(Warning: Sound may be L O U D.)

Name: Janine
Aka: (none)
Age: 30 human years
Born: Unknown
Raised: Unknown
Occupation: Gaurdian of the "Forest of Dead Mages."
Weapon Preferance: none/own body
Discipline: Instinct
Alliance: Evil/obedient
Mental Nature: Varies
Situational Mentality: Varies
Fighting Mentality: Varies
Likes: Shiny things, gems, Mirrors.
Dislikes: Falling for her own traps.

Species: Nelshaa Naga (most commonplace breed, but infected with latex)
Gender: Female
Height: top half 3' 2''. Snake body (From waist down through coils and tail) varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: Untested (infected with latex)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow
Strengths: Venomous bite (can cause muscle aches, dizziness, loss of motor functions and paralysis. multiple bites or larger doses results in extreme flu-like symptoms and full-body swelling)
Weaknesses: High-pitched vibrations (repels), and concentrated blasts of ice-type magic. (forces hibernation)

Stat Chart:

Janine was at one time an ordinary naga, yet she was lazy and easily irratable. In an instance of her own ignorance, she made the mistake of crossing Valkyna and attempted to devour her, which in turn caused Valkyna to lash out and strike with an unintentional infectious blow. Much like a disease, the tny piece of living latex that was broken off inside of her caused her body to undergo a violent and painful mutation into what you see now.

Janine's mentality changes from time to time, based on who she has most recently devoured. This is due to the effects of the mutation on her mind.

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Play Method:
Janine is a mixed bag, her behavior is always dependant on the last meal she's had, so as far as she goes, she should just be considered a Naga first before anything else.

Best Suited For:
Players that prefer a liking to nagas or simply players that want to engage in a casual rp. Her mentality is a gamble to the scene at all times as her personality is never the same.

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