"The divine that slipped"

Species: Angel
Gender: female
Age: Unknown
Size: 6ft
Hair Color: Mahogany Red
Eye Color:Red (a sign of her corruption))
Appearance:Muscular and well formed, a Divine Body
Bust Size: 34 DD
Occupation:Former Messenger of Heaven
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: Unknown
Disposition:A once obedient servant of the heavens, a fateful journey to Hell on goodwill left her corrupted and impure, she has since been banished from the purity of the world above and the middle ground has become her home.

The Fall

Laurette, once in her time above, was considered an Arc, the pinnacle of Angelic society, her orders came from the very voices of those that spoke for the deity and never did her wings or pure heart falter. At least not until the meeting of the three plains.

The meeting of the three plains, Heaven, the middle Ground and Hell, was an event that took place every few hundred years. It was a time where mortals could learn the truth of the next life and what could well befall them, for heaven and hell it was a dull event for their lifespans were long and seemingly endless but for the mortals it was a great awakening for they knew that life was not all they had left.

The meeting was a grand event, or at least it was supposed to be and always it was held on one of the three plains, most often the middle ground. Neutral land was created by the deities if not held on mortal soil and it was this that Laurette was tasked with overseeing for the most recent meeting was to be held in the realm of fire and brimstone.

Laurette was know for being one of the most pure, her mind was always focused on the task assigned to her but as she felt the vicious heat of hell she knew even her will could falter. Heat was not something the angel was used to and so as she entered past the gate of the created realm her body trembled, she began to sweat. Her counterparts, the servants of the lord below, watched with great interest as the angelic being, all clad in white robes with her glimmering white skin and blue eyes entered their home. Laurette was indeed out of place and she knew it.

One of the Fallen, an angel once before, stepped forward, her red skin and bat like wings showing a stark contrast to the heavenly Laurette. The fallen smiled, her lips plump and her body beautiful and enticing. Offering a hand to the angel the two beings shook but it was an unwise move on Laurette's part.

The fallen loved to bolster their numbers with the pure and in the handshake all temptation and lust flowed from one being to the other, Laurette was caught unprepared. The angel broke the grasp quickly and turned to flee, her wings catching the heat and taking flight. The effects of the temptation however were working far quicker than expected for the once glimmering white skin that the angel was known for grew darker almost as if the heat and fires of Hell had tanned her form, her eyes, once blue, grew a dark lusty red and her body underwent a strange change indeed.

As Laurette burst from the plain of brimstone onto the mortal plain she collapsed into the streets of a busy city and from her lips came a great moan of lust. The robe upon her body began to strain and tear as her body changed, where once a nimble and athletic form rested now grew once of lust and temptation. Muscle, powerful and enticing, grew on thin arms, powerful thighs and rump buttocks expanded and breasts formed from small mounds to great orbs ready to be squeezed.

Laurette collapsed, after a mere few seconds of the grasp she had been corrupted. The angel held many signs of her angelic nature, the wings especially but she knew she was an angel no longer, she was fallen.

Never could she return....

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