Name:Tanya Firth
Species: Arctic Centaur
Hair Colour:Snow White
Eye Colour:Arctic Blue
Height:Ten feet tall from hoof to head
Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Occupation:Potions Master
Breast Size 36 F (size aided by herbal potions)
Cock Size 2 feet length, 4.5 inches width
Ball Size : on Par with a large melon Disposition:A caring soul who behind closed doors can get rather kinky and dominant.

The Downfall of a Thief

It had not gone to plan, the redheads scheme had been to rob the potions shop for the wealth kept hidden from view. It was a scenario she had enacted before in the past and had been far richer for it but now it was all coming apart for the thief had not planned on one thing happening, the shop owner staying after hours.

Tanya had not been the happiest of women upon seeing the mess her shop had become after the first theft and so after many sleepless nights the arctic Centaur had waited in her small shop knowing full well the thief would return, greed after all drove the wrong to sin. The herm centaur had been proven right and as the thief prepared to steal it was then that Tanya struck. The fight was of course one sided and so with the centaur winning she enacted her own sense of revenge, a rather naughty piece of revenge at that involving her mammoth cock forced into the thief's throat, naturally it didn't take long for nature to take it's course.

In a moan of ecstasy Tanya released her seed and with it nowhere to go it swiftly slipped down the thief's throat, with the redhead having now way to escape she was forced to swallow the vast amount of seed, her face was a mass of cum and saliva in seconds.

The redhead, pressed tightly beneath the centaur's form, swallowed what she could but her tummy in its haste to expand could only hold so much, finally the redheads throat grew sticky with the seed until Tanya pulled away. With more still escaping the redhead coughed up what she could not swallow while strands that escaped the centaur’s tip coated her face.

Eventually the climax subsided much to the redheads relief, bloated from so much seed she struggled to wipe the remnants form her face. Once her face was relatively clean the redhead had expected to open her eyes to find the shopkeepers face staring at her with a wide contented grin across it, this was not the case however.

Staring at the redhead was not Tanya's arctic eyes but rather the one eye of her blue member and to the surprise of the redhead it began to expand. Parting quite wide the centaur suddenly moved forwards, so much so that the woman’s head was forced up the very thing she had been forced to suck only moments earlier. At first the herm regretted her decision due to the sensitivity of her shaft but she quickly grew used to the feeling as her hard cock slurped up the redheads form.

Seemingly sucked out of her clothing the redheads shoulders disappeared into the hard shaft as did her once contained breasts which bulged out against the tender walls of the centaurs hard member, the redheads clothing piled up atop Tanya's member as more of the woman disappeared within the centaur.

The thief's seed filled tummy proved to be a bit of a challenge but due to its softness eventually slipped inside once again forming another distorted bulge against the soft walls of the taur's cock and her wide thighs swiftly followed. The redheads ragged trousers were somehow forced from the woman’s body in the process, a ripping sound echoing lightly in the small shop as they were torn from the woman's legs.

The rest of the thief swiftly disappeared, her toned legs slipping form view quickly until Tanya was gasping from the pleasure, a very feminine bulge pressing against her overly distended shaft. The redheads form was slowly fed further down until disappearing into the centaur’s empty sack, empty no longer.

Rubbing her hard shaft the centaur could only giggle as the women wriggled deep within her sack, it was certainly one way to deal with a thief.

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