The Voice of the Wind

Species:Demi Arctic Fox
Name: Wynde
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Size: 5ft 2ins
Hair Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Blue
Appearance: Slim Waist with an ample bust
Bust Size: 36 DD
Occupation:Keeper of the Temple of Wind
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition:Wynde much like her namesake moves with grace and care, a gentle breeze she enjoys to be and her voice is shallow like one but if angered her emotions can grow deadly like the mighty hurricane. Overall Wynde can do little but make the flowers and grass sway but to test her is dangerous.

One of the Four

Wynde, isolated and alone atop the mighty mountain of the East, enjoyed her calm bouts of meditation, the sun was her friend and the soft breeze her savior as she sat bare atop the smooth stone she had always used in her sessions. Although she lived a solitary life the isolation did not affect Wynde for the breeze spoke to her, unusual perhaps but for Wynde, the keeper of the temple of one of the four elements it was perfectly normal.

The wind told the silver haired fox of many events that had occurred millenia in the past and many in but hours previous, stories and the lives of people she would never meet interested her daily and although the thought of the outside world tempted her greatly she knew her responsibilities to the temple were far greater than her personal desires.

At least until one tale told her of something worrying, the tale of four sisters. The wind spoke to her about such a story, how four sisters, each blessed with a gift from the Earth spirit controlled the balance of all that was good and cherished in the land. But over time the sisters grew apart from one another,their gifts were used in ways they were never designed for, a war of blood and power. It was a war of Elements.

The tale disturbed Wynde for she herself knew she was the keeper of an element, was the tale really just a story or something more?, were there other keepers each with their own gift, would they come to wage war upon her temple away from the rest of the world. Wynde did not know but she knew she had to prepare nonetheless.

From that day forward Wynde meditated no longer, instead she trained herself to fight, combat with fist and staff. The fox followed the teachings of nature perfecting the talents of the monkey in grace, the mantis in ambush ability and the snake in it's voracious nature.

Wynde was ready for whatever threat came to her temple whether it be a simple traveler, bandit or one of the four.....

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