"The Senior"

Name:Adeline Rose
Species: Human
Gender: female
Age: 18
Size: 5ft 8
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color:Violet
Appearance:Top Heavy and sightly muscular
Bust Size: 34 DD
Occupation:High School Senior
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: Bisexual
Disposition:Adeline was brought up to be a polite young woman and she was until her hunger got in the way, the senior will do whatever she can to have a full belly.

Adeline as she once was

What Follows is one of Adeline's vore filled Encounters


The waiting room for the principals office wasn’t the most inspiring of areas to sit, with bleak grey walls and hard uncomfortable seats it was clear that the punishment was already beginning.
Adeline Rose knew all to well her surroundings, it was of course the third time she had been told to sit on the lumpy chairs and wait for the principal to call her In and quite frankly Adeline was sick of it all. The Senior had better things to do and they did not involve sitting on a chair older than her while a witch of a receptionist glared at her unnervingly. Adeline did her best to avoid the glare but it was a challenge not easily beaten.

Adeline sighed and turned her attention to a small window overlooking the large field surrounding part of her school, at least she could watch the birds and other students go about their days while she was made to suffer.

The beautiful student was suddenly brought from her daydream upon hearing a phone ring, glancing around the room she saw that it wasn’t the receptionist’s and neither was it in the bag that lay beside her feet, it was coming from somewhere much more intimate.

The ringing of the phone sounded muffled which led Adeline to believe only one thing, it was in her belly. Was that not mentioned before?, Well Adeline, being a predator, was sitting atop the lumpy chair and resting atop her uncovered legs was her wriggling mass of a tummy and the ringing was indeed coming from the writhing mass. Adeline placed a hand on her tummy and giggled, it was rather funny and most definitely a first for her.

You see, an hour or so earlier Adeline had spied one of the other students in the hallways sporting a rather beautiful bag, the same one resting at her feet, and Adeline being an individual who got what she wanted took the bag and dealt with the former owner. It wasn’t hard to figure out where they were and it hadn’t been the first time it had happened, Adeline had of course been in the waiting room two times before.

So once again the senior was in the waiting room sporting a large wriggling gut after eating a “former” student, no wonder the receptionist was glaring at her….or was she glaring at Adeline’s belly, not that it mattered really. Adeline was still in trouble.
The ringing continued for a few seconds more before it stopped but that wasn’t the end of it, a voice as muffled as the ring echoed in the senior’s belly, it just so happened to be the girl she had eaten and she wasn’t best impressed.

The conversation between the eaten student and the voice on the other end was an awkward one and eventually ended with tears and an abrupt hanging up from the caller, Adeline just smiled. At least she had some entertainment for a brief moment or two, her actions did of course cost her.

Adeline had ruined a perfectly good uniform, torn in all the worst places the senior was practically sitting naked spare the odd modest covering of cloth on her arms. The torso area of her shirt had long since given up the ghost not least by the expansion of her tummy but also from Adeline’s other assets, her large and glorious breasts. They were of course kept large and tender by her special diet so no wonder any would go blind with joy upon looking at them. Luckily the senior was able to keep some of her dignity for the large belly she sported covered her tender loins below, at least for the moment anyway. There was no telling what would happen when she stood up.

Just as the crying died down within the mass of flesh the principal exited her office and looked to her right towards Adeline, dressed in a black skirt and a white blouse, with her blonde hair tied back in a bun and the petite glasses resting on her nose pushed back tight, it was clear she wasn’t happy. Pushing her lips tight together and with her arms crossed the principal beckoned the student into her office with a swift point of her finger.

“Adeline Rose” the principal’s voice was stern and powerful.

suddenly the senior’s belly shuddered and caused the loudest of gurgles as if on queue, looking at her principal almost sheepishly the student slowly stood up and shuffled into the office, her legs clamped tight to stop the tattered skirt from falling to the ground.
The door slammed shut behind the principal as Adeline sat down, her belly gurgled again but this time a lot quieter although her belly still continued to wriggle and writhe under her touch. As Adeline prodded her tummy the principal sat down and pushed her name plaque to the side of the large desk so that It didn’t obstruct her view in seeing her student. The silver plaque read Miss Reed but the senior of course already knew that for the two knew each other rather well from their previous encounters. Miss Reed broke the silence quickly.

