"The Girl as Cold as Ice"

Species: Demi Husky
Name: Helena Hauski
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Size: 5Ft 11in. tall
Hair Color: Arctic Blue
Eye Color:Golden
Appearance: Curvaceous stemming towards hourglass
Bust Size: 34 E
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition: Helena is an isolated beauty, having been alone for a number of years after being part of a failed expedition she seldom trusts new faces but there are times when she can't control her instincts, sometimes she simply must hunt.

The Predator in the Blizzard

It was supposed to be a science expedition of great importance, to chart and map the Arctic territory was no easy mission and with it great risk but also great reward, the three man team knew it was a worthy challenge.

Of the three only one was truly fit for the dangerous climate, Helena was used to the chill of the Arctic for she was born into such conditions, she could cope easy enough with little clothing making it easy on her for it meant she could carry other supplies, her companions however struggled with each step. The lead scientist, a human pushing her late thirties, could barely walk straight and it had come to the point she could barely continue, the other member of the team, an elf who had been entrusted with carrying much of the supplies, fared no better and was on the verge of collapse and this Helena knew. It was however by pure chance that sanctuary came into view, an igloo rested before them, it was clearly abandoned but that they did not care about, it was shelter and so they quickly moved for the igloo.

It wasn't particularly large and the three were forced to rest against one another in an almost uncomfortable squeeze but it was shelter nonetheless. Helena looked to her companions of which she barely knew, she had been picked for her skills in such weathers rather than her competence as a scientist and so she felt as if she were little more than a guide, both seemed to be struggling with the weather to which she couldn't help but feel pity for them, they had no idea how dangerous the Arctic could be. While they shivered and shuddered she simply sat with her near bare back against the icy walls of their shelter, she felt nothing spare a mild discomfort which she couldn't help made her feel somewhat isolated from the other two, they seldom trusted her anyway considering she was the lone predator of the trio and the one who ate the most to fuel and protect her body from the elements.

The human woman grabbed at a bag and quickly began to pull some supplies from it, namely a blanket and some small sachets of food for the trio, it turned out that there wasn't enough for the three after an error in packing before their expedition began, no fingers were pointed but Helena knew it was not her fault, she was in charge of navigation rather than supple inventory. Groaning the husky turned away before rising completely she said very little other than to say that she was going to go explore to see if there were any other igloo's nearby where perhaps one would shelter some food, she didn't fancy her chances but figured it best to keep herself busy rather than to watch her team devour the food without her.And so she left leaving the two other scientists alone to do what they wished.

Helena didn't wander too far away for the elements grew harsher and a blizzard was beginning to form, while she could stand it that did not mean she wished to wander into it and find herself lost so she moved to a snow bank that was about twenty metres from the igloo and rested, she knew full well what the other scientists were doing. Their intimate relationship was not unknown and it hadn't been the first time the two had stripped and cuddle like lovers, that didn't bother Helena much spare that it made her a little uncomfortable,what bothered her was their whispers, even through the blizzard she could hear enough to know that they were talking about her, about how they couldn't trust her and that she had no idea as to where she was going.....something that simply wasn't true. Helena had been committed to the cause but now.......her will was starting to fade and her anger was starting to rise, there was another problem however. She was starving.

With no supplies her options were very limited, she simply wasn't one to give up however and so knew exactly what to do, if she wasn't going to be appreciated by her team then what good was her team?, they were good for one thing only and upon thinking that the husky smiled. Helena knew when to strike, she would wait until it was dark and the elf and human were fast asleep, they would be caught unprepared, it was the perfect plan.

And so, as the sky darkened the husky made her move, the elf had no idea what hit him as he was suddenly pulled from the igloo into the blizzard leaving the lead scientist alone, his wails were lost to the blizzard and his bare body was battered by the elements,but only for a couple of minutes before an overpowering warmth overcame him as his body slipped down the predator's throat. After about five minutes Helena wiped her lips of saliva and sweat from the elf's body, her free hand ran across the tight curve of her stomach and it wobbled and swayed with her first meal, she would be able to survive for quite a while now.....but the husky knew it was unfair to keep lovers separated and so she slowly slipped into the igloo.

Helena waited for quite a while as the woman slept, she made no attempt to grab her or even wake her up knowing it to be far more fun to see herself alone and so as dawn broke and the scientist awoke Helena sat there at the mouth of the shelter with a smile on her face and her large stomach between her legs, it's contents now still.

The lead scientist stood no chance as she attempted to flee, there was no escape for her and Helena knew this and so she took her time, she swallowed her slow to enjoy every inch of her body, something she could not do with the elf. An hour must have passed before the last of the woman disappeared behind the husky's plump lips, Helena gasped with delight as her belly ballooned out more, she collapsed with a mild groan as the last member of the science team enjoyed her meal.

It was several days before the husky made any attempt to move but by that point a rescue team had been send to find the three man team, it was at that point Helena realized that she was much better as a lone wolf, alone in the Arctic. Perhaps one day she would return to civilisation but for now.....she had to hunt.

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