Name: Neena Marie
Species: Demi Human Fox
Gender: female
Age: 22
Size: 4 ft.9
Hair Color: Light Orange
Eye Color:Gold
Appearance: Slender and Nimble
Bust Size: 36 C
Occupation:No Occupation-Wanderer
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: bisexual
Disposition:A Playful trickster


Eventually Jennifer’s breasts slipped into the fox’s mouth, Neena’s cheeks bulged out heavily to the point where she was fascinated by such an experience, she couldn’t resist in squeezing the bulges, a wriggle followed seconds later as Jennifer squirmed with unexpected delight.

Neena gulped again and Jennifer slipped further down, her breasts went with her in the tight confines of the fox’s throat, every gulp the fox savoured like a fine wine or expensive meal. Samantha couldn’t resist but to take her time and Jennifer after a while grew to like the warmth even if the thought of what would follow later worried her.
Over the span of one sensual and unexpectedly romantic hour Neena’s lips finally slipped over Jennifer’s feet, a small pile of clothing had formed beside the fox consisting of the woman's bra, pyjama bottoms and a black lace thong that had gone unseen until Neena's lips had reached it. With the final gulp made Neena removed her own fluffy jacket and bottoms giving her a chance to bask in her bare form and stroke the outline that Jennifer made against her body.

Cradling her heavy belly, a sphere that threatened to dwarf the rest of her, Neena moved to the couch by the fire and sluggishly clambered atop it, her heavy belly sagging to the side as she moved herself into a comfortable position. One of the fox's hand clutched one of her firm and tender breasts while the other stretched to touch her tender loins, the fox began to pleasure herself. Within Jennifer could hear the heartbeat of her predator increase to the tempo of a drum, her surroundings moved and swayed. Jennifer knew what was happening and she was glad, she could at least be close to someone now.

The woman slowly drifted off into a pleasant sleep as the fox pleasured herself, Neena had never known the woman and it was not the outcome she had wanted, all the fox wanted was some warmth. In the end however it seemed as if both women got what they wished.

The roaring fire illuminated the room and with it cast a shadowy glare over a very feminine imprint....

Possible Ideas

Neena, cold and stranded in the wintery weather searches form somewhere warm to hide, is this a warm home with some company or perhaps the belly of a predator...

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