(Even though the profile image doesn't show it Valkyna is ALWAYS wearing some latex outfit of some description, be it being her catsuit or something more exotic.)

Personal Information

Name: Duchess Valkyna Rosebudd
Age: 31 years old
Race: Skunkette
Gender: Female
Date of Birth (Creation): 28/07/2006, Turned into a skunk on 19/7/2007, Turned to Latex on 3/4/2010. Turned back into a skunk on 22/9/2010
Occupations: Latex Queen of Latexia:The undisputed ruler of her realm, Master Latexmancer, Nightclub owner, Perfume saleswoman, Latex clothing designer.

Family, Friends and Pets


Girlfriend: Dark_Skylla
Mother/Mistress: Kailindrea
Sister: Sicha
Sister: kizna
Brother: Mune
Brother: Demon

Pets she owns as a Mistress

Lilika: Owns a latex collar with the inscription "Eternally Valkyna's".
Asika: Her lovable Pet feral snake.

Former pets due to players status being unknown

Ariana: Wears a black leather collar. (Status unknown)
Samantha: Personal pet snake. (Status unknown)
Sako_Squeakybunny: Latex Bunny :3 (Status unknown)


Minx, Silrath, Chiu Neska, Valdaris, Shadow, Yamato, Deadman, Yuriko, Sari, Karen, Lunaruby, Sam the Naga, Vorishartist, Laressa, Felice, Octopussy, Folaris, Balinda
Bianca (sales assistant at Valkyna's latex clothes shop)

"The Paw" club friends
Amy, Bianca (later hired to her clothes shop)

Character OOC information/kinks etc (Please read before continuing)

Tentacles: Character prefers tentacles/vines or other tentacle like appendages, she is totally smitten to them and will always, always rp with someone with said appendages.

Quicksand: Valkyna also has a fetish and love for quicksand and quicksand like substances, such as tar, peat, deep mud, clay and so on. It is rare to find a quicksand scene but much like Tentacles, the character will accept any quicksand scene requests.

Snakes+Nagas: Another love of the characters, theres nothing more she enjoys more than being inside the clutches of a snake or nagas coils, feeling their powerful muscles clench down on her flailing being and feeling the air being squeezed out of her, she rather more enjoys the constriction part of being in a snake/naga's grasp. What they do with her after she passes out is to their descretion. She also doesn't mind if a non-anthro snake slithers into her body much like a tentacle.

Vines: Please refer to Tentacles.

Inner Body crushing: A rather perculiar fetish for Valky and one that she hasn't experienced properly yet. People who have watched the classic animé Akira will be familiar to what I am referring to. Valky would love nothing more than to relive that infamous scene in where Kaori, a girlfriend of Tetsuo is crushed to death inside his malforming and uncontrollable body.

Latex: Pretty much a no-brainer here, Valky enjoys everything that deals in rubber, pvc, latex and fetish clothing, gasmasks are also a pet love of Valky's and would love to wear them, she loves strap ons too.

BDSM/Bondage: Something that the character also likes, though never really gets to indulge in it very often.

Eggs/Ovipositing: Another rare scene but one that turns Valky on a lot, being the depository for a creature, preferably a tentacle monster/snake/plant etc to deposit their eggs into Valky's womb, feeling each small bulge travel down the ovipositor into her womb turns her on like crazy.

Things that will turn Valky off: Heavy scat play is a mjor turn off to not only the character, but the player too. Valk will NOT scene with anyone that deals in heavy scat under any circumstance. Heavy watersports is also a turn off, however she Does enjoy light watersports. Valk being forcibly killed will end a current scene instantly, as is forced into doing things she doesn't like.

Valkyna is a part of: Okanim_Productions

Valkyna's Story

Valkyna began life as a ordinary Neko-elf, a strange and perculiar creature that was human in appearance but had the characteristics of a neko and and elf, she had the elf like ears and tail of a neko. She always wore a latex catsuit at all times. Valkyna is a person that does not shy away from a kinky experience, may it be Quicksand, rapage by tentacles/vines, coiled up in a snake or naga's coils or the more basic BDSM side of her fetishes. Valky isn't a voraphile in the normal sense of the word but she does not shy away from being a predators meal now and again.

Valky's general attitude is upbeat, pleasant and friendly, she is extremely hard to anger and is normally a forgiving type..however when she does become angry, it's as if she is a different person entirely. Valky is easy to befriend and tends to get along with almost everyone in the park.

