The Farmgirl

Species: Human/Centaur Hybrid
Name: Geena Lee
Gender: Herm
Age: 26
Size: 6 Ft 3in. tall
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Appearance: Muscular with an above average bust.
Bust Size: 38 D
Cock Size: 18 inches Erect
Occupation:Farm hand
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition: Geena is a hard working woman who would much prefer to get her hands dirty in the earth than spend all day behind a desk or kept away in a building and as such has a slightly rough attitude, a good soul however.

The Love of Two creates one

Geena's parents had craved a child for their entire relationship before they were blessed but such a desire was out of their hands, their relationship alone was a secret that they dared not share with the village. Love however had no bounds and so as the love grew so too did the commitment of a centaur and human.

Geena's mother, Caroline, was human, a farm owner based on the outskirts of a small village and it was there that she did much of her trading, Geena's father however was a centaur and he stood out easily amongst the predominantly human village, after moving from a larger settlement for peace and tranquillity he based himself in the heart of the village and erect a shop where he could trade as a blacksmith. It was this that first joined the unique couple together for much of Caroline's wealth came from her stable of horses which were used for trading and the local troop garrison and so horseshoes she needed often, Elsin, the centaur obliged and so blossomed a friendship which in turn grew greater until a relationship was born.

Both parties were afraid of being driven away and so visited one another often privately in hopes word did not spread about their relationship and for a time all was well, the two shared many romantic meals together and enjoyed the warm embrace of one another. But what they could not share was a child.

To bring a child into the world would expose their relationship to the village and neither wished to sacrifice the love for one another and so they remained a couple. It wasn't until their relationship was discovered in the dead of night by a local watchman that they feared for one another, word spread quickly about the relationship and Caroline and Elsin expected the worse.

Hiding at Caroline's farm the two waited for the inevitable mob forcing them from the village and indeed a mob came but not one of anger and fear but rather joy, to their delight the village was happy for them both and all demanded a wedding which the couple did not hesitate to agree to. The village only wished them both the best and gave them as much support they could ever wish.

With no need to fear the married couple pursued their love further and Geena was brought into the world, a sign of their love she held the characteristics of both species and the personalities of both as well.

As Geena grew so too did her unique appearance but never did she fear for she was accepted the moment she was born and so the symbol of two species became a pinnacle individual in the village.Geena, although having her naughty side, never faltered to help the village that had accepted her parents and her so lovingly...

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