hat. Her most innate ability is her tendency to distract any potentially aggressive person and vanish right after. Her agility is fairly great in more crowded areas than out in the open as her size and shape allow her to slip around larger objects with ease.

Personally, she prefers to be selfish and doesn't like help from anybody. She, though not feral, has developed a more animal-like instinct that she implemented into her lifestyle. Despite her looks and cutesy appearance, she's very cold and thorough.

Best Suited For:
Those that like being taken down and captured by the unassuming local pedestrian and being fed to another, OR for those that want to experince a struggle for survival. Hiroko is considered a Thug/Minion/Underling that tends to give off a subtle 'random battle' vibe from any type of rpg. Due to her incredible regenerative abilities, she's good for those plays that you want to "last".

(Slave to) Mami