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Dr. Kira Daidohji has made a personal army of 100 clones, referred to as "Mousetraps". They are tasked with bringing intruders and escaped subjects to Kira's research centers.

"Power Kitty", "Mage Kitty" and "Strike Kitty" are the most often seen variations.

The "power kitty" clones possess superior strength and durability.
33 of them were made.

The "strike kitty" clones are faster and easily more seductive. Kira cloned the strike kitties from Cindy
33 of them were made.

The "mage kitty" clones cast basic magic spells, but are hardly too threatening unless grouped with any other clone variant.
33 of them were made.

The "Kitty General" was by far the most threatening and deadliest of the mousetraps. The general had genetic amplifications from several creatures and could outperform the rest of the mousetraps 100 times over. She is a clone of Cham_Cham and has rarely been seen.
Only 1 existed, yet was devoured by Trialgatha.