Valkyna's original home was a simple apple tree in the park, however after becoming Kailindrea's daughter Valkyna was given a special, personal teleportation stone to her otherworldly haven. There Valkyna made herself at home and now has her own bedroom there. It is also known that Valkyna has her own personal skunk maid called Lilith.

In 2007 after meeting and getting to know the demonic Mephit known as Kailindrea, Valkyna was unbirthed inside the Skunkubuses womb and was permanently transformed into a Skunk, her original appearance changing into a more skunkish appearance, Black and white fur covering her body, tail changing into a huge fluffy tail, hair changed from raven black to snow white. Valky also met the rest of Kailin's family including her now sister Kizna, whom in the past helped Valkyna on her road to becoming a latexmancer.

Valkyna has also taken a couple of pets under her own arms, one in particular is called Lilika whom she loves with all her heart, giving her a diamond studded latex collar with a inscription on the metal plate stating "Eternally Valkyna's". Since then she has also aquirred a pet snake Hungreh_Snake and a Latex Bunny sako_squeakybunny. (The current circumstances of Hungreh_snake and sako are unknown, and is likely assumed that they are no longer her pets unless their players ever return)

In 2010 Valkyna shed her fur and became a latex skunk, after a private ritual inside Kailin's haven, merging Valkyna with her once sentient latex catsuit, transforming the skunk once again into her final form. As a latex skunk Valkyna's appearance resembles of highly polished black and white latex, her white hair remaining as now latex strands coming from her skull. Her tail as huge as ever however now also resembling latex, her body is incredibly smooth to the touch and the woman is able to contort and change her shape however she see's fit (More detailed description in a later section).

In september 2010 Valkyna met the alter ego of her mother, a kinder, more....angelic version of the demonic mephet she knew and loved. After getting used to her mothers new appearance her "new" mother offered to make Valkyna revert back to her neko self, however valky refused and instead opted to return to her old furry self, she missed her fur you see.. and in a instant the former latex skunk reverted back to her previous skunk form.

Valkyna was happily married to her mate Ashley Taylor and it will take an act of divine intervention to sever their powerful bond. On 27th May 2012 Valkyna and Ashley broke up their relationship. The skunkette hoping that they can be still close friends.

Valkyna is now currently dating a rather lovely and exotic naga called Zia Thesta, whom seems to love latex as much as skunkette does, so dedicated in fact Zia transformed her tail into latex.

As of June 17th 2013 Valkyna has been returned to her original former Neko-elf self, it is unknown at this time if she'll ever be a skunkette again.
On June 19th 2013 Valkyna was turned back into a skunk....however should Valk betray kailin again, or fuck up....the consequences would be dire.

Nightclub Owner

Staff Members

Valkyna: Owner/Manager/Event planner
Angela: Vice-Manager
Rich: Latex clothing designer
Lloyd: Bouncer
Quantum: Sentient machine that can transform others into living machines.

In the past, during one of Valkyna's late night romps with her mother Kailindrea, the duo came across a nightclub in the city. The two skunks decided to take it upon themselves to take over the establishment. Once they overpowered the original management, sexed up and transformed many of the party goers, Valkyna established herself as the new manager with Angela being a the vice manager when she is away. Some time later Valkyna constructed a huge sentient machine called Quantum. A machine which was specifically designed to transform humans into machines, even Valky herself allowed herself to be transformed on several occasions, always being able to revert back.

In order to keep Quantum operating at peak efficiency Valky was charged to seek out metallic components from several factories in the city. After more sexing and skunk transforming later Valky was successful in retrieving the components. Due to her latex transformation it is unknown as to what fate will befall Quantum, but one can assume that things won't be too much different.

In recent events Quantum has moved locations from it's original home of the nightclub to a towering spire of glittering metal at the center of the northern continent. The machine is now responsible for maintaining and running the citizens and equipment of the entire continent.

Valkyna's Home

Valkyna now owns a Mansion within her mothers haven given to her as a chrismas gift, in less than a month Valkyna was successful in building her mansion complete with a latex hive like garden complex. Currently there are 6 servants living in her mansion: DJ Noha, and humans she picked up during a wrestling match.

On the second floor is a room called the observatory, inside are two portals, one linking back to the Nexus park while the other transports Valkyna to her own realm of Latexia.

