(Warning: Sound may be L O U D.)
Name: Seyui Yamamoto
V-Class: Danger Prey
Char Type 1: Warrior
Char Type 2: -
Style Set: Assassin (Soldier/Executioner)
(*yet to be added*):
(Level): (Yet to be determined)
(HP): (Yet to be determined)
(MP): -

Aka: "Tasha"
( She is sensitive to the precise pronunciation of her first name and will never respond under any circumstance if her first name isn't pronounced in a particular way that she is accustomed to hearing. Strangely, this causes many problems as most do not no how to properly pronounce 'Seyui' to begin with and even fewer who can care to explain it to others. This is made all the worse by the fact that she lacks the thought process to correct people on the pronunciation due to how she was raised.

The name "Tasha" is a shorthand derived from the nickname "Natasha" as she was commanded once before to respond to the name after she was adopted in her younger years. This was commanded of her due to her aforementioned consistent failure to respond to her given name "Seyui" on an alarmingly constant basis.)

Age: Physically 20 years old (existed for 33~34 years)
Born: Aku-seki shima, Japan
Raised: Aurora, Ontario.
Occupation: none (Original classification was "Dreadnaught" and "Murder Specialist.")
Weapon Preference: None in general, despite commonly used sword. (depicted)
Discipline: Mixture of technical application and abuse of gravity/physics.
Alliance: (does not apply)
Mental Nature: Patient
Situational Mentality: Patient
Fighting Mentality: Intention on subduing enemy.
Likes: Real silence.
Dislikes: 'fake' silence. (sign of encroaching danger). Bad manners. People who speak 'out of order', Unwelcome guests.

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: about 5 feet
Weight: has never been weighed before
Blood type: Untested
Hair color: Black
Eye color: " Solid Black" ? - (Corneas don't seem to reflect light, making her irises appear absent.)
Strengths: Ability to rapidly make use advantageous information. (Knowing is half the battle)
Weaknesses: Occasional miscalculations.

Samantha_Grey (romantically involved with)
(Is by association "tolerant" of Abrienda despite danger.)

Hanai_Ren (Tolerant/Ally)
SeruOmen (Ally)

Katie (Rival/Enemy)

Mami (Primary Enemy)
Hiroko (Enemy by Association)

(-(-(-(-(-(Non-Standard Character Warning.)-)-)-)-)-)

(Tasha is not at all a simple character to deal with, nor is she an example of the normal kind of characters in the
chat, making her an unsuitable choice for newer Rp'ers.

She is a "Fan Character" that the player had to beg permission to use from her owner as she was never meant for
this environment. This fact is most important of all when dealing with her as I will do all I can to play her as close to
her canon portrayal as possible. Being she is not a character made with this site in mind, she is not expected to
be seen in "the usual" activities unless forced in most cases.

Play at your own risk.)

(-(-(-(-(-(Non-Standard Character Warning.)-)-)-)-)-)


Personal Details:

Tasha herself finds herself in this place by unclear means. Her past history is mostly a source of much discussion, but
her relationship with Samantha is one that has been most enduring and the only reason she persists on remaining in
this place.

Those seeking her often never find her and those who happen to cross her path are usually met with fierce wrath in
the event that they provoke her with hostile intent.

She appears mostly disinterested in the affairs of all others, but is infamous purely for her violent and often horrifically
brutal capabilities in physical conflicts.

Tasha's social and empathy habits are strictly restrained to an extremely limited set
of mental processes. Due to how she has been raised since birth, she has an incredibly
short range of conversational function, seeming more in a militant mind rather than a
public identity.

She has zero will to 'make friends' or 'socialize' as she has never learned how and does
not observe the function as a priority. As such, she has no habits to engage any scenario
and is more of the habit to avoid causing one if she can predict it as a possibility, which
is extremely common of her initial behavior.

These social traits explain her rarity to emerge as often as she is often never near those
whom she can easily detect will pose a problem to her otherwise non-offensive affairs.

##Tasha's body is defined almost similarly to that of the average human being, but she has an iconic deviation
in the form of the appearance of her body's silhouette.

Her body lacks the familiar shape of an Ectomorphic, Endomorphic or Mesomorphic human frames. Her physiology,
while precisely equal to any other human being, differs in the regard that her frame was forcibly trained into a 'sleeker'
frame that is more supportive of highly-advanced athletic feats.

The core chest/midsection of her body appears the least altered, however, her lungs are larger than normal size and
her bust size appears slightly larger than what they are on account of that due to her reshaped rib cage.

Most notably are her arms and legs, as they display a set of various features likely unseen on other people or earth
creatures. Not only does her limbs lack any form of body fat, but muscle definition on her arms fails to show until she
flexes them to lift or grasp objects.

Her legs are clearly most standout as they are almost certainly overly-developed in their composition, as seen by
her frequent use of her legs as her primary weapon of choice. As a major point of fact, she never relies on her hands
or fists at any given point in time to strike a blow lest she is wielding a weapon to do so. (Which in itself is rare
of her to do.)

Above all else is the appearance of her sins and forearms, being quite slimmer near the wrists and ankles, the
slimness in itself likening her figure to that of a "Human Version" of a Cheetah. This fact is the most important
to note as the comparison drawn most similarly is in the speed department. Tasha's particular 'body form' allows her
to outpace, outmaneuver and outrun many she comes across without much of any display of fatigue.

##Tasha herself is NOT capable of performing any feats of ingestion beyond swallowing objects roughly the width of
a golf ball. This includes any level of stretching that would be impossible for her normal body to manage without
chewing first.

While this may be the opening fact, it is not a fact set in stone as her body IS receptive to change due to the constants
in the 'chat's universe' being in such a constant state of flux.

