The Unlikely Threat

Name: Verginia Salt
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Size: 5ft 4
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour:Green
Appearance:Slightly Plump
Bust Size: 36 C
Occupation:Wilderness Guide
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition: Verginia is a pleasant soul who is more than happy to have someone ride on her back but she is loyal to those she trusts and will protect them no matter what.

A mistake was made

The sound of leaves breaking underfoot echoed in the air as Verginia slowly wandered along the worn yet slightly muddy road, it was a path the short legged lynx taur had travelled many times in the past and often she would act as an unofficial guide for travellers looking to move safely from one settlement to another, it was a simple way to earn some extra gold coins but the taur was more inclined to help travellers for the opportunity to chat to someone new more than enjoy the coin received.

Verginia was certainly a people person and rarely was she away from a settlement or community for too long and those times were often spent with someone, today was no different for the short legged taur. Verginia turned her head slightly to look behind her and gave her passenger a mighty grin before turning back.

“I hope it's not too uncomfortable back there, pretty low I know but at least my fur is soft”

The taur giggled slightly as she continued to walk, her passenger, an elven merchant merely smiled as her hands rubbed at the soft fur. The lynx was surprised that her passenger wasn't more talkative, it wasn't every day after all that you were given the chance to ride a Lynx let alone a Lynx taur, Verginia was part of a rare breed after all. Not overly phased by her silent companion however Verginia continued onwards with small attempts to start conversations every now and then down the path, again there was little pulled from the elf who was seemingly a mute but once again the lynx didn't mind, she at least had the scenery to enjoy.

Unknown to Verginia her passenger was in fact far more than she seemed, indeed the elf was a merchant but she was much more than that. The elf was in fact a woman of two sides, one the deligthful look merchant and the other a deadly cut-throat robber, her pockets were filled to overflowing with the coins of her victims and she looked ready to fill them still with Verginia's own small amount of gold, all she needed was the perfect moment.

That moment was soon to arrive for Verginia yawned slightly indicating she was growing weary of travelling, fortunately the lynx had planned ahead and her past knoweledge of the road had left her with an option to camp in a clearing just the the right of the path, it was the perfect spot to rest and had been used several times in the past. Turning to look at her passenger she smiled once more still unaware of who she truly was.

“I think it's best to rest for a couple of hours, I can feel my little legs getting a little weak, hope that's ok”

The elf nodded almost enthusiastically knowing full well she could strike as the Lynx slept, Verginia took no notice of the enthusiastic nod however and simply diverted from the path towards the clearing where she eagerly began to lower herself onto the grass to rest and relax, the elf in the process stepped aside and tended to her supplies, The elf pulled from the bag a small silver blade in a sheath before glancing at Verginia, the lynx was far to busy looking at the tree line to notice the elf behind her, it seemed all too easy for the robber.

The elf, with blade in hand slowly rose from her supplies and moved towards the lynx from behind, the taur could not have made an easier target.....but then suddenly the situation changed and a fatal mistake was made. The robber pulled the dagger from it's sheath and prepared to strike but before she could Verginia rose from the floor and lunged at the elf quickly forcing her mass atop the smaller woman.

“That was a bad mistake on your part, didn't my large ear's not give you a good enough idea on how acute my hearing is?, that will cost you dearly”

Verginia smiled, this time however it was different to her pleasant almost warming grin, this one showed a slight malice to it. For the first time the small short legged lynx taur looked to me a threat and in fact she was, Verginia was no easy target and the elf now knew that.

A Scream echoed in the wilderness before it was suddenly silenced, the only sound that had escaped the elf's lips all day.


Two hours passed and Verginia finally left the small clearing after finding herself well rested, the lynx taur returned to the path once more but now moved in a more sluggish manner, primarily due to the fact that her belly bulged outwards quite unbelievably to the point it was touching the floor, even more unbelievable was that it was moving as if it had a life on it's own. The robber had merely switched seats, only now it wouldn't be one she's ever rise from....

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