"The Unwilling Predator"

Name:Helene Cross
Species: Elf
Gender: female
Age: 27
Size: 5ft 6
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color:Violet
Appearance:Once athletic, has become slightly bloated after several forced meals
Bust Size: 36 DD
Occupation:Former Merchant
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: Unknown
Disposition:Helene was once a successful merchant, her wares were plentiful and she succeeded in trading in many forms,her life has now become quite broken after being abducted by bandits and forced into the world of predators.

The Last sale

The last sale was always the hardest, usually because Helene was about ready to close up her travelling merchant stall and the few possible customers either refused to buy or worst still took too long in looking, it seemed to be one of those days.

Helene sighed slightly as she looked at the trio of cloaked figures observing her wares, they could easily have been monks or nuns for he long dark robes that each of them wore but Helene didn't think much of it, she wanted to head on up the road and make camp as did her assistant, the small elf, Camille.

The trio finally left without buying a thing and although Helene would have liked to make that final sale of the day she was glad they had left, at least now she and her assistant could move on up the road and camp for the night before heading off to the next settlement in the morning.The two women closed the shutters of the small caravan and packed up what they needed to before clambering atop the cart, Helene grabbed the reigns and flicked them spurring the pack mule on and so the merchants left.

Helene usually spent a few coin in renting a farmers land to camp on but the last few trips had left her close to broke, Camille had barely been paid for the last trip let alone the current one and so the merchant was left with no choice other than to camp beside the road, it was risky but the duo figured they would be safe, the road was patrolled enough anyway. It was an unwise thought indeed for the road was not patrolled that night, a great ceremony had pulled all guards to the capitol.

Helene created a small fire while Camille, the lithe and petite elf, tended to the the pack mule. The two made a good team although Helene knew Camille would leave without a second thought if she wasn't paid, to her it was a job and nothing more, they spoke of course but never did it become personal. Unknown to both their relationship was about to grow very personal indeed.

The three robed figures that had been the last to look at Helene's wares appeared from the shadows towards Camille, the elf was gagged and silenced suddenly before Helene herself was subdued. Surrounded by the three figures the two women panicked fearing the worst. The three figures revealed themselves, each beneath the robe wore leather armour indicating they were perhaps bandits or raiders, Helene and Camille of course didn't care, they merely wanted to be set free.

The leather clad bandits clearly had something in mind for the two women although it was unexpected indeed for Helene and Camille. The trio broke up with two focusing on Helene and one on the elf, both were grabbed tightly and Camille being the lightest of the two was picked up and carried towards Helene. One of the bandits placed her fingers upon Helene's nose forcing the woman to breath from her mouth, it was at that point everything happened.
Helene tried to hold her breath but she could not and with a heavy gasp her lips opened, suddenly the petite elf was forced into the merchants mouth unceremoniously. It suddenly became very obvious that the bandits were going to feed Camille to the unwilling Helene and that is exactly what they did.

Helene could do nothing but comply, she tried to fight and escape but her assistants form was too much of a burden to pull free from as the petite elf was forced down her throat, it was an ordeal that seemed to last forever until finally with one final shove Camille was consumed entirely and the once thin and athletic merchant as now left bloated with a heavy squirming gut, she had been made into a predator and for that she hated herself.

As Helene wept for her companion and the ordeal she had just been put through a leash was placed around her neck and before she could complain the woman was dragged away, her caravan left abandoned. Helene at that point travelled the road again, not as a merchant but as an attraction, the unwilling Predator, that is what she was now.

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