Name: Jaska
Aka: (none)
Age: 4 years
Born: Alchrum (unknown dimension/territory)
Raised: Alchrum (unknown dimension/territory)
Occupation: Hunter
Weapon Preferance: Magic
Discipline: Survival tactics
Alliance: Evil
Mental Nature: Survival
Situational Mentality: Survival
Fighting Mentality: Survival
Likes: Easy meals
Dislikes: Those that know her secret

Species: Apocacidal Harpy
Gender: Female
Height: 11' 6''
Weight: 565 Lbs
Blood type: AB+ (accelerated)
Hair color: Peach
Eye color: Blue
Strengths: Resistance to most magic
Weaknesses: Gravity, Smokescreens, Distractions

Stat Chart:

Jaska is the result of diseased birth. Her body has an accelerated heart rate and metabolism due to a viral strain that is passed onto her from her ill-bred mother (whom was mixed with a succubus.) Due to this, her body and mind matured much faster, but needs constant nutrition to maintain her life.

Jaska, unlike other predators, is completely without conscience. She only lives to survive and in doing so she devours any and all lifeforms she comes into contact with, seeming not to show any spare or remorse.

She is an environmental hazard due to the conditions needed for her survival. She is capable of eliminating the population of New York in less than a month on her own. at that rate, Ten years could put the world's population near it's end.

Play Method:
Her magic abilities are strong and she is unaffected by several types of common magic. She is only as strong as her own magic will allow, but is not tough enough to handle heavy physical damage.

Best Suited For:
Jaska is meant for those weaker prey that don't like standing a chance. Either this, or players that like getting to take on high-level magic users.

Jajinka (daughter)