Name:Anyta Green
Species: Naga
Hair Colour:Platinum Blonde
Eye Colour:Crimson (like her underbelly)
Height:Ten feet from her waist to the tip of her head
Tail Length:50 feet
Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Breast Size 36 G (Plumped up after a rather large meal)
Disposition:Curious and Playful with a slightly devilish side.

Tubby and happy Snek by Rayen

A wonderfully Devious Anyta Drawn by the Talented Eliot

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What Follows is a vore encounter connected to Anyta, please read and enjoy.

Jeena MerryWeather walked slowly down the busy cobble path of a standard small settlement towards a small shop named the sisters Inn, it was the only tavern in the small community and as such was kept rather busy. pushing the wooden door aside Jeena entered was quickly welcomed by the joint owners of the Inn ,Rose and Annette. The Inn was named so because of these two women who were, as the name implied, sisters. Rose, a plump woman who had known the hardships of work her entire life, was cleaning a table while Annette, a woman of similar stature to her sister, poured a drink for another guest in the Inn. Jeena walked over to talk to Rose and was instantly met with a rather strong hug.

"how’s my little redheaded lady on this fine day?” Rose’s voice was as warm as her body.

"Bit tired actually Rose, I had to help the mages with a message early in the morning, I’ve only just finished translating it" The strain was clear in the redheads voice, she had clearly worked a long day.

"We thought that was why we didn't see you earlier, ”Jeena was a regular at the inn and had been staying there for quite a while. “well just to let you know. Your room is nice and clean again and there's a fresh bowl of apples on the table for you, we know how you like your fruit."

Jeena smiled in agreement before putting a hand into her leather pants and pulling out a small sack of coins" thanks Rose, I’ve got this months money to pay for the room as well"

Rose pushed Jeena‘s hand away lightly” you keep that now, you more than pull your worth around here. We may as well just give you that room instead of making you pay for it each month" the plump woman giggled lightly.

"Well if you're sure. If you need any help with cleaning or making meals just send someone to my room to get me, I’m just going to lie down for a bit"

Rose noticed the strain on the young woman‘s face. "Tired huh?, well you just rest easy. Me and Annette can handle everything for the moment. Before you go though, what’s the news in the city today?"

Jeena scratched her head and yawned slightly, her lips parted slightly to speak.
"There's a rumour going around that people are disappearing during the night. The mages have become concerned because of it and are now patrolling the city streets at night"

"What can patrolling the streets do?"

Jeena shrugged lightly. "not sure, I guess it's to see if the disappearances are really happening or if people have just decided to run away. Personally I think it's something else.” Jeena’s tone changed slightly almost to a whisper. “I heard one of the council members whisper about ShadowEaters when they were discussing about the disappearances. Don't know what it means though"

Rose didn‘t know what it meant either and simply shrugged in response "Well as long as our little Inn's safe that's all that matters"

Jeena nodded and yawned again
"I’ll see you later"

Jeena waved to Annette who then waved back although the redheaded woman didn’t have a chance to see it for she was already ascending the stairs to her room, staggering lightly along the corridor Jeena reached her little slice of heaven and placed the key in the door before twisting it. The old wooden door slowly creaked open and Jeena walked in but not before closing and locking the door behind her. The 29 year old tanned skin scribe flopped on her bed and for a moment thought about what the council was talking about.

ShadowEaters, the word alone sounded strange. whatever it meant, Jeena had a deep feeling that it wouldn't be good. The disappearances of course weren't good either, it would almost certainly be a blow to the community if more and more folks simply faded without a trace. Jeena tried to put all her suspicions behind her and eventually drifted to sleep.

By the time Jeena awoke the sun had set and the stars were hanging high above, moonlight pierced through her room window. Slowly the redhead pulled the ragged covers from her body raised herself up, she listened, something didn't sound right. The wind was howling like it always did late at night but something was missing. Walking sluggishly over to the small window in her room Jeena looked outside, the streets were practically empty but every now and then she could see a small ball of light held high by a lone mage patrolling the streets.

Suddenly something caught her eye, a large dark figure slipped from one alley to another just as the mage passed, Jeena concentrated harder but could see nothing else so simply took the sighting as her imagination playing with her. Rubbing her eyes slowly the woman looked again for good measure, the mage had disappeared. What was stranger still was that his staff laid carelessly on the cobble street, the ball of light began to fade above until it was devoured by the darkness of the street..

