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Daemo Kagaan
(The Water)

Name: Kira Daidohji
Aka: (none)
Age: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Raised: Unknown
Occupation: Scientific Research
Weapon Preferance: Ether-based lifeform
Discipline: Self-reliant
Alliance: Neutral/Evil
Mental Nature: Selfish
Situational Mentality: Misdirection
Fighting Mentality: Aggressive
Likes: Science/Studies
Dislikes: Spies

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 2''
Weight: Unweighed
Blood type: Untested
Hair color: Dull Purple
Eye color: Brown
Strengths: Calculation
Weaknesses: Blind guessing

Stat Chart:

Kira Daidohji, "The Maiden who wants to take over the world." is a prodigy who earned her doctorate in Elemental Science at a prestigious American university. However, Kira became embittered with the world around her when she was forced to return to school upon returning to Japan. Consequently, she has become arrogant and condescending, and she has come to the conclusion that her only remaining option is to embark on a quest for global domination...

The blob she takes with her into combat with her is made of ether, and it changes its shape to suit Kira's immediate needs. This creation is a marvel of Elemental Science, and it would surely make Kira even more famous than her research on ether conductors. Nevertheless, unveiling him to the world is not her largest priority right now...

Kira has been asked many times what his name is, but she always answers, "Names are only used to differentiate one entity from another. However, he is the only one of his kind. What does he need a name for!?"

Kira runs a huge research facility on Prosper Island. The entire area is normally restricted and heavily guarded. She has made a personal army of 100 clones, referred to as "Mousetraps". They are tasked with bringing intruders and escaped subjects to Kira's research centers.

"Power Kitty", "Mage Kitty" and "Strike Kitty" are the most often seen variations.

The "power kitty" clones possess superior strength and durability.
33 of them were made.

The "strike kitty" clones are faster and easily more seductive. Kira cloned the strike kitties from Cindy
33 of them were made.

The "mage kitty" clones cast basic magic spells, but are hardly too threatening unless grouped with any other clone variant.
33 of them were made.

The "Kitty General" Is by far the most threatening and deadliest of the mousetraps. The general has genetic amplifications from several creatures and can outperform the rest of the mousetraps 100 times over. She is a clone of Cham_Cham and has rarely been seen.
only 1 exists.

Play Method:
Kira Daidoji's playstyle is that of the average spoiled brat. The only real added-in feature is her incredible genius despite her age. Being her intelligence is so high, she shouldn't be taken lightly. "Toying" with her in extreme situations is ill-advised as she is swift at turning the tables on her enemies.

Best Suited For:
Is best for the players that have a fondness of being dominated and humiliated, possibly subject to being experimented on. Also for those that don't expect a pleasant behavior or treatment.