The Explorer"

Name:Alanna Rogers
Species: Human
Gender: female
Age: 32
Size: 5ft 6
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Appearance:Well Toned
Bust Size: 36 E
Occupation:Privately Funded Explorer
Role: Switch, mainly prey
Sexuality: Bisexual
Disposition:Alanna is a switched on woman, in the prime of her life she lefts nothing hold her back and her will is hard to break. If she sets her mind on something she goes for it to the very end.

The Expedition

It came as no surprise that Alanna had decided to go alone, the beautiful explorer was known for taking risks and disappearing off into the unexplored jungles alone and with very little in the way of supplies, many had doubted whether she would return from her risky ventures but always she did.......although now it was a lingering thought once again on the minds of her friends.

The Eskantaro territory was known for being quite perilous, while much of it was still unexplored and unmapped those small areas which had been held many secrets for the territory was home to more than tree's and wildlife......ruins were scattered all over from a past civilisation. It was these ruins that Alanna quested to explore, the secrets they held could have changed everything about human history and the blonde strong willed explorer wished to be the first. The dangers were however very real, several of her fellow adventurers had already stepped passed the border into the Eskantaro and none had returned, only their scattered belongings and tattered logs a testament to their fate and with each log came more questions......there were creatures in the jungle that were entirely capable of dealing with any trespassers.

In the dead of night Alanna packed her belongings and slipped undetected into the Eskantaro, her journey beginning. She knew not what she would find...

(Alanna is open to a variety of ideas, the setting is of course the jungle but that is a very open scenario. What will the blonde explorer find?.....only you can decide)

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