The Kings Daughter

Name: Pru Redmane
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Size: 6ft 8
Hair Colour: Crimson
Eye Colour:Gold
Appearance:Muscular and well endowed
Bust Size: 36 F
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition: Pru is a woman that would stick to her convictions in any situation, to her a foe is a foe and a friend a friend. It's up to whoever crosses her path to decide where they rest.

An Outcast

Redmane, it was a name known across the savannah and for good reason. Only the strongest lions came from the clan of Redmane and their bloodline was known for producing more kings amongst the tribes of the plains than any others, they were regal in the eyes of many but to some were seen as tyrants. The name was sour to some but the Redmane's governed as best they could even as the mighty chief grew weary, the line of Redmane was ending. The enemies were preparing to strike but this tale is not of the old chief who's day's were most surely numbered but that of his daughter, and once more as she usually did Pru took refuge under the tree's perched at the edge of the Oasis.

The savannah was large, stretching for many miles and held more than lions in it's wake but whatever race there was peace between all where water flowed, the oasis. All were equal at the Oasis and it is there our story begins.

The princess sighed lightly as she laid with her back pressed against a palm tree, the heat was already sweltering as was obvious from the glistening sweat covering the lioness's muscular stomach but fortunately there was a faint breeze that was pleasant to all relaxing by the water, Pru could only smile as she watched the lively Oasis with golden eyes.

It was always a joy to see the grass eaters occupy the same watering hole as the predator's, two classes that rarely mixed except when dinner called but at the oasis they did not act on such needs. Peace was a cherished item at the Oasis, away from the water it was fair game but the peace,although shaken at times remained strong at the water's edge for it was the source that kept all life flowing in the Savannah and without it the grazers would fade and with no prey so too would the predator's disappear.

Pru could not deny that she wasn't a predator for in fact she enjoyed the hunt deeply but would never strike at the Oasis, she cherished the calm with her life and would never do anything to affect it or that of her father's rule over the lands, a princess can ill afford to disobey their king and that she knew and with her father's failing health she would do nothing to make his condition worse unlike that of some close to him. There had been more than one attempt to overthrow the Redmanes and surely more would follow.

Such thoughts Pru did not wish to dwell on and so she decided to focus on relaxing once more,her peace however was interrupted by a faint growl,her stomach had awoken and once again it was time to hunt. Pru glanced at the grazers near the water's edge knowing that if they were away from the water they would be her's but instead of acting on such a thought the lioness merely rose from her spot and slowly wandered towards the plains, she was always fortunate in her hunts.

The Plains were always well populated with potential meals, the grazers always lingered in large numbers in comparison to the lions and so there was never a need to fight over meals, something Pru enjoyed for it meant no interruptions with her own hunt. After a few miles wandering from the Oasis it wasn't long before the princess came across a colony of grazers, Pru could tell that they were Antelopes from her vantage point that consisted of some tall grass. Antelopes, the most common of meals and while not a particularly difficult challenge to catch always filling. A perfect meal for a calm day.

Pru scanned the crowd for a moment to find a target before setting her sights on one of the flock, a small yet pudgy antelope, she would be easy to stalk and overpower before the inevitable devouring began. The princess decided not to wait any longer and so moved forwards slowly at first, Pru approached with grace and silence as she came upon the flock before suddenly she burst from the tall grass in a swift run. The lioness moved with such speed that half the flock barely had time to react before she was mere metres from the outsiders, one of which was her target.

The pudgy antelope had no time to react at all spare a slight squeal before the princess's shadow descended upon her. Pru lunged leaping into the air before coming down upon her prey in one mighty swoop. The dust of the plains was suddenly thrown into the air blotting out both the lioness and her meal, a few antelope watched from a distance before the dust eventually settled. Where two had struggled only one now remained.

There came a slight belch as the lioness slowly rose from the dusty ground, she wore the spoils of her hunt well as a mighty bulge upon her torso. It was clear that the antelope had been swallowed whole for the bulge moved and jiggled from the prey's struggling within, Pru was unphased that her meal had gone down alive, in fact she cherished the feeling of her struggling meal and swaying belly.

Wiping her mouth lightly the princess sighed again happy that her hunger was now sated, giving her tummy a lovely rub she slowly made the trip back towards the Oasis, it was a long trip made slow due to her belly and by the time Pru made it to the Oasis her belly had grown mostly inactive spare the odd shallow squirm or gurgle. By that point however Pru wasn't focused on her meal but rather the Oasis itself, it was deathly quiet as if something terrible and tragic had befallen the once peaceful patch of heaven. Knowing there were answers to be found the princess continued her journey towards her home, the Redmane tribe.

Pru knew instantly that something terrible was happening within her tribe for the roars and shouts reached her ears before she even made it to the gates of her home and as she entered she quickly realized that the voices involved her name.

Pru came to a large hut, the home of the king and family, it also doubled as a meeting place for the tribe as well as those of other tribes and as the princess entered she quickly realized that there were more than lions occupying the space. Larger creatures such as the envoys from the elephant and Rhino clans were present as were smaller representatives, it was a might gathering but as Pru appeared it became clear that she was the focus of their discussions. The princess looked at her father who could barely look at is daughter, he spoke with a shallow voice, a shadow of it's former roar.
“The evidence cannot be denied, the lion spotted attacking and devouring in our shared place of peace is none other than my own flesh and blood. I did not wish it to be true but my eyes cannot be denied what stands before me”

There was a roar from a number of envoys, Pru could only stand in place holding her tummy, she was afraid to speak.

“Daughter, say nothing for it would hurt too much to hear your voice again. I have but one option to spare your life. Leave the Savannah and never return. As of are a Redmane no longer”

Pru shivered, she knew she was innocent but dared not speak lest the council of species attack her, there was no choice but to do as insisted. The princess loved her father too much to deny his wishes but as she looked at her father one last time a figure behind him grinned, that of his advisor and current mistress. The betrayal had run deep indeed. Pru glared at the rival lioness before she turned and left the mighty hut and afterwards the village itself.

With one hand on her belly the princess cried lightly, framed for a crime she did not commit and banished as well, there was no justice. One day the princess would return ready to strike revenge on that which framed her but until then Pru had but the sun to keep her company.......

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