Jeena closed her curtains in confusion before walking over to a small metal bucket filled with cold water, she scooped up some with her hands and splashed it against her pretty face.

It had only just dawned on Jeena what was missing. The Inn was unusually quiet, not one voice could be heard from downstairs. There were always a few travellers pitched in a drinking contest or a bard playing a beautiful tune, but now there was nothing but silence The scribe decided to investigate.

Jeena slowly unlocked her door, the lock making a click that echoed in the spacious corridor. Peering out Jeena looked into the vast nothingness, the corridor was dark and quiet and a cold deathlike breeze blew down it. Jeena grabbed the silver candlestick beside her bed and lit the small wick with a match to better see in the darkness. The warm flame flickered slowly as Jeena walked into the darkness of the corridor, she calmly headed for the stairs.

When Jeena finally reached the stairs, she was shocked to find that the ground floor of the Inn was dark and seemingly empty spare the echo of water dripping, Jeena hoped it was a water but her imagination was once again playing tricks on her.

Heading for another corridor Jeena carefully ascended the stairs and moved forwards towards Rose and Annette’s room in hopes that they had some idea as to why the inn had been consumed by darkness.

Jeena suddenly turned around as a plate downstairs fell and shattered against the floor, the redheaded woman could see nothing in the darkness. The plate brought more suspicion, The two sisters cared deeply for their china and always put the worn plates away before retiring to their beds. Something was very wrong indeed.

A wooden board creaked up ahead as a great deal of pressure was applied to it, Jeena slowed her pace as she approached the area from where the creak had echoed. A cold breeze suddenly rushed at the woman extinguishing the flame of the candle, Jeena was left in the dark.

The scribe moved ever further into the darkness but stopped suddenly as her foot touched something smooth, Jeena didn’t want to believe herself but it seemed as if the unidentified object was wriggling beneath her sole. Reaching down the redhead touched the object with her hands, it slowly moved under her touch and stranger still felt warm against her palms. The object pulsated and bulged on occasion almost as if it were alive. Jeena swiftly pulled her hands away and stood up, gulping lightly to find her courage once more the redhead took a big step over the strange thing and continued down the corridor. It wasn't long before jeena reached a part of the corridor that was faintly illuminated, she had reached Rose and Annette’s room.

The wooden door to the room was fractured in half and the splintered pieces laid outside in the corridor, the signs of a forced entry. Jeena cautiously entered the room and scanned the surroundings, it was relatively dark but the moonlight pierced through a gap in the curtains, it illuminated very little.

Jeena stood on a stray shard of wood from the broken door and yelped in pain, a feminine voice echoed from the darkness of the room ahead of Jeena.
"Don't worry my dear, that splinter is the least of your worries now" the voice seemed very cold.

Jeena looked for the owner of the voice in the shadows but could see nothing, the redhead stepped backwards but tripped over something large and soft and fell to the ground, Jeena found herself laying atop another smooth object much like the one she had found in the corridor, like the first it bulged and wriggled beneath her. Jeena quickly crawled away from the mysterious object into the darkness but was forced to stop as she reached a corner of the room. With her back pressed against the stone wall, Jeena’s heart beat louder than a drum. The voice spoke again.

"Now calm yourself dear. I wouldn't want you to feel stressed, at least not in your final moments" Once again the voice was cold/

A candle was lit from within the darkness, the flame flickered from the breeze and looked as if it were about to fade but surprisingly it didn‘t. Jeena’s eyes widened when she saw what the light had unmasked.

Two dark red eyes and a row of pearl white teeth reflected off the light of the candle. A soft white face was barely illuminated. The candle moved near the window and again it looked as if it were about to be extinguished, it however came into contact with a large mass of candles lighting them all and ridding the room of the darkness.

Jeena gasped as she looked at what had been hiding in the darkness, a large naga, her body lined with soft white scales, spare her underbelly which was blood red, smiled at her with plump pink lips from the corner of the room. The naga’s long tail weaved and curled throughout the room and out into the corridor, its girth bulged and writhed with the imprints of half a dozen forms. The redhead quickly understood why the inn was so quiet, the naga had eaten everyone spare her and judging by the movement of her tail all were very much still alive.

