"The creature in the Night"

Name:Verdanya (Only known from a tag around her wrist)
Species: Human/Snake hybrid. An experiment gone wrong
Gender: female
Age: Unknown
Size: 5ft 9
Hair Color: White
Eye Color:Golden
Appearance: Slim
Bust Size: 34 D
Occupation:None, Escaped Experiment
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: Unknown
Disposition:A confused individual that would rather stay in the shadows and use stealth to her advantage, while not a mute she rarely talks,perhaps because she can't remember how.

The Sixth

Only fragments remain, the smell of chemicals in the breeze, the whirring of a machine and the constant rhythmic beeping that echoed from it. Naught but fragments, the white cloaks and latex gloves, the unloving eyes.......the silver scalpel touching her skin.

There was a shriek, a feminine scream, but she couldn't be sure if it came from her lips or that of another, it was all so blurry, so lost like a shattered memory. Anything could have happened but the truth was lost to her, everything was lost to her, all that remained was the white band around her wrist and the clinical letters printed upon it. “Subject 6, Code name Verdanya”

The first true feeling Verdanya could recollect was the cool grass touching her bare almost white skin, her own body was covered in dew indicating she had been in the field for at least a full night and as she rose the droplets slithered down her body as if escaping, as if fleeing.

Gasping Verdanya found herself alone, no people, no buildings, nothing. Just herself and the haunting thoughts in her mind. What had happened?,why was she alone?, why could she remember nothing?, she could not recall.

Subject six......Verdanya, it was all she could call herself, rose from the grassy floor and stood tall, her body bare in the breeze.Human she perhaps was, normal she certainly was not, the forked tongue told her that. Verdanya knew she was different but for what reason she had no idea.

The unique pale skinned beauty turned, her focus landing on a road overgrown with weeds and leaves, her path to civilisation. Walking forward, her legs weak as if they had never been used, Verdanya could not help but wonder what rested at the end of the path, was it civilisation or something much worse, a return to the fragments in her mind.....a return to hell and her creation.

(Verdanya is an evolving character, she knows nothing of her past or the experiments, she doesn't even know of the person that rescued her. Roleplay will fill in her story, help her grow)

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