Name:Mianth Golmeera
Species: Anthro Dragon
Gender: female
Age: 38
Size: 12ft
Eye Color:Emerald Green
Appearance:Somewhat Muscular
Bust Size: 38 E (on her body)
Cock Size: 18 Inches when erect(needs to be big to reach her lips)
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: Bisexual
Disposition:A large woman with a lusty side, she has been the end of many as has the appendage between her legs. Very confident in her abilities and is almost arrogant.

The princess Addiction

Mianth did not wish to be a slave to the dragon/princess sterotype, it was something that had been done to death in stories and fairy tales. The wicked dragon stealing away the helpless princess devouring her and throwing a kingdom into mourning.Her mother had been the end of many and her grandmother even more for but Mianth was always steadfast in her ideals, she would not enjoy the form of a princess.

That didn't last too long. Mianth hadn't planned on going forth with it all but as she spied the convoy of soldiers from her cave it seemed too good an opportunity to miss and so after a very brief fight the guards were quelled and sent down the dragon's gullet one by one until her belly was bulging like a great globe, even the pack horse met the same face adding to the already stretched belly.

It was at that point that Mianth realized it wasn't a standard convoy for resting in an ornate carriage was a beautiful woman, clearly one of regal standing. The dragoness could not control her inner urges and so the massive appendage between her legs grew thick and hard, it made for a perfect stand for her belly.

The regal figure, a princess of a neighboring kingdom was thrown into a sense of shock and Mianth overcome with lust threw something more the princess's way for her throbbing member slipped into the carriage.

The dragoness had only meant to tease the woman but as she pulled her member free she quickly realized that the princess was no longer in the carriage, in fact she was buried to the waist deep in Mianth's cock and she was rapidly disappearing.

Mianth could only watch as it all unfolded until finally the large bulge of the princess slipped down the shaft and into the awaiting sack to dwell in the thick seed.The dragoness cupped her sack and could quite clearly feel the princess squirm within, Mianth laughed as her cock throbbed ready for release. The feeling was like no other and it was at that moment the addiction began, not for having a form in her sack but for what came afterwards.

It took a good few hours for the princess to became one with the surrounding seed and for the entire time Mianth wished to pleasure herself, When the time finally came for sweet release the lusty dragoness covered herself and in an unplanned turn of events some landed upon her tongue. The taste was exquisite and as such Mianth grew an addiction to her own princess flavoured seed.

It's a messy addiction but Mianth is enjoying herself considerably.

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