Name: Tira
Aka: One of Abrienda's many rectal discharges
Age: 22
Born: Unknown
Raised: Unknown
Occupation: soul subsumed within Abrienda's carnal impure realm/digested body festering in Abrienda's septic tank.
Weapon Preferance: no longer applies
Discipline: no longer applies
Alliance: N/A
Mental Nature: no longer applies
Situational Mentality: no longer applies
Fighting Mentality: no longer applies
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A


Species: Formerly Human ( was effectively a human succubus)
Gender: Female
Height: N/A
Weight: converted to 67 lbs of Succubi fecal matter
Blood type: N/A
Hair color: Teal
Eye color: Purple
Strengths: N/A
Weaknesses: N/A

EX art:

Tira was documented to have an unstable personality and unusual habits. As she was known to
have such an overwhelming amount of collected energy (from devoured souls) in her body, it
made sense that she would gain the ability to sense others nearby. She could sustain
her life by using conventional methods, or by devouring others souls and as of late, whole
bodies as well.

She was by all means full of evil intent and sought to satisfy her own selfish desires rather than
helping others. In rare instances, she may have displayed some alternative emotion, but only if it
ever amounted to personal gain, later having her way with those whom she spared. Those she met and
spared were always met with their end by her hand one way or another.

(Technically, her soul still persists within Abrienda, yet is trapped and cannot be extracted,
her essence locked in a state of suspended orgasm while banished in the terrible gap between the
demoness's inner impurities and the realm of Abrienda's carnal defilement, trapped foe eternity
in a perpetual spiritual rape - but cast so deep that not even Abrienda can extract Tira.

Cham_Cham (connection never made clear)
Abrienda (consumed and claimed by)

A record of her final bow can be found here., even though you're just better off trying to communicate with Abrienda's ass.