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Gran Ilumen Destro
(The Void )

Name: Ambika
Aka: Goddess of Destruction
Age: Presumed to be millions of years old.
Born: Celestial expanses
Raised: Sect of Regulus
Occupation: Watcher of this galaxy
Weapon Preferance: None
Discipline: None
Alliance: Does not apply
Mental Nature: Childish
Situational Mentality: Playful
Fighting Mentality: Highly destructive
Likes: having fun, feeding on exotic creatures.
Dislikes: being denied, being attacked

Species: Hybrid Feline Deity. (Mother of Catgirl race)
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 100 lbs (can vary)
Blood type: Protochronium ( blood visibly glows when exposed to air)
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Red
Strengths: (difficult to determine)
Weaknesses: (difficult to determine)

Stat Chart:

Ambika is not necessarily intended to be seen as god as she isn't and never was, people in past times just viewed her as that and gave her such a title. She is a watcher and is very much mortal. Her whole life purpose is to organize and keep everything in proper working order in this area.

Her powers are at best capable of wiping out a fraction of the galaxy (it would take several thousand years for her to accomplish this, though), but she herself likes this specific area too much to waste it. She considers it paradise, but she's not above punishing half the local population for stressing her out too much. At most times, she is carefree and cheerful, but due to her being 'spoiled rotten', she's likely to throw a temper tantrum and greedily eat off 3/4 of life if aggravated to an excess.

She's intelligent enough to know what most situations are and is actually very mature when the need arises for it, but in all, she still prefers to let her 'feline' instincts and wants take over her consciousness. This is noted to be her most common state of mind to be found in. She is very 'cute' in actions, but her softer side is only maintained by the audience she keeps. Should her attitude make any sudden change from her "normal state", her wrath would be witnessed and most likely seen as careless destruction out of childish rage.

Because of this, most see her as an evil punishment for a wrong that was never committed

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Play Method:
Ambika is meant for those who like a bit of unpredictability in their scenes. True to expectations, she gives just enough situational amusement to keep things from being overly dull. Being she is what she is, it's very difficult to approach her without hilarity ensuing.

..but on the other hand, there is a great risk involved as Ambika is just a tiny bit unstable. A long streak of annoyances could cause premature devastation as a result. Contrary to popular belief, stopping her from rampaging is easy....getting her attention in order to do it is the hard part. Normally, people run and flee for their lives instead of actually bothering to stop her.

Best Suited For:
People that want to try something new, or people that want to poke at curiosity. Ambika's profile in itself can't possibly do justice for what she exhibits in actual play.

Enemies: Abrienda