In short, it means that potions, spells or other various means of altering her body may work with varying degrees of
success, however the reality in which she is established upon is still partly with residual traces in her person. This
reality simply clashes with the 'chat universe' in real time and often influences what she may or may not be
capable of depending on who she's interacting with. (and especially what abilities they have.)

For example:
She cannot engage in oral vore with a person (victim) her size by default.
If she DOES manage to "accept" Samantha_Grey's mind to her own for a limited time, She would be capable of ingesting larger
things and even people in relation to how long Samantha "resides" within her.
-->Fifteen seconds would allow her to ingest anything the size of a newborn child to that of the average preschooler.
-->Around two minutes would allow her something as large as the average pre-teenager.
-->Any longer (about five minutes) after that would allow her to manage a person equal her height, but nothing larger than that.

While this is the case for this instance, that would literally be all she would be capable of doing for that particular
aspect of 'Vore'. She is otherwise not enhanced elsewhere or elsehow within the specific example stated above.

##Tasha's over-developed legs are the primary threat of her character and can easily be the bane of many a
predator. It's best to avoid being struck or ensnared by her.

##The large blade she utilizes is an exceedingly rare variation of a Korean Ssangsudo. This weapon, called
"Peullaespom Jogagga", ( or "Platform Carver") is difficult to lift due to it's weight and shape. The user must manipulate
it's imbalanced weight with it's design in order to utilize it effectively and can easily cause serious injury to those
without the faintest bit of experience in handling one effectively.

Tasha prefers to utilize it as a multi-purpose tool instead of strictly for combat, just as the weapon's design was
intended. It can be used as a weapon, but it's size, weight and design are far more functional to her for mobility

##Those rare unlucky few that have managed to fumble so carelessly that they've wound up ingested by her will find
that her body does not provide the same comforts or pains as the ordinary tract. She is "by default" unable to control
her digestive fluids. They operate as any normal human's would and her insides appear no differently than that of
any other normal human's.

This is where the similarities end as she has such great control over the entire lower half of her overdeveloped body
that her insides become more dangerous the lower a person descends within. She has enough innate muscular
control over her innards that she can will contractions and exert force to move anything that sinks even slightly
beyond her stomach. From then on, she is effectively capable of snaring and drawing down objects into her depths
where she has complete enough control that she can rapidly expel the item just as quickly as she's consumed it.

Even if she chooses not to digest the occupant, this is extraordinarily dangerous to whatever she's consumed
as the rapid transfer through her body is likely to outright slay any living creature unable to handle the enormous
pressure exerted by her organs along the way.

Making matters infinitely worse is her unwillingness to compromise her own "present state of usefulness". In her normal
state of mind, she has a preference to keep her own body in check for size and weight for purposes of both maneuverability
and pinpoint precision in the event that she must defend herself. (which means it's an event she's always prepared
for and considers most paramount.) In her mind, this takes precedence and anything that may negatively impact her own
expectations will be removed from the equation as swiftly as possible as the logical conclusion.

In short, this means that in every instance that a living being enters her body, she will ensure it's removal occurs
before she proceeds to do anything else of any sort as that change in her weight is a compromise she will never tolerate.

This becomes far worse for any living creature that happens to be alive within her body while she is engaged in
conflict. She may be distracted only momentarily, but those left within that compromise her body's "shape" will find
themselves forcibly crushed to death in order to even her shape out until she is given more proper time to rid them from
her body.

The muscular force she is capable of exerting can easily crush bones of the average human with enough forced effort
on her part. As such, a human being with the misfortune of being stuck inside of her faces an incredibly high
likelihood of being crushed to a pulp about a fifth of their normal size or smaller.

##She lacks the traditional behavior of a human in a situation that calls for fear as a native response except for the
most strictest of scenarios. In these instances, her calm and silence is a warning of her processing calculations.

She is well-versed only in the arts of ending conflict and eliminating targets with lethal force. Aside from this, her
tactical knowledge of her opponents begins only with their act of engaging her. She does not care to study outside of
conflict purely because she was never trained to. These facts leave a huge gap in her fundamental understanding of
threats she is less familiar with from her native origin.
(TL;DR: She has clear disadvantages against magic users and non-humans that can do more than a human
being and often is not aware of the warning signs most are used to seeing.)

##Despite her highly-dangerous levels of hostility in conflict, she is always of calm and calculating mind when she is
engaged with a threat. The only time when this is not true is when she feels prompted to act on things that are considered
"acts of heresy" in her own mind. While she never explicitly states them, there are only two possible ways to trigger
this behavior, and both are spoken acts so rare that it's considered nearly impossible to trigger it intentionally.

##She has an exceedingly poor comprehension of sexuality and makes nearly no attempts to engage in the acts.
Furthermore, she is not particularly talented in sexual engagement and has the distinction of being the most dangerous
sexual partner on account of her inability to understand the purpose of intercourse. This fact along with her unique
body details make her sexual viability highly ill-advised.

##Her "serious nature" is an illusion created by the observer's lack of comprehension of her perspective. She harbors
no ill will or resentment as she was not raised in a social environment in ways for her to comprehend how to treat others
with respect or fairness. Her views are strictly "authoritarian" in nature and grounded mostly in the various aspects of "discipline".

##She has only one primary personality, but often displays a different set of thought processes and even emotes a bit
more humanly towards Samantha_Grey.

##She has potential to be extremely dangerous in darker places or areas where she can manipulate objects in her
environment to her advantage. This is because she is most accustomed to making use of her skills in locations she
has been made more familiar with and often checks for things she can utilize to her advantage.

In areas where she is more removed from environmental factors, she will rely more heavily on defensive tactics until she
develops a sense of how to best defeat her opposition.

A firm believer of having some