“So” there was a long pause but Reed continued. “That’s another student you’ve swallowed. That’s three….that we know of.”

Adeline smiled clearly pleased with herself, it wasn’t her fault she had unusual tastes. She wasn’t exactly and average student.

“I understand you've just moved here” It was true, Adeline had only been at the school a couple of weeks after problems at her previous school had forced her to be expelled. “But you have to stop eating other students, it reflects very badly on the school and I hate having to write letters to the parents explaining their children have run away”

Adeline shrugged, she was a living creature and she had to eat after all, as far as the Senior was concerned it was survival of the fittest and she was the fittest, both in athletic and appearance standards.

The senior's belly squealed again but this time it was from the girl inside, both women ignored it or tried to in miss Reed’s case, she clearly didn’t like the noise but said nothing in response and simply moved on with her talk.

“It’s clear that you won’t stop devouring the other students, having been here only two weeks I am left with no choice but to put you in detention. You will be segregated from the rest of the school population and your lessons will be conducted alone with only a teacher present. I still have faith that you’re capable of finishing school but I know drastic measures are needed for you to accomplish this so that is what is going to happen. It's the only option I have left”

Adeline’s smile disappeared after she heard that she was to be split from the rest of the students, as far as the senior was concerned her food source was being taken away. It’s true Adeline didn't have to snack on her fellow students but school girl’s were her favorite and in some strange sense she was addicted.

Glaring at the principal it was clear Adeline was not happy but what she could do, her belly was still full from “lunch”. She couldn’t bargain so the punishment had to be taken.
Both women stood slowly and as the door was opened for the senior the principal spoke one final time.

“Detention begins tomorrow, Room 103”

With that the door was closed and Adeline was left looking at the mahogany wood of it’s frame, with a sigh she turned and picked up her “new bag”. Knowing the receptionist was still glaring the senior turned and walked to the desk.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer than this belly anyway. Unless I come back and fill it with you”

Adeline stormed off not best pleased with how the day had ended, she was not looking forward to tomorrow.

The morning arrived quickly much to Adeline’s dismay, the morning meant more school and that meant the first day of detention. The senior sighed unhappily, slowly pulling herself from her bed Adeline shuffled to the bathroom. With her belly pretty much all gone it was time to say goodbye to her school friend and that was easier said than done.
With some straining and a lot of effort Adeline was once again sporting her goddess like body and she was almost sporting a new phone if she hadn’t flushed so quickly. Shrugging it off the senior cleaned herself and grabbed a fresh uniform, a tight squeeze as always but that was how Adeline liked it. If she had to wear a uniform she was going to look damm good in it.

Skipping breakfast Adeline ran for the bus bouncing with every step, how the buttons on her tight shirt managed to hold is anyone’s guess but they did. Scrambling aboard the bus it wasn’t hard for the senior to get a seat, she of course had a reputation and in one sense was proud of it. But even Adeline needed some sort of contact which is why she wasn’t looking forward to detention.

Time seemed to fly past quickly and before Adeline knew it she was glumly staring at room 103, apprehensive to knock the senior gave the weakest tap possible in hopes that no one would answer. Adeline wasn’t that lucky..... or was she for the door slowly opened and standing there was a rather beautiful woman who the senior had never seen before. She certainly wasn’t one of the usual staff and clearly had no idea about who Adeline was or what she could do, something that could only work to the senior’s favour.

The woman who had opened the door was without a doubt a figure of beauty and Adeline was instantly taken aback by her looks. Long flowing black hair, luscious chocolate shaded skin, powerfully plump lips and dazzling eyes, these features would set any woman for life but her beauty did not end there. As Adeline’s eyes moved down she was happy to see a crimson top stretched rather tightly around the woman’s torso, the top button was undone to reveal a small amount of cleavage but it was clear from the curve of the blouse that there was a lot more breast covered. Further down were a set of athletic legs that seemed to go on and on, the only cover was a small black mini skirt that wouldn’t have covered the legs of a child. Topped of with a pair of red heels the woman was indeed a pleasant sight for the eyes
The woman’s voice was even more hypnotizing than her figure and the body was a hard act to follow.

“You must be Adeline Rose” like an angel whispering “well come on in and we can begin”.

