"The Predator of Three Minds"

Species: Naga
Name:Cerabi (the name for her, although she has three heads and three personalities she is still only one being.)
Gender: female
Age: Unknown
Size: 7 ft from waist with an 15ft tail
Hair Color: Blonde, Green and Pink
Eye Color: Red
Appearance: Slender with minor differences in waist and chest size
Bust Size: Largest 36 E (Middle) 34D (Left and Right Bodies)
Occupation:None, Wandering Predator
Role: predator
Sexuality: Unknown
Disposition: A predator that is known to argue with herself, three personalities bickering with one another makes for some interesting events. From left to right her most common personalities are Shyness, lust and finally joy.

A Fortunate Encounter

Scarlette had found herself on a long range recon, an order from her village that unfortunately for her she could not refuse, the centaur had been gone many months and the trip had dearly taken it's toll on her body. Scarlette was weak and fragile, she had eaten little spare a lost enemy scout,that was over a month ago and the centaur was functioning on very little.

The centaur was close to her tribe's territory and was enjoying the thought of relaxing, her thoughts were ultimatly interuppted however as a snap echoed from behind. Scarlette quickly reacted and turned with her trusty bow in hand,an arrow pulled taut ready to fire. The centaur stared into the dark forest all around her expecting enemies.......and yet there was nothing,Not for a moment at least. Scarlette's eyes twitched as they stared into the shadows eventually focusing on a pair of dark red eyes that glimmered in the darkness of the forest quickly, they red gems were swiftly followed followed by a devilish white smile. Scarlette stood her ground.

"Stop or this arrow will strike you"

The figure seemed to get closer, another pair of eyes appearing from the darkness as did yet another glimmering smile. They were close to the first figure.

"Stop I say or this arrow will strike you"

A third set of eyes appeared to the right of the first pair that shown themselves and again another smile. Three enemies lurking in the shadows before the centaur.

The creatures moved into the rays of the moonlight, only then did the the centaur find out that it was not three creatures but one. The female red and white striped three bodied Naga stared at scarlette, her three bodies grinning with desire.

"Oh how delectable, a centaur"

Another of the heads spoke

“but who shall have her?”

The final head quickly interrupted.

"I claim the centaur"

Suddenly the naga's powerful tail appeared from behind her body, in a sudden attack the great muscular tail struck Scarlette, who had stared in disbelief and seeing a three headed creature. The centaur was thrown back into a tree and ultimately fell to the ground in heap, the strike causing her to black out almost instantly.

Cerabi in all her might and splendour approached the unconscious centaur, her heads arguing and bickering over which throat the poor centaur would travel down, it would be the middle more dominant body that eventually won the spoils.

scarlette lay unconscious as Cerabi used her skilled tail to coil around her prey, if the centaur had been awake there was naught she would have been able to accomplish for while Cerabi had her faults and bickered like three sisters, a meal was never denied her.
Using her powerful tail Cerabi lifted the mighty centaur high above her heads and stretched her jaw wide, the middle body was of course the victor but this did not deter the other two from trying to guide the centaur in their direction. With a sudden shove and a huge gulp scarlette's head and shoulders were forced into the mouth of the middle body, laying limp in the throat of the beast the centaur rested, the naga's powerful throat muscles pulsated so that the centaur could descend down the long pink gullet and into the creatures empty belly.

Cerabi continued to hold the centaur up above her as she swallowed, the middle throat bulged suddenly as the larger parts of the naga's meals descended, more and more of the centaur rapidly disappeared. scarlette's imprint was rather obvious through the soft skin of the naga. Cerabi's tongue flailed out the side of her mouth, her eyes were closed tight as she savoured her newest victim. Scarlette began to wake and her first instinct was to kick but any attempts were futile,she was too weak and the naga too strong.
Cerabi's other two bodies seemed to stare at the middle body with jealously as it grew close to finishing the centaur off. Scarlette's legs kicked one final time before they were consumed by the greedy beast in one large gulp. Scarlette's tail hanged limply from the naga's mouth as the evil creature licked her lips. The huge bulge moved slowly down the middle section,Cerabi pushed the centaur's tail into her mouth with her delicate hand to be reunited with it's owner. Each face of the naga seemed to change from joy to pleasure as the huge lump that was scarlette was shoved into the large stomach of the three bodied naga. Each head gasped satisfyingly with the new meal, while one body may have had the satisfaction all could enjoy the creature in their shared stomach.

And so the oddity that was Cerabi ate once more, one body more satisfied than the others but all ultimately happy with their catch. Another wouldn't have gone amiss however.

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