"The Officer"

Name:Valerie Orei
Species: Human
Gender: female
Age: 26
Size: 5ft 6
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color:Blue
Appearance:Well Toned
Bust Size: 38 DD
Occupation:Officer in the Nexus PD
Role: Switch, mainly pred
Sexuality: Bisexual
Disposition:Valerie may look like an innocent woman but her looks are indeed decieving because she is a dangerous predator, many criminals have felt the tingle of her stomach and many more will in the future. Don't break the law now.

The Law

The sound of a police Siren beckoned over the landscape, it's blaring tune growing ever louder until the distinctive blue and red of the lights came into focus in the distance, the car moved with excessive speed through the city.
Behind the wheel was an officer quite unlike any others on the force, if nothing else her approach to crime was incredibly different but her appearance was the first strange thing to notice. While many officers wore a distinctive uniform this particular lady did not instead going for a style that could have been seen on any night club patron, with long purple leather boots stretching almost to her knees she could have easily been seen walking the streets. The woman's ample rump, while pressed tightly against the soft seat of the cop car, stretched the matching leather mini skirt that concealed her firm buttocks, perhaps not the best thing to wear when chasing after a perp but the curve of her butt was enhanced beautifully. The woman's toned midriff was,while uncovered hugged the latex of the officers top, revealing her semi muscular stomach, the most eye catching part of her uniform began just above her muscles. Covering the officers large and luscious breasts continued the purple latex top, it was the same shade as her boots and skirt to make a matching attire and looked at least a size too small for her large bust seemed ready to spill from the top, the officer didn't seem to mind however for her plump lips were curved into an almost devious grin.
The woman was incredibly focused on the road ahead of her but with her eyes covered by a pair of shades it was hard to see the focus, her expression revealed very little aside from the devious little smile.

The squad car came to a sudden screeching halt and the drivers side door swung open with the officer stepping out moments later, a slight creak echoed from her miniskirt as her cheeks pressed against the already tight leather and her bust jiggled lightly as she straightened herself. Straightening her cap before looking around the beautiful woman smiled once again, the officer while showing some signs of muscle also seemed quite petite, at least in some areas, her waist was thin and her legs were lithe and toned. The officer was indeed a strange one.

Stepping away from her car the officer moved for a tattered red door that lead into a small gathering of flats, it was nothing unusual to her, many were filled with students or young couples and the complaints of noise and unnecessary parties were common, this was the purpose of her current visit.
The officer scaled the stairs slowly, her pants creaking again with each step, in one hand she gripped a set of handcuffs and the other a small silver badge with her name branded above it, Officer Valerie Ore.

Valerie was a seasoned officer with a wealth of experience but although she had a wealth of knowledge her arrest record was surprisingly low, this was down to her unique way of dealing with crime. The officer held a secret known only to her and the criminals she dealt with, and a few more were just about to discover the secret.

Valerie came to a halt in front of an ebony door, the apartment number had long since been pulled from the wood but a faint outline still remained, the officer was in the right place and so reached out and knocked on the door, it slowly creaked open revealing that it hadn't been locked or even closed properly.

Valerie adjusted her glasses slightly as she peered into the apartment, the sound of a T.V echoed from one room as did the snoring of someone in another room, the officer was unsure as to how many individuals were currently in the apartment but her plump lips curved into a wide smile once more showing she could handle it all herself, she did after all have a secret.

The officer entered the apartment slowly and checked each room before finding herself in the lounge, in all of the other rooms she had noticed a lack of cleanliness or care, they were however unoccupied so she moved until Valerie arrived at the lounge where a woman was laying on an old dishevelled couch in front of the flickering T.V, she seemed to be the only occupant of the flat.
Valerie crouched slightly beside the woman resting on the couch, the woman was dressed in very little, a pair of pants and a vest were all that covered her more private parts and a large tub of ice cream was resting inside the curve of her arm, it had long since melted and the smell of chocolate had filled the room because of it. Valerie poked the woman in the thigh and the brunette haired damsel slowly stirred, a groan echoed the room as she turned over away from the officer, the melted ice cream went with her and swiftly began to seep out of the tub and over her body. Even this didn't seem to wake the woman but another poke from Valerie finally made the woman sit up.
Moaning lightly as she rubbed her eyes the woman finally realized that Valerie was in front of her, the chocolate ice cream was currently running over her thighs but the sight of Valerie's badge in her face had taken up her focus. Once Valerie was sure the woman was coherent she addressed her.

“I'm officer Valerie Ore” The officers voice was surprisingly calm. “I'm here after receiving a call of a breach of peace, we received word of raised voices and loud music and i've come to deal with the situation”

The woman was still trying to wake up but it was pretty obvious that she understood and seemed to nod along with what Valerie was saying. The officer continued.

“So you admit that raised voices and loud music came from this apartment?” The ice cream covered woman nodded again although she also yawned at the same time, it was all Valerie needed to know. “Well in that case I am charging you with breaching the peace,i'm going to have to take you down to the station to be processed”

The brunette seemed to wake up slightly upon hearing that she was being charged and it looked as if she were about to speak, Valerie however silenced her by suddenly lunging at the woman coated in ice cream. The old tattered couch fell backwards and the two women tumbled around, Valerie recovered instantly and lunged again, her glistening lips parted swiftly and suddenly slipped over the woman's head until they clamped around her neck. For a moment Valerie rested atop the woman's form, her heavy breasts resting against the woman's vest covered mounds, the woman kicked slightly but with Valerie's weight atop her she could do nothing. Valerie swallowed, her plump lips gradually moved downwards across the woman's shoulders, already the officer's throat began to expand with the brunettes head. A shallow moan echoed slightly as Valerie forced her lips down and over the woman's vest covered chest, while she may have not been able to taste the sweet breast flesh the officer did manage to get a strong tastes of chocolate that had seeped into the fabric, a taste that nearly rivalled the woman's own sweet flavor. Another gulp followed and the officr's lips were slipping over the woman's slight pudge of a belly, her throat had expanded greater still as the brunettes head was forced down Valerie's throat, her imprint was obvious and was ever flinching.
Valerie didn't seem to falter, her swallows were swift and consistent showing great skill and it wasn't long before her lips were slipping over the woman's rump and along her ice cream covered legs, the officer found herself unable to resist lapping at the cream coating her prisoner's legs. Finally it ended with one more swallow, the woman's feet disappeared into the abyss of Valerie's mouth, her throat gradually returned to it's elegant shape as the brunette was forced downwards into the officer's personal prison. Where once Valerie's stomach had been toned and petite now rested a great sphere that wriggled and jiggled with the woman's form within.

Valerie pulled herself from the floor and lapped at her lips to remove a thin coating of melted ice cream, a quick pat of her belly signalled that she had won but a muffled moan from within echoed outwards. Valerie felt it necessary to respond.

“Anything you say can and will be held against you” The officer giggled slightly. “now belt up, it's time to head down to the station.”

Valerie left the lounge and then the apartment, slowly she descended the stairs.

“Don't worry about being processed, it'll be easy as long as you're not digested by the time we get to the station” Valerie laughed as her belly writhed from the woman inside.

Valerie eventually arrived back at her car and slowly weaved herself inside, the steering wheel dug into her large dome of a belly but she didn't seem to mind, stroking her gut she giggled.

“I think i'll take the long way back to the station, there always seems to be more traffic that way”The officer rubbed her bulging gut as a hand pressed against her soft skin from within” and less paperwork for me”

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