The lady with the Violet Rose

Species:High Elf
Name: Zaleria
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Size: 5ft 7ins
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Violet
Appearance:Curvaceous form with a large bust
Bust Size: 38 E
Occupation:Dark Witch
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition:While her beauty is unmatched and gives her the appearance of a gentle soul Zaleria is in fact far from it, her mood may seem pleasant but beneath rests a dark side to the pointed ear woman, Zaleria will do whatever she needs to achieve her goal and if that means betrayal she will not hesitate.

A Land of Violet Roses

Vienna, an assassin by trade turned adventurer, scaled the side of the withered and seemingly abandoned castle, the long rope was stretched taut and it seemed ready to snap at any moment but the red-headed assassin was skilled and moved with as much grace as she could,especially considering one arm was preoccupied in keeping a wrapped item safe.

The assassins grunted as her hand finally grabbed hold of a dusty window ledge that had seemingly been untouched since it's creation many years previous, with some firm support Vienna pulled herself inwards into the dark room and gasped in an attempt to recover her breath, the package slipped from her arm to rest on the cobbled floor, it was badly wrapped but looked to be in one piece.

Vienna pulled a blade from her side and focused her attention on the package, the frayed string which kept it wrapped was felled by the blade instantly allowing the leather wrap to unfold and reveal the prized possession, a little underwhelming for the assassin to see that it was none other than an old book but for her employer it was exciting indeed.

While the room Vienna had entered was shrouded in darkness it was not in fact void of life and from the darkness came a sultry figure that was gradually illuminated by what moonlight entered from the window, her corset covered form was a sight to behold and the assassin found herself looking away from her employer lest she fall under the elf's hypnotic form, it was no secret that the elf was devious and Vienna knew this.

As the lunar light caused a glistening shimmer upon the elf's plump, red lips she smiled, Zaleria could see her prized possession resting on the floor beside her servant and the sight filled her with joy. “Well done Vienna, another successful mission I see” The elf suddenly flicked her wrist and from all around torches were lit illuminating the room, it became quite clear that it was in fact very clean and a great deal of care had gone to keeping it pristine. “That is your third success I think, the gold required for your services is certainly worth it I must admit”

The assassin slowly rose from the floor with the book in hand but before she could hand it to her employer it was pulled from her grasp by some arcane force, it slowly moved through empty air until it came to rest in the elf's hands, clearly Zaleria was indeed powerful and this was not lost on Vienna who found herself wondering if perhaps the window would be her next destination, escape could prove useful in the presence of a powerful and devious woman. Somewhat nervous Vienna finally looked at her employer in all of her beauty and glory, Zaleria truly was a beautiful woman and her curves were unmatched but this could have easily been aide with magic.”I'm glad to be of service ma'am, may I ask what you have planned for me next?”

The elf smile lightly as she carefully opened the book and flipped through a few of the dusty pages, she clearly liked what she was seeing for her eyes seemed to glisten with desire. It was then that she spoke. “I have wanted this book for many years, I was there when it was written in fact...over a thousand years ago, but it was kept from me. Even then I was known as a dark Arcane and so my exile was forced but now with this book I can finally have my revenge on those that denied me power and glory.” Vienna waited patiently while the elf spoke, she knew not to interrupt for her first mission she had a partner and now.....well she hunted alone now.

“You Vienna are free to go if you wish, I need nothing more from you. Go home to your beloved Sorala, that city has much to offer you at the moment,enjoy it while you can......for I shall destroy in in three days” The assassin's stance changed suddenly, while she was on the wrong side of the law she still had some sense of honour and Sorala held no strategic advantage to anyone, even Zaleria. “But ma'am, there is nothing there worth destroying, it's filled with farmers, miners and traders, there's barely a garrison to defend it.....why destroy it?,why destroy my home?”

The book suddenly closed with a slam in the elf's hand and her once devious smile faded to a wicked stare aimed directly at the assassin.”That city is everything, it was my home once and I loved everything about it....before I was banished, it is the last trace of my exile and I will see it burn and everyone who lives there with it.”

Vienna pulled her blade suddenly, a three pronged dagger made for causing great injury. “You can't destroy Sorala over a petty grudge, that was over a thousand years said so yourself. Think of the innocent families, they have done nothing to you, it isn't worth destroying” The assassin looked ready to defend herself and stop whatever the elf planned for her home. Zaleria simply laughed, it was as if she were mocking her former employee.

“Darling, that is a matter of perspective. I would not expect you to understand it's importance, after all your shallow life ends quicker than a breath for me. I will have what I demand and no one will stop me......and that includes you” Zaleria clearly felt unthreatened and as she held out her hand,her fingers curved as if demonstrating her power she merely smiled.

From the tips of the elf's fingers came a sudden burst of lightening which although not fatal struck Vienna to the point she was paralysed on the spot, the blade fell from her hand instantly to fall with a clatter against the ground. As Vienna's body sparked and spasmed Zaleria closed her hand and the lightening faded leaving the assassin's to stand with a trail of smoke seep from her body. Gasping Vienna tried to step forward but collapsed suddenly into a barely breathing heap.

Laughing Zaleria opened her hand once more, this time levitating her employee's form until it was hovering on par with the elf's height, a twitch of Zaleria's finger pulled the woman forward until she was almost pressed against those beautiful ruby lips.”I need you for no other jobs Vienna, consider your contract terminated.....everything from this point onwards is merely a case of want” Vienna managed a faint groan before her world was suddenly thrown into darkness as the elf parted her lips and forced them over the woman's head, Zaleria showed no problem in devouring the woman's form for her magic was of course seemingly unmatched.
The assassin form gradually disappeared, her leather clad form slipped past the elf's ruby lips inch after delicious inch, Zaleria however showed little enjoyment for it seemed to her she was merely ridding herself of a loose end as her lips began to slip over Vienna's waist she closed her hand, the woman's body went limp suddenly giving Zaleria the opportunity to force the last bit of her meal down her throat using her own energy. The tight corset was showing it's strain as Zaleria's stomach began to bulge until finally with one little tug of the string it fell away just as the elf took the final swallow sealing Vienna's fact, her belly bulged outwards suddenly and her hefty breasts rested atop the faintly struggling bulge.

For a moment Zaleria seemed to enjoy her hefty belly before she suddenly clicked her fingers, within two minutes the mighty bulge seemed to soften and shrink until finally it had disappeared leaving the elf with a bit more padding on her chest and firm rump which she didn't even bother to acknowledge. Walking towards the window with naught but her long stocking covering her legs Zaleria caught sight of the dagger on the floor and slowly waved her hand above it,slowly it changed form until all that remained was a violet rose, a symbol of yet another meal. “I shall cover this land with violet roses and all shall know my rose after another”

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