There is an almost identical copy of this mansion currently in existance in the Nexus park itself. ironically the portals in this mansions observatory lead to not only Latexia but it's almost identical copy at Kailindrea's haven.

The Triad War

The realm of Latexia in which Valkyna was gifted by her mother was ironically a peacefull place to start with. The skunkette herself arrived in a village which resembled a lot like Medieval england in it's appearance. Soon enough Valky started to make her impact transforming the people of the village into skunks like herself and mind controlling the humans. Initially her gradual takeover had little resistance until news of her...rampage reached the ears of the peoples of the western and northern continents.

Several steam-powered airships started to bombard Valks village, causing considerable damage. Valky and her new people fought back, constructing 40 inch cannons aimed towards the western continents main city, loaded into the cannons were shells filled with Valks own liquidated musk which when it explodes would unleash an almighty torrent of musk onto the ground and the air, the blitz she unleashed devastated the western continent, in their eyes anyways and forced their surrender. Valk and several occupying forces arrived on the western continent days later and the skunkette would resume her transforming, enslaving and domination rampage.

Then it was the turn of the northern continent. It's peoples held considerably more advanced technology than the central and western continents combined and with it, more advanced models of airships which proceeded to bomb the cities and villages. The battle seemed hopeless until a brilliant plan was hatched by Valkyna. She would summon forth her loyal mechinisation machine, Quantum. She would ship Quantum and herself to the northern continent and would infiltrate the central spire computer complex. Valk hooked Quantum into the mainframe of the central spire, rapidly, Quantum started to assimilate and take over the central computer core and subverting it's programming to it's will. Eventually the bombings ceased and the people of the northern continent were converted to Valkyna's rule, along with their technology.

Latexia is now currently recovering from the devastating effects of the triad war.

Alternate Timelines

In one alternate timeline Valk is now serving as a servant advisor to the naga empire ruled by the naga empress Xesta
Valkyna's Vore and other abilities

As a voraphile Valkyna has displayed several types of vore within her 4 years of existance...

Vore Abilities

Conventional Vore: Valky enjoys doing the everyday, basic and somewhat unusual vore types within the park, these are the types of vore one can usually expect to see from the latex skunk, such as the good old grab and swallow, Anal vore, tail vore and cock vore (rarely).

Absorption: Valkyna sprouts dozens of tentacles to ensnare and seduce her prey. Bringing them close to her own body, once they reach her stomach they seem to pass through her body and directly to her stomach seemingly seamless in one fluid motion as if her body was like water. Absorption speed varies for each prey and her own mood.

Tentacle vore: Using the same method as absorption, only this time, she uses a tentacle located at her crotch and it behaves in a similar way to anal vore, two locations can be selected, her womb or her stomach.

Toothy tail vore (Hard vore): This one is as nasty as Valkyna can get without becoming a demon of some sort, Valky has used this type of vore very rarely, and only on those that have pushed her too far. First she grows razor sharp knife like appendages which skewter a unfortunate victim through. Usually proceeding to tear a few limbs off with her tentacles, in the case of a arm being ripped off, she places another horrific appendage into the gaping wound, using it as a anchor. If this wasn't painfull enough, she proceeds to eat them via a secondary tail, filled will hundreds of razor sharp teeth. Once a victim passes through this tail the ride is usually unpleasant, with lumps of flesh, bone and muscle being torn off and absorbed into herself. Once this has driven Valky into a insane bloodlust, her tail sucks her victim in and then the final painfull digestion process begins, eating a person alive while still concious, eventually absorbing them into her body.

Latex transformation: This is a special type of vore rarely used by Valky. She uses her latex tentacles to sex up her prey driving them to a frenzy of erotic arousal. Once she and her prey climaxes a larger tentacle appears above a victims head, then in swift gulping motions the tentacle swallows up the victim. The victims torment does not end there, the latex tentacle continues to pull it's prey deeper into Valky's body and into her stomach. When the prey ends up in her stomach there a breaking down process begins transforming the victim into white latex cum. Once the transformation completes, the liquid feeds itself into Valkyna. Valkyna usually looks more shiny after this type of vore.

Mud Trap vore: This is a vore process that Valkyna used during her time as a neko-elf and her apple tree. She created a 15 ft deep Mud pit which acts a lot like quicksand in many respects, Valky used to slide a piece of her latex suit and plants it deep within the mud, but now uses a tentacle grown from her own body. From there it will germinate into a antlion type creature. Once the pit has ensnared a prey it drags them deeper and deeper into the mud. At this point one or two things will happen, the quicksand creature will either absorb and digest the victim immediately or it will transfer the victim into Valkyna's own stomach. There the usual digestion process begins.