Adeline didn’t need to be told twice and quickly stepped into the room which was strikingly similar to a prison if it were not for one lone window. The room was nearly empty spare two desks, one for the senior and the other for her tutor. A black board rested on the wall behind the larger of the two desks, a lone name was scrawled in chalk. Miss Brittany Weathers, clearly that was the teachers name.
Adeline quickly sat down at her seat and watched as the seductive Miss Weathers slowly rubbed her name off the board with the sleeve of her blouse and wrote a few bland sums, the lessons had already begun but Adeline wasn’t looking at the board but rather the two firm buttocks stretching against the tight skirt, they were mesmerizing and the senior found herself a little flustered.

Even as Miss Weathers began to speak again to talk about the work the senior was still in a daze, a hundred different scenarios involving her and the tutor ran trough her mind and all ended with the same outcome, Adeline laying on the floor of the room with a wriggling belly and a red blouse laying near by. It was an outcome the senior dearly wanted and as nice as school girls were she couldn’t deny the beautiful snack before her.

The day went on but to Adeline much of it was a blur, her mind was pondering how she was going to get Brittany without alerting anyone else and then the senior realised that she really didn’t care who heard if her belly was full which led the senior's mind to think of naughtier things. Smiling almost wickedly the senior focused on her teacher who was calmly flicking through a text book, one of her agile hands slowly moved up towards the top button of her shirt, with one swipe of her hand the button landed on her desk with a gentle PLINK before rolling on to the floor and no longer becoming a problem for the senior. With one button down the cleavage was slowly revealed, Adeline panted slightly for the whole situation was a rush of adrenaline for her.

Wasting no time the senior pulled the other button from her shirt to reveal yet more tender breast flesh, this was when Brittany noticed, unable to look away the teacher watched as Adeline slowly removed each button from her top until she was sitting topless in the room, her heavy breasts resting gently atop the desk as she curved her back.
Winking the senior tweaked one of her nipples before slowly standing to reveal the beauty of her own body, moving her nails down her leg the small skirt gently slipped to the floor after becoming a tattered mesh of cloth. Adeline stood in front of her tutor as naked as the day she was born but of course a lot bustier.

Brittany didn’t know what to say or how to act, her student was standing before her naked and the strange thing was she liked it. Her pump lips curved into a smile as she watched Adeline's breasts rise and fall with each breath. It wasn’t long before Brittany found herself removing her own clothing and eventually she too was naked, her clothing strewn across the floor.

The two women found themselves drawn to one another and as each walked it was clear their minds were partly on the same wave length, the two met between the desks and embraced. Breasts met breasts as the two squeezed, soft figures clamping together in a manner seen by lovers.
A kiss quickly followed and it lasted a small eternity before the two broke to breathe and stare into one another’s eyes. Each with nipples as hard as diamond and loins as moist and warm as a hot bath it was clear the two needed one another.

Clamping tightly together once more hands quickly darted from place to place, as Adeline’s hand slipped for Brittany’s tender loins her tutor’s hands slipped and grabbed the senior’s breasts, it was a mesh of hands and a chorus of squeaks, pants and gasps.

The two were determined to orgasm in unison and their wish was granted, as each pleasured the other the two could feel that all to familiar tingle of an impending climax. Tightening their grip on one another the two screamed as their loins released the nectar of lust and passion. Panting the two squeezed one another, both looked down to see the pool of their juices and each giggled like a little school girl.

Falling back into the pool of juices Brittany sighed happily not caring about the consequences of what was to come, Adeline simply looked on, that wicked smile returning. Silently moving for Brittany’s head the senior licked her lips, finally she would be able to fulfill her fantasy of the day.
Unaware of Adeline’s movement Brittany was unprepared and caught off guard as the senior pounced, with her mouth stretched as wide as physically possible the black locks and plump lips of her tutor disappeared into Adeline’s mouth. There was a scream but it was muffled and didn’t phase the senior one bit, the wriggling on the other hand was slightly more of a problem but Adeline could cope.

Pinning Brittany’s body down as best she could the senior took another swallow and fully engulfed the tutor’s head and shoulders, Brittany’s face soon appeared as a distorted imprint pushed against Adeline’s throat, she was not liking the experience but Adeline wasn’t concerned with Brittany’s likes or dislikes.

