The Myth from the South

Name:Kara Silver
Species: Demi-Dragoness
Gender: female
Age: 997
Size: 14ft
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color:Red
Appearance: Curvaceous with a wingspan and form that towers over most
Bust Size: 38 E (on her body)
Occupation:No Occupation, a hiding legend
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition:Misunderstood, mistaken for being a dangerous threat.


The legends began many years ago when the world was younger and the many races were primitive and inexperienced, some were violent, others weak but all feared the great scaled beast of the South. None had seen the beast and lived to speak of it, the blame of a thousand disappearances and yet the truth.....well the truth would put rest to all rumors and tales.

The great scaled beast in question had a name, she was called Kara and indeed she was female in both appearance and manner, the dragoness laughed, she cried and every day she wished for more in her life, she wished for company. The dragoness was not a wicked creature.

After her mother, the true terror of the South, passed on Kara was left alone in the Southern mountains, her mother had been the cause of such tales and stories for she was indeed wicked and terrible and she cared not for who felt her wrath, Kara was nothing like her mother, only their appearance was similar but it was enough to condemn her to the same fate and myth as her mother.

Kara had lived alone for many years, much of her life in fact and the world knew not that the great terror of the South had birthed a child, Kara was that child, she was hated purely for the memory of her mother, in the yes of the races of the world she was her mother, the great devourer that ate dozens in in single sittings, who destroyed fledgling villages and laid waste to already mighty kingdoms.

Kara wished for a better life, she wished to bury the tales of her mother and show the world that she herself was not the wicked creature of legend, it was not an easy thing to wish for and Kara knew it.

There had been times where Kara had left her mountain home to bury the tales but each time she was forced to flee and the legend of her mother merely grew greater. Worse still were the explorers and adventurers...

Some would be heroes would search out the mighty bast of legend and find Kara's home,as much as she explained to them in a manner as peaceful as possible always it lead to a struggle, Kara, merely defending herself, was forced to do the inevitable. Adventurers left a bitter taste on her tongue and rested heavy in her belly, she had been forced to do the unthinkable and again the legend of her mother grew.

Worse still, after so long alone and with so many adventurers, Kara found her tastebuds had begun to change, she was slowly becoming her mother.....

Possible Ideas

A would be adventurer stumbles upon Kara in hopes to best the mighty legend, a fight breaks out and the inevitable happens.....or perhaps they listen to reason

Kara leaves her home and once again journeys to a settlement in hopes to bury the tale of her mother, what happens?

Kara visits the resting place of her mother unaware that the site is empty, has the great scaled creature of the South returned?

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