Latex Tar Vore: This is a rather unusual method of vore that Valky has displayed. In order for the method to work, Valky must be initially melted down into a liquid state (being liquidated in her mothers wing embrace is a good exmaple). From there she slops down into a medium to large pool of seemingly innocent latex, however she can use her latex tentacles to ensnare prey or wait as they stumple upon her. Once she has captured a prey she behaves much like a tar pit, she even has the heat of one, should she pull down a prey into herself submerging them she is free to break them down into her being, digesting them and allowing her to reform.

Other Abilities

Skunk Musk: The usual arsenal equipped to a skunk, produced from a scent gland within the skunks rear end. In Valkyna's case however after her latex transformation, her musk has also gone through some minor changes. Her musk sprays as usual but within 5 minutes of contact in the air, the musk becomes like a fine thread, acting similarly to a spiders web. However this "Web" reeks of the skunks musk and once covered in it forces her victim to either pass out, making it easier to vore them, run away and try to remove the musk via washing or...bizzarely enjoy it.

Transformation Musk: A special type of musk inherited from her mother Kailindrea. Valk sprays her musk onto a unfortunate victim as normal, however this time in a matter of minutes her victim is transformed into a skunk. This effect is temporary and only lasts an hour.
Update: Valks transformation musk has aquirred new properties being that once she sprays someone not only they have the honor of becoming a skunk but they can be transformed into anything Valkyna wishes or desires.

Hermification: Originally a ability given specifically for her wives pleasure, Valky is now able to grow a herm cock from her crotch at any time should she be aroused enough to use it. Her cock behaves much like a males and organic one however instead of semen her cock produces during a climax, Valky produces latex cum which she uses to cover her partner.

Latex Contortion/transformation: When Valk was a being of pure latex Valkyna no longer has bones within her body, allowing her to bend and contort her body in any shape she see's fit. She has also been known to display several transformations and additions to her own body, things such as dozens of latex tentacles: acting like cocks in sexual circumstances, even spewing out latex cum much like her herm member, latex wings to which their abilities are unknown at this time but do grant Valky flight. As of now this ability no longer functions.

Pyromancy C Grade: Valkyna has gained the ability to fire small fireballs from her hands curtosy of the mad sorceress Valdaris, the ability isn't powerfull enough to bother large dragons but it should be more than potent to be deadly to other denizens.

Classified: Valkyna has aquired a new ability lately, however she is keeping it secret only to herself, her wife and her family, if you want to know more about the ability, interact with the skunk.

During her time in the park Valkyna has aquirred several important and valuable items, including....

Simple Silver Ring: A simple looking silver ring when worn allows Valkyna to transform into her magical girl persona: Sailor Skunk! This ring was gifted to Valkyna by Kailindrea when she visited the "paw" night club.

Teleportation Stone: A necklace with a embedded gemstone, which has the power to transport Valkyna to and from the haven at will. It is also used as a escape device when she is being forced to do something she doesn't want to do, on more than one occassion it has saved her bacon.

Obedience Collar: A collar Valkyna kept as a keepsake, remaining a constant reminder of her past with her mother and how she attempted to regain her loyalty.

Ragnarok Sword: This sword was forged by Valkyna after months of toil and labour within the soul forge of Kailindrea's haven, giving it the name of Ragnarok upon it's completion. This sword has been tested in battle in a haven defense movement. The Sword resides in Valkyna's room in the haven, displayed on the wall above her bed.

Shoelace necklace with a purple gemstone.

Green bracelet with a tentacle design.

A locket with a picture of herself and Okoi.

Necklace of Death-Rising: Necklace Valkyna won in a battle with Valdaris.

Ring of transformation A ring gifted to Valkyna by her mother on christmas 2016, this ring allows the skunk to grow a pair of wings eerily similar to her mothers, their abilities are currently unknown.

A apple tree and mud pit: Valkyna's former home, a simple apple tree with a custom made mud pit

Knight Watch Badge: Valkyna is now a proud member of Knight_Watch defending the realm against all things Holy and good.

