Sammi, The Dryad Queen

Name: Sammi Lay(Shortend from Samaralaysa)
Species: Forest Dryad
Gender: female
Age: Unknown
Size: 8 ft.
Hair Color: Faded Blonde
Eye Color:Pink (Caused by her magical bond with the forest)
Appearance: Curvaceous and Motherly
Bust Size: 38 E
Occupation:Queen and Mother to the Dwindling Endelwine Forest
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition:A kind spirit who has recently found herself conflicted over her forest.

The End of the Endelwine

The Endelwine, known as one of the most beautiful forests in the Southern Lands, has grown large and prosperous with life and such a feat has been down to it's queen, Samaralaysa or Sammi to her guests.

The forest is upon to all that would treat it with respect and as it's mother and protector, the great Dryad beauty takes it in her best interests to protect her home from any that would do it harm and injustice.

Sammi's efforts however have begun to dwindle, the Endelwine is ending and the great Dryad beauty know's it, her home is fading.

Within it's borders The Endelwine hides some of the oldest tree's known to the world, their trunks have grown thick and their branches wide over many decades but with age comes profit, the tree's are a dying breed and their bark and sap are worth a great deal.

Such knowledge was passed to a traveller who found himself lost among the Endelwine by the great Dryad herself and the traveller, who had once seemed to have the interests of the forest at heart, betrayed the good nature of the Dryad Queen. Such a betrayal caused the severance of two of the Endelwine's oldest tree's, their bark and stripped and drained to be sold for money.

That was but the first slip of Sammi's faith and it has happened several times since, there are now barely a dozen of the great tree's left standing and while Sammi protects them she know's it is only a matter of time, The Endelwine will end....

Using what powers she has The Dryad queen punishes all who would approach her home and harm it, her kind nature has been tarnished, her power has grown darker. She will defend her home for as long as she can....

Possible Ideas

The last great tree of the Endelwine has fallen, The dryad queen's home has turned to nothing. She wishes revenge and those that severed the last of her old tree's.....

A Severed Endelwine seed has dropped a lone nut, the future of the forest perhaps, who clutches it within their hands and what will they do with such a treasure?....

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