The senior’s mouth watered as she eyed the two chocolate globes before her, she knew they would taste heavenly so wasted no time in trying to shove them into her mouth. Groping and squeezing to her hearts content the senior slowly made some progress in pushing Brittany’s breasts into her mouth then suddenly Adelaide made serious progress. With a loud pop the tutor’s breasts suddenly slipped right in much to the senior’s surprise, her cheeks suddenly bulged out as if she were holding in a big breath of air. The senior couldn’t help but lick Brittany’s nipples as she swallowed, it was a hard process but eventually the tutor’s breasts were slowly slipping down her throat as two very large bulges.Adeline couldn’t help but squeeze them as they slowly disappeared.

Adeline’s belly slowly started to expand as she swallowed more of her tutor, with not one shred of regret the senior continued to swallow and within seconds Brittany’s toned stomach had disappeared and soon Adeline’s tongue was in reach of the tutor’s tender and sensitive loins. One little lick and Brittany squirmed, one plunge of Adeline’s tongue into the little slice of heaven and the tutor bucked. The senior simply could not help herself so probed and licked with her tongue for a good few minutes until finally Brittany went limp, it was a sign to swallow and Adeline sure did swallow.

The rest of Brittany slipped down the senior’s throat in seconds and just like how she had imagined the senior was resting on the floor of the classroom with a large wriggling gut. Adeline knew that Brittany would do wonders to her already beautiful figure so relished in the idea of seeing herself in the mirror the next day.

The day had gone well Adeline thought, Detention didn’t seem so bad after all. The senior had climaxed in unison with an equally beautiful woman and moments later enjoyed devouring said woman, patting her writhing gut Adeline belched. She was content or at least until she saw that the classroom door was wide open and standing in it’s frame was the principal, Miss Reed. The principal had seen everything as was obvious from her parted lips and horrified expression.

Adeline just stared and smiled as her cheeks grew red, collapsing backwards the senior revealed her naked form and laughed. She simply didn’t care anymore…..


On the 10th of September 2015, Adeline Proudly ended Dark_Aileena after the substitute teacher flaunted her beauty , needless to say Aileena's beauty is now that of Adeline' well as some breast flesh.A wonderful meal indeed ;)

Here are the last moments of Aileena.

For a solid ten minutes the classroom was awash with a manner of moans and muffled screams as all eyes looked at Adeline, the teacherless classroom was silent spare the blonde and her belly who was quite obviously enjoying herself a little too much. As those long ten minutes passed the screams faded and were instead replaced with the sounds of a hearty digestion, it was not uncommon to hear a GLORP or GROAN but the GURGLE was what reigned supreme as Adeline sat at her desk forcing one hand tightly against her stomach constricting the meat within while the other tickled her dripping nethers. Every now and then the flash and whir of a mobile would sound as one of Adeline's fellow students took a picture as if documenting the demise of the unknown meal. As the lesson pushed into the half hour mark it became rather obvious that Adeline's belly was starting to shrink, it had originally forced the table from the floor at an angle but now all four legs were once again touching the floor, Adeline could only mutter words under her breath. “That's right meat, digest and become tit flesh” And that was indeed was was happening for fifteen minutes later the lone button that had held out so long ripped free zipping across the room releasing Adeline's breasts for the class to say, they were obviously bigger by at least a size perhaps even two....Aileena had done well and still it wasn't over. With Adeline's belly far smaller than it originally was she laughed surprised at how quickly the teacher had been digested, the clock was coming close to finishing the was the perfect time to make a statement. Adeline rose from her seat, her larger breasts wobbling with each slow step, her belly also swaying lightly. The blonde moved towards the front of the room showing the group her new larger rump, she didn't care at all. Only a few minutes until the end. Adeline stopped and turned to look at the class not bothering to cover herself, suddenly her lips parted and a long belch escaped that seemed to blot out even the bell as it ran. Something suddenly appeared from the blonde's throat, a green bra soaked with saliva. Adeline caught it and held it to her chest before throwing it over her shoulder, much too small for her. “Bye bye Sparrow, you were some Grade A Tit flesh” With that said Adeline left the class and disappeared off home to enjoy herself properly....

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