Quotes about Valkyna

Lillia_Soleil: Pepsi Valkyna: It's like coca-cola black. But harsher.
Roleplay Preferences (Click here for explanation)

As Pred

Soft Vore Always/Love
Never/Dislike Either direction works fine for the skunkess.
Digestion Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk loves being digested and digesting others.
Fatality Always/Love
Never/Dislike This fits into digestion as pred, as prey this can be either sinking (and drowning) in quicksand, being crushed to death by snake and naga coils or unconventional crushing and constriction.
Reforming Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valky will always reform herself (albiet not immediately) and will reform others if possible.
Oral Vore Always/Love
Never/Dislike Nothing wrong with the old favourite either way.
Cock Vore Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk rarely uses her skunky cock to swallow up prey and only really goes into others that she really trusts.
Anal Vore Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk will take you up her ass and turn you into musk, sometimes against your will. Although Valk also likes going into others asses too.
Tail Vore Always/Love
Never/Dislike This works pretty much the same way as anal vore, albiet less messy.
Unconventional Vore Always/Love
Never/Dislike Unconventional in the sense that as pred Valk can use her latex suit to vore her prey and shapeshift into other creatures. As prey this could range as being in trash compactors...or vored by appliances and furniture and many other things.
Stretchy Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk loves to make bulges in herself and the prey she feeds herself to.
Rough Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk likes it rough as pred or as prey.
Gentle Always/Love
Never/Dislike Or you can be gentle with the skunkess too.
Sex Always/Love
Never/Dislike As pred or prey Valk will never say no to sex....ever.
Pain Always/Love
Never/Dislike This boils down to constriction really, she loves being crushed to yeah it will be painfull, as pred however she generally doesn't dish out pain unless the recipient truly deserves it.
Transformation Always/Love
Never/Dislike As pred Valky can transform into almost anything she desires with two exceptions, she can not be anything demonic or angelic. As prey I'd rather her not being transformed against her will unless she gets turned back.
Bondage Always/Love
Never/Dislike As either pred or prey Valk loves latex and rubber, so co-incidently also loves everything bondage...she also has various bondage equipment, she doesn't run a rubber and latex fetish store for no reason.
Magic Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk as pred can not use magic, unless her gems count which take her back to the haven. However she is not opposed to magic being used on her, if said magic was the conjuring up of tentacles and/or quicksand.
Willing Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk loves willing meals as pred and she also goes willingly to preds, she never refuses and never rejects.
Male Partner Always/Love
Never/Dislike ONLY in specific species, such as nagas, snakes, tentacle creatures and so on...and also long time friends and family associates. This counts towards being both pred and prey.
Female Partner Always/Love
Never/Dislike Always, always as pred or prey.
Herm Partner Always/Love
Never/Dislike Same as females.
Demi Partner Always/Love
Never/Dislike Same as females.
Scaly Partner Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk will absolutely say yes if you're a snake or naga, lizard or dragon...not so much.
Plants Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valks never tried to eat a plant, but would be fun to try....however she usually finds herself a victim TO plants...not that she minds.
Animal / Non-morphic Always/Love
Never/Dislike This only applies to SNAKES and snakes only....nothing else, so don't bother asking me if you're not a serpent.
Non-Sentient Partner Always/Love
Never/Dislike Depends on the character really.
Verbose Posts Always/Love
Never/Dislike While Valk can get verbose on rare occassions, be aware that it is RARE, don't expect paragraphic sentences unless the scene becomes intense.
Quick Posts Always/Love
Never/Dislike As pred or prey this is Valks preferred method of posting style, saves a lot of waiting for both parties.
Staying In Character Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk will always stay in character as pred or prey.
Surprise Me Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk loves surprises and so does her player.
Multi-Session Always/Love
Never/Dislike Just like long arching storylines, Valk enjoys multi-sessions with the same partners.
Grab and Gulp Always/Love
Never/Dislike Although Valk doesn't mind the occassional one time only deals as pred or prey.
Whisper Always/Love
Never/Dislike Feel free to whisper me (just not in character) and talk to me about anything, scene ideas, what I'm doing wrong etc.
Public Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk loves playing in the public as pred or prey, always.
Private Always/Love
Never/Dislike Although Valk is flexible and will take it to private if necessary.
Snake Coils Always/Love
Never/Dislike Valk seeks these all the time, and will willingly go into them regardless of the outcome.
Tentacles Always/Love
Never/Dislike Ummm duh? Valk LOVES Tentacles.