Name: Jeicca Itztal
Age: 27
Personality: Quiet, contemplative and careful.
Likes: Being challenged to contests of skill,
potato-based foods, orchestral music arrangements, the cover of night.
Dislikes: Being mistaken for other Burmecians,
poorly-forged weapons, people trying to hire her for jobs that have nothing
to do with her profession.

== - IC Story - ==
Unlike most of the other Cleyran or Burmecian clans in her race, Jeicca deals
exclusively in weapons forging and trade, having grown into the trade after
being adopted by a family that ran a weapons shop. She grew into the trade
uniformly and expanded her horizons into the world after doing a bit of
exploring to see various countries and sights first-hand to get a better
identity of the world.

As she explored the world, she set up shops during her travels carefully
across all major borders after realizing it to be a simple way to increase
revenues and help fund other projects she needed to expand upon.

Of course, during her travels, she learned quite a deal of clever tricks and
tactics in the event she ever needed to show off her fighting capability or
defend herself.

== - Character Notes - ==
Jeicca is a businesswoman at heart and always has the best interest for her
customers in mind. While she has no loyalties to any clans, races or tribes,
she also isn't rude or otherwise offensive to anybody, often exhibiting a
calm and focused disposition at all times.

She does have a bit of a pride issue involving her talents and is far too often
confused for a bounty hunter, assassin or otherwise soldier-like person
whom may kill for employ, which is both an aggravating and insulting
stereotype perpetrated by most of those in her race, specifically the ones
well-known for being soldiers of fortune.

While she might not hate any people specifically, she has a great disdain for
ignorance and often goes out of her way to better educate people with bold
quotes and statements to shut people up.

Of course, she is known for enjoying live prey every once in a while, but it
usually only ever occurs after people have first Declared a challenge to her
with their lives on the line. During such announced fights, she treats her
competitors with decency and respect, as well as ensuring the sanctity of
the fight is not violated.

She is noble enough to maintain her business-like presence in all manners of
extremes and never resorts to cowardly acts in the public eye (or even in
private.... sometimes.) She goes this far just to show how professional she
is to continue having her business supported for as long as she can sustain
it with it's good and popular name.

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