The Star Crossed Lovers

Name:Minerva Raine (Left) and Juliette Cross (Right)
Species: Human
Age:24 and 26
Hair Colour:Both are Blonde (faint tone separating them)
Eye Colour:Blue and Brown
Height:Both average at 5ft 6
Sexual Preference:Lesbian
Occupation:Librarian and Junior Attorney
Breast Size 36 E and 34 F

They Smile, they laugh, they cry and while they have their arguments always their love holds but for Juliette Cross and Minerva Raine a secret has been kept from them both that could ultimately change everything in their relationship. It all comes down to hunger....

The morning of important Secrets

The day started as any other with the sound of birdsong, the rays of the sun illuminated the curves of the blanket which beneath rested two feminine forms, each a beauty in their own right. Two lovers wrapped in one anothers arms, another wonderful day together.

While one slept, the other was wide awake and with a pleasant smile she watched her naked lover breathe gently in her grip, at that moment Minerva felt truly fortunate to be so wonderfully in love with her companion, Juliette. Minerva often woke first on their blissful weekend mornings if only to watch her better half snooze in the rays of the sun, she loved nothing more than to watch the gentle rise and fall of her tanned lover's firm breasts, Juliette knew nothing of Minerva's gaze in the early morning.But that was about to change...

Minerva, with her smile growing ever wider, pulled her arm from beneath her sleeping lover and reached over to grab her phone on the small desk beside the bed. For a brief moment their breasts touched, the flesh scraping together in one soft, fluid motion before Minerva grabbed the phone and slipped back to her position.

There was a faint whirring before a tiny click echoed, the sound of the camera built into the phone snapping shut capturing the snoozing Juliette in a beautiful and rather lewd pose, three more clicks followed before Minerva was happy that she had taken enough. After a quick flick through the few snapshots the lightly tanned delight decided one more pic was in order and so made ready to take it,but not before making some changes. Minerva, as gently as she could, pulled the blanket away from her lovers chest, at least enough to show a good portion of her favourite pair of breasts. With a mighty curve revealed, the camera clicked again but it was not without consequence for the caramel skinned delight, Juliette, began to stir and she looked directly into the camera......just as Minerva took another shot.

A groan escaped Juleitte's perfect lips before she rolled away taking the blanket with her, Minerva squeaked as her naked figure was revealed to the faint breeze slithering through the open window, naught but a faint snicker from the dark skinned beauty before she turned around and winked.

“Serves you right you perv,taking pics of me in the nude!”

Minerva, knowing she was caught, blushed before slipping off the bed, smiling as she did so. “Oh you know you love it and besides,i thought you'd want your body me of all people.”

Juliette could only nod before the two were distracted by a buzzing, a phone was ringing but it wasn't Minerva's. Minerva, knowing her lover to be a busy woman mimed that she was going to take a shower before disappearing into the bathroom, the sound of running water echoed almost instantly.

Juliette grabbed her vibrating phone and answered unaware of who it was, a feminine voice responded to her hello, her tone was nervous and jumpy, something Juliette picked up on quickly.

“Di....did you have any more thought on the proposal, I remembered your pics from a few years ago and knew you were the one that had to take has to be you”

Juliette gulped lightly as her past life flashed before her, a youth filled with meals, her belly stretched taut around the forms of women willing or not, it made her hungry, starved. Juliette found herself gulping again to deal with the saliva that had formed before she spoke.

“Saturday, it has to happen this saturday or not at all. I've got a business trip out of town for a couple of days, I can pick you up do by the time the trips over I'll be slim again, maybe some extra fat on my breasts but nothing I can't deal with.”

There was silence for a minute before Juliette spoke again.

“Once you're in my belly there's no going back, wait at the corner of Sixth and Eight at 10am and i'll pick you up, we'll make plans after that. Be there or I'll take it as never”

Juliette hung up with a sigh, her hand rested upon her toned stomach gently. It had been near on a year since her last fulfilling meal, the same amount of time she had been with Minerva. Her lover had made everything perfect except the food but Juliette could not pull her lover into that dark world, she was a pred and it was her secret alone.

In the bathroom another event was unfolding but it wasn't Minerva showering, perched gently on the toilet seat with her legs parted wide revealing her glistening nethers and puffy lips the woman looked at her hand while the other gently rubbed at her tender slit.

Minerva's free hand was gripping her phone tight and a video was playing on the small screen, Minerva's focus was locked firmly on the small movie. It suddenly became very clear the secret Minrva held as she gasped lightly under the sound of the rushing water from the shower, clearly the woman had done this before.

The little video on Minerva's phone involved two women much like her own relationship with Jules and on the screen the two women had just experienced a long session coiled in one anothers arms, it was not this that had gotten Minerva so steamy but rather the aftermath for one of the women lunged upon her partner and in a few minutes of wonderful footage devoured her partner until she was but a mighty bulge in the lone woman's belly.

It was at that point Minerva's legs shuddered, her juices spurted forth to cover the bathroom floor and from her lips escaped a long yet shallow moan, the thought of being devoured excited her greatly. A prey she was indeed.

A strange relationship filled with two mighty secrets, one a predator and the other prey and neither knew of the secrets.

How long could the secrets stay hidden and what would happen if someone came between them?....only time would tell.


With one character a prey and another a pred the star crossed lovers are open to a wide amount of scenarios but with one lady comes the other, that must be expected. It is their relationship on the line after all.

But what will happen?

Will Minerva come home to fine Juliette with a belly larger than herself squirming with a recent meal only to fall deeply in love with her predatory partner or perhaps it's the opposite entirely.Is the bulge Minerva and the woman a stranger for Juliette to discover only for two predators to battle?

What will reign supreme, love or hunger?

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