Name: Mari Chikako
Species: Demi Neko
Gender: female
Size: 5 ft. 4 in. tall
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Eye Color:Brown
Appearance: Well formed
Bust Size: 34 D
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition:A woman obsessed with having a wriggling belly, this of course leads her into some awkward situations.

Grade A Bacon

Mari loved for nothing more than to stuff her belly with some wonderful wriggling meat and it just so happened that the coyote had hit the jackpot in her travels for a wandering pig girl had crossed paths with the voracious Mari.
Liz had always been wary of those around her for she knew she was packing some grade A bacon, it only took a split second of the pig letting her guard down to seal her fate.
Before Liz could breathe a single word the young coyote lunged forward voraciously quickly silencing the pig by swallowing her head whole. Mari knew the pig would be a considerable challenge considering her girth but at least she wouldn’t go hungry for a day or so.

Liz squealed and struggled but Mari had a firm hold of the pig although Liz’s struggling did cause her clothes to rip from the friction. Liz’s meaty body was soon revealed to the voracious coyote who took it as an invitation to swallow more of her meal down. With her lips clasped around Liz’s neck Mari slowly pushed them down over the pig’s stumpy shoulder and towards her chest, being a bit of a food hog all of those excess calories had affected Liz’s body somewhat and for her snacking came a rather ample set of breasts, nothing at all to rival Mari's own proud breasts but a mouthful nonetheless.

Mari could not wait to get the pig’s breasts into her mouth so without wasting a single moment groped and grabbed at Liz’s body in an attempt to shove the meaty chest into her awaiting cheeks. Progress was slow at first but as Mari’s tongue brushed against Liz’s flavour filled breasts it was enough to spur her on and the coyote quickly pushed herself into overdrive. Lunging her lips forward Mari managed to take in all of Liz’s breasts in one single gulp, her throat bulged out furiously but Mari would not be put off.

Keeping a firm hold of Liz the coyote swallowed again taking in the entirety of the pig’s stomach and part of her waist before the rest followed with another gulp. Mari paused for a moment to feel Liz struggle furiously, with nothing but her stumpy legs left outside it did not look good for the pig but Mari didn’t seem to care, as far as she was considered the coyote was simply eating a meal that was previously taken from her.

Liz continued to kick even as Mari’s plump lips slowly lid over her stumpy feet, with a rather loud pucker and a gulp the coyote had completely swallowed the pig and she had the big belly to prove it.

Liz was a fighter, that was evident by how much Mari’s belly was writhing and squirming, but the feeling felt wonderful for Mari who found her knee’s grow weak with pleasure. The large mass of her belly had forced her top to rip clean away from her torso leaving the coyote in little more than a tight bra which too felt the strain of so much movement.

Mari laughed, she couldn't believe she had swallowed so much bacon, she just couldn’t believe that she had such a full belly again, her addiction had been sated for a brief moment until she needed to stuff herself once more.....

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