Name:Ai Moe (Pronounced: i-ye mo-way )
Aka: (none)
Age: presumed 19
Born: unknown
Raised: unknown
Occupation: Hardcore Gamer
Weapon Preferance: Whatever she pulls out
Discipline: Weapon dependancy
Alliance: Neutral
Mental Nature: Distraced
Situational Mentality: easily 'creeped out'
Fighting Mentality: Quick draw
Likes: Real games
Dislikes: Microsoft


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 11''
Weight: never cared to weigh herself
Blood type: too scared of needles to take blood tests.
Hair color: dark-redish, near brown.
Eye color: often wears different brands of contact lenses, real eye color unknown.
Strengths: long-range
Weaknesses: save file corruption/data loss


Ai doesn't have any immediate noticeable things about her, with the exception that she is able to pull any object she can imagine virtually out of nowhere. This ability is rather unusual, but it is widely assumed that she is not using any form of magic due to the fact she only draws weapons.

The most widely assumed idea is that she is possibly using a new type of advanced technology. This is also combined with the note that some weapons appear beyond probable identification, but her knowledge of how to use them suggests that she is from either a distant future or an alternate history altogether. The complexities of what she exhibits is mind-boggling to say the least. It's just best to consider her a very hard fight to say the least.

She appeared without much notice and as of now without much of a background. Nobody has had any time to properly examine or conversate with her yet, so her history remains unknown.

Play Method:
Ai is at best a bit different from the rest. She isn't nosy and has a bit of a video game habit, especially the portable kind. But what is the most easily noticeable is the attribute of weapon production. Her playstyle is a mixed bag, best suited for either the curious wandering character or a predator seeking a quick gamble.

Best Suited For:
Curious players or thrill-seeking predators