The Iron Queen

Species: Amazonian
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:Crimson
Height:8 Feet
Sexual Preference:Unknown
Occupation:Tribal Chief, Self Proclaimed Queen
Breast Size: 36 E (Average for an Amazon)
Disposition:Powerful and respected, rules as a harsh but fair chief.


 A shriek filled the air as a woman ran for cover, she was quite obviously human and was dressed in some form of regal garment although it counted for little as she attempted to flee by running into the sea, her dress billowed hindering her escape giving her pursuer ample time to catch her. Another shriek echoed as two large hands grabbed the woman and pulled her from the sea and towards the beach, the Iron Queen had caught the tresspasser.

There was a mighty cheer as the tribe of amazons looked upon their queen and the woman thrown under her arm, the size difference was clear between that of the Amazon queen and her catch, a good three feet at least and with the queen's size came muscle and power, Talinae was to many a god among mortals and the human knew this, the petite blonde panicked and squirmed against Talinae's wonderful frame but to no avail, even her words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

“Please stop, I am merely a messenger” The woman pleaded “I have a message from the human realm for you, I come as a neutral party” 

The words were enough to stop Talinae in her tracks and so she looked down at the woman who gripped a larger than usual piece of parchment in her hands, something obviously designed for the queen's eyes. Talinae nodded lightly before she continued off towards her village and into her own tent, a mighty beacon among the tribe. Talinae took her throne and placed the woman between her legs locking her tightly, the iron queen grabbed the parchment and broke the wax seal before unfolding it as the messenger squirmed with fear. Talinae moved forward and read the message.

Taline, Queen of the Iron Lands, we wish to offer you tribute in hopes that peace will remain with our two mighty kingdoms, let no belly be filled during war but rather peace and prosperity

Your Humble Counterpart, The Lady of the Human Lands

Talinae smirked slightly, the humans were weak in her eyes but it was true that peace was far greater than war, there was after all only so many humans one Amazonian warrior could eat at one time.

The iron queen was about to destroy the letter when she noticed one final sentence upon the parchment that she had originally covered with her hand.

In hopes of your agreement, I offer the messenger that brought this message as tribute, her failure to return will be taken as acceptance of peace.

Talinae smiled, her focus turning to the messenger.....


Outside of the tent a number of amazons had gathered to see their queen, tresspassers were always talk of the tribe and so many had come flocking to investigate. It was at that point that the Iron Queen appeared, her belly a great bulge indicating the messenger had been accepted as tribute, the mighty sphere wobbled and swayed as Talinae smiled, her heavy bust resting atop the human's form in her gut. All manner of smiles and giggles erupted from the crowd as they looked at their queen and her meal but they were silenced as the Iron Queen addressed her people. 

“My ladies, I bring news from the humans” There were a few murmurs and it brought a smile to the queens' face. “they ask for peace knowing we are a great threat and so tributes are to be sent, how could we deny such an offer when they taste so delightful. I say to peace only for as long as the tributes flow......and if they stop, war shall be known”

With that the Queen disappeared back to her tent, a smile on her lips as she rubbed her belly. Talinae had never had any problems with the humans before for the Amazons were known for being powerful and aggressive when it came to their land being contested, the mermaids had found this out the hard way and Talinae's tribe alone, the main tribe of the Iron lands, had forced a mighty harpy colony to disappear, a mighty feast indeed for the muscular women. Peace in her eyes was a good thing however so Talinae was happy with her writhing belly for the day......she only hoped tributes would be delivered often.

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