A thousand visions flushed through the scribe’s mind, visions of her friends deep within the naga’s body, her powerful tail muscles constricting and pressing against heir forms tightly, she couldn’t push the thoughts from her mind, she could barely speak.

The somewhat plump and rather buxom naga moved from the corner of the room towards where Jeena rested, her tail had already coiled near the door blocking any form of exit or escape. Calmly she spoke, her voice now warm.

“I am Anyta my dear” There was a brief pause but not enough for the scribe to speak.” And you redheaded one are the last human in this building, the rest are deep within my belly, I must say they have stuffed me quite a bit”

The naga curved her back slowly and reached for the woman before her, carefully she stroked the scribes short red hair.

“however, I think I have room for one more in this belly of mine” Anyta patted her torso indicating that there was a warm spot ready for the redhead.

Jeena tried to speak but she couldn’t, the sheer grief had stolen her voice. Anyta instead spoke for her.

“I’ll bet you want to know why I have eaten everyone and am about to do the same to you, the answer is very simple, I was hungry” Anyta giggled lightly as her tail wriggled a little more violent than usual. “Oh I don’t think they liked me saying that”

A smile crept along the naga's face as she looked at Jeena.

“now I’m afraid I won’t be able to force you into my tail, its simply far too full, those two plump sisters didn’t help with that one bit I can tell you so I’m afraid you’ll have to go into my smaller tummy, I won’t lie to you, its going to be very tight and constricting not to mention warm and tingly” The naga’s plump lips curved once again before her forked tongue slipped between them and coated the two plump lips with fresh saliva. “Don’t worry darling, think of it as being wrapped in a warm wet blanket on all sides with no escape…..that probably didn’t calm your nerves at all, well never mind.”

Anyta’s lips suddenly parted and the dark pink mass of her mouth descended upon the redhead, a brief whimper escaped Jeena’s lips before the naga closed her mouth and engulfed the woman’s head, the naga although a predator took her time and made the entire process as pleasant as she possibly could, there was no need for her to rush after all. Anyta’s lips slowly slipped over the woman’s clothed form, her shoulder slipping into the wet mass of her throat, those swiftly followed by the faint bump of Jeena’s breasts and they in turn followed by the redheads soft and supple rump which Anyta found herself sucking on for a good few minutes. As the last of Jeena’s legs began to disappear down Anyta’s throat the naga’s belly began to expand, it curved slowly at first as the scribes head was forced into the tight space but over time the sphere grew ever larger until Jeena’s form was pressed tightly against the stomach wall. Anyta gulped one final time sending the scribes sock covered feet down her throat to join the rest of her.

The naga sighed happily as she felt the last of the woman enter her tummy, Anyta couldn’t resist but to feel the sphere expand under her arms. Anyta stifled a very ladylike burp with one hand just in time before her focus moved to her body as a whole. With the last guest eaten the naga was left with a large bulging tail, a mass of muscle that seemed as if it would never move again due to the amount within it , and a large spherical belly to which contained a lovely little snack.

Anyta had never felt so stuffed in her life and never had she eaten so much that her upper tummy was forced to fill, it had been a wonderful day for her. She knew she had to go hunting at night more often, it was far more satisfying when the snacks didn’t fight back.

Anyta turned for the door and slowly left the safety of the inn, her body, in all its bulges and imprints, writhed and bulged violently to the point where she found it hard to focus but eventually the naga made it to the safety of the forest and to her small hovel, stopping to breathe for a moment Anyta curled her tail around the rest of her body before moving in to cradle herself, the naga hugged her bulging tummy lovingly before falling off into a deep slumber to digest….
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As of the fifth of January Anyta has claimed herself a permanent Belly Pet in the form of Grace_Faye . A brief night stroll fetching milk brought with it a dangerous yet lust filled encounter for Grace with the cream skinned beauty and after long seduction filled moment the inevitable happened, the redheads beautiful body found it's way slipping down the naga's throat only to rest in her tail as an alluring bulge. Anyta made the right decision to spare Grace to instead enjoy her belly pet for all eternity.

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