"The creature of Station 6"

Name: Alien 1 Extant Codename: A1ex
Species: Sentient Alien, Considered Hostile
Gender: Likely Female due to human traits
Age: Unknown
Size: 5 ft. 7, possibly taller due to hair like tendrils
Hair Color: if considered to be hair it is pink, more like tentacles
Eye Color:Gold, likely evolved to see in the dark
Appearance: Slender, almost thin.
Bust Size: 34 B
Role: predator
Sexuality: unknown
Disposition:A very hostile creature, does not communicate and has the ability to devour large prey whole.


Rose cursed to herself and continued to walk into the darkness hoping to find Mouse further up the hallway.

A torch lay on the cold metal floor, its light was dim. Rose carefully picked it up, it was Mouse's. Rose scowered the floor for any signs of Mouse in case she had collapsed through fear, There was no trace of the missing crew member but Rose did spy something that had not been there originally. A small puddle of sticky, pink liquid had formed near where the torch had rested. Rose looked around for any signs of what caused the unfamiliar substance but nothing was found. The captain once again stared at the small puddle only to watch as something above landed in its sticky midst. Mouse's small pair of glasses rested in the goo, the captain instantly looked up.

Seemingly stuck to the ceiling was a creature Rose had never seen before. It's structure was almost human, if it were not for the tail that receded from its lower back and its clawed hands, one would suspect it as human. Rose looked into the eyes of the unknown creature, completely black the creature looked almost innocent as it's small lips seemed to smile. It's body was coated in the pink slime like substance that Rose had noticed on the floor, the captain turned her head slightly in confusion. To Rose's shock, the creature mimicked the action as its head slowly turned to one side. Rose made very little movement as her hand slowly reached for the pistol strapped to her waist, the two creatures continued to stare into one another's eyes. The creatures female like face never flinched as it watched Rose's every move.

The captain finally pulled the gun from its holