The "Innocent" Beauty

Name: Lorana Sylvae
Species: Human
Gender: female
Age: 25
Size: 5 ft.6 in. tall
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color:Hazel
Appearance: Hourglass shaped form, a little top heavy.
Bust Size: 32 E
Occupation:Lingerie Shop Owner
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition:Innocent looking but far from it.

The Little Shop and the Sultry Beauty

What Follows is the little tale of one man and his quest to buy a gift for his true love, it does not end well.

Alex was at a loss. The young man had looked in the windows of a dozen different clothes shops and could see nothing his girlfriend, Clara, would like or even accept, Alex really had no clue, at least not until he spotted a small shop hidden near one of the smaller exits.

Resting next to a set of stairs that lead to the car park beneath the mall the shop wasn’t exactly one to catch anyone’s attention, it was tiny in comparison to some of the other buildings and had a black theme to the shop almost as if it were designed for someone wanting to renovate their clothing style to black with a side of black.

Alex was beginning to think that it was simply another Goth styled shop and was about to look elsewhere, that was until the frosted glass door opened and out came a brunette beauty, dressed in clothing that would have been seen on a respectable businesswoman it was clear there was something more to the shop, Alex found himself walking over to investigate and caught the door just before it closed.

Alex entered slowly and quickly realised what type of shop he had walked into, hanging from a variety of different clothes reels and hooks were bras, pants and all manner of skimpy nightwear of a hundred different colours and sizes. The young man gulped as he stood at the entrance of the lingerie shop and almost felt like running from the store if it were not for the beautiful shop owner looking at him from the desk.

Coughing lightly Alex turned and prepared to leave the store, his hand on the door handle ready, he was however stopped by the voice of an angel, a voice that convinced him to turn.
“Oh please don’t go, I’m sure you’re here to get a gift for a special lady” The shop owner’s voice bordered on being sultry. “Am I right in thinking that?”

Alex focused on the owner and quickly found himself looking away, the woman would have been dazzling even after a long day’s work or a rough night but with the added make up and uniform….well Alex found himself growing red at the sheer sight.

Fluttering her lashes and curving her plump lips, coated in black lip stick, she smiled. The woman had one hand pressed against her cheek, her fingers entwined with the black silk that was her hair. Her fair skin seemed to mould against the palm of her hand as her elbow perched delicately against the counter, her other arm was resting atop the counter and covering much of her midriff leaving her bountiful chest exposed and very much on show, something her uniform was adamant to promote for the white blouse was straining at every button. The woman was beautiful and it took all of Alex’s strength not to stare, he wasn’t strong enough for he found himself looking.

Eventually Alex nodded that the woman had been right in guessing and with a slight nervous squeak to his voice he spoke.

“Yes, I’m looking for something for my girlfriend, were…..ah…were……..”

Alex trailed off as the shop owner straightened up and walked from behind the desk, only now did the young man realize how beautiful she really was and tall for that matter, Alex stood just shy of six foot but this woman was taller than him by a good few inches although his focus was more laced on the tight black skirt covering her smooth luscious legs and a set of buttocks that stretched the fabric ever so wonderfully.

“You need not say any more my dear, I’m sure we can find something for your lady here. Let me help you in any and every way possible” The woman’s voice was once again bordering on being sultry and Alex noticed it, his hands shaking now from the tension.
The shop owner moved towards Alex but diverted just at the last step to sort through some underwear sets hanging from a reel, Alex took a step away and looked at another reel in hopes to find something. The shop was silent spare the slight screech of hangers rubbing against the metal reels they were hanging from.

Alex slowly turned expecting to see the shop owner look at the reel behind, his eyes instantly met the woman’s cleavage for she had been standing directly behind him. Giggling lightly at Alex’s sudden jerk to look away the owner showed her customer something suitable. In the woman’s hand was a crimson two piece, a set clearly designed to be worn in times of romance. The material looked soft to the touch and was layered with frill, the bra itself had a small black lace net that hung from the two cups to cover some of the midriff, it was a beautiful set and looked perfect. There was one problem however, it was far too big, the label read Double D Cup but Clara, on her small frame, was barely a C Cup. Alex rubbed his neck and shook his head lightly.

“I…its very nice but I don’t think it’ll fit my girlfriend” The nervousness in Alex’s voice was gain obvious.

The Shop owner giggled lightly before replying.

“Oh don’t worry my dear, there is a strap at the side that adjusts to fit all.” The lust in the woman’s voice was now very obvious and her cheeky smile did little to calm Alex.

It was clear that Alex was a little sceptical, he was one to follow labels and didn’t want to be lulled into buying something simply because of a pretty face, no matter how beautiful they were. The shop owner smirked lightly clearly picking up on the scepticism.
“I’ll prove It to you then dear” The woman spoke without missing a beat

Alex’s eyes widened, he had no idea what the woman meant by such a statement but before he could say anything in response the owner’s hand had already moved to her buttoned blouse. The first button slipped free before Alex could look away and as the second popped he found himself turning back. With each popped button came more soft breast flesh until finally the white blouse had been opened fully. Standing there with her blouse open the owner smiled even as her frilly white bra was on show.

“Now as you can see, I’m a little large than a Double D” Alex could clearly see for the owner was likely closer to an F cup than a D. “But I’ll prove that it’ll fit, if I can fit then your girlfriend will have no problems whatsoever”.

Alex was silent as he stared at the woman’s chest before him, he found himself unable to look away even as the owner’s hand unclasped the hook from behind her back, the bra went slack and the weight of the woman’s breasts forced it to slip to the point where her bountiful bosom threatened to bounce free. The sultry lady calmly pulled the bra from her body and allowed it to fall to the floor ,near where her blouse had fallen, leaving herself topless and very sexy.

Alex had become fully entranced by the beauty of the woman standing before him, he knew it was wrong to look upon the goddess before him in such a way but he found himself unable to look away, the shop owner had lulled him in and now refused to release him.
The shop owner unclipped the bra from the wrapping and opened it fully so that she could place it against her heavy breasts, the woman’s delicate pink nipples disappeared from view behind soft silk and after slipping her arms through the straps pulled the bra tight. For a moment it looked as if the woman’s words were true, the bra looked as if it fit but as she pulled tighter and tighter the soft flesh of her breasts began to overflow and strain the fabric. The hook clipped together but only just, the bra was far too small for the woman’s expansive bust, her breasts threatened to break free at any moment.

The woman looked down at her overflowing bosom and sighed, it was clearly a forced sigh however and one that Alex did not pick up on for his focus was no longer on words. The owner took a step forward and curved her back lightly, her bust began to hang making for an even more dazzling sight. Alex had well and truly fallen for the woman’s beauty and she knew it.

Another step closer and Alex’s face was almost consumed by the woman’s soft bosom, only seconds later his face was consumed but not by her expansive bust but by her gaping mouth. The woman had suddenly parted her lips and shot forward engulfing Alex’s head in one gulp, in a moment of shock Alex hadn’t reacted and his fate had quickly been sealed because of it.

The owner suddenly wrapped her arms around the young man’s body forcing his form against her’s in a tight embrace to stop his struggling and began to swallow, Alex’s form slipped down the woman’s tight throat quickly, his form pressed and compact on all angles by her powerful throat muscles. Its clear that the shop owner wasn’t one to relish her meals for she wanted no time in gulping her customer down.

Alex, with his face coated in saliva and his eyesight restricted to nothing more than the pink walls around him and the stomach opening ahead kicked his legs as his body was raised, this did nothing more than kick the blue all stars from his feet. The woman’s plump lips slipped over Alex’s waist and finally she paused if only to breathe, Alex was at the midway point with half of his body down the woman’s throat and the rest hanging almost limp, there was nothing he could do at that point.

The shop owner in all her power moved on arm from Alex’s body to stroke at the large bulge in her throat, she could feel Alex’s struggles against her skin and the imprint made her shiver wonderfully. She began swallowing moments later, her hand still very much pressed against the moving bulge in her throat.

Alex’s waist slipped past the woman’s lips just as his head popped into her empty stomach, the heat was near unbearable but there was no avoiding it for the owner continued to swallow, her attention was now focused on the bra that threatened to burst free, already had it been strained but now it looked sit to rip.

With nothing more than Alex’s legs left to consume the woman swiftly began to gulp them down and a mere moment later her lips had closed, one final hard swallow sent Alex deep into her belly, the bulge of her throat now finally disappearing but the strain on the bra firmly remained.

The shop owner looked down at her bulging gut and giggled lightly as it wriggled, squirmed and on occasion bounced. The actions forced the woman to belch rather loudly in an almost unladylike manner, she simply giggled in response before deciding to mock her meal.

“Well I may have not fit the bra but you certainly fit me” Another belch followed and Alex’s had, covered in sticky saliva suddenly shot from the woman’s mouth, she could only laugh.

The shop owner turned slowly just as the door to her store opened, standing at the doorway was Clara who had gotten worried when Alex hadn’t appeared, her face was no a picture of fear as she looked upon the woman before her, with a beautiful figure distorted by such a large belly….and that imprint pressed against her skin?. Clara looked at the blue shoes beside the counter and the sticky red hat lying near her own feet, she quickly understood what had happened.

The shop owner turned fully to face Clara and giggled, she straightened her back lightly but quickly realised that it was the wrong decision to make. The bra finally gave up, the hook pulled free and like a catapult sprang forth from her bosom only to hit the stunned Clara in the face. Sighing the owner looked at Clara, the bra looped over her shoulder. The woman grinned evilly.

“Seeing as your boyfriend can’t I hope you’re going to pay for that”

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