(Warning: Sound may be L O U D.)

Name: Luo Rio

(Pronounced: Loo-oh / Ree-oh)

AKA: (none)
Species: Stelazzian
Gender: unclear
Height: regularly appears just under 5 feet, but this varies.
Weight Class: Presumed Light
Occupation: Nomad/Vagabond predator
Weapon Preference: Unknown
Alliance: Chaotic Evil

Common Transformations:
Venom Lop is Luo's go-to form to enhance speed and biting power.

Habitat: unknown
Danger Types: Kama Sutra, Enhanced Lust Applications, Rape, Consumption, manipulation, tracking/hunting, trapping, shapeshifting, mind control.
Advantages: unknown



Luo belongs to a race whom are natural predators of Gypetto's race. As of now, not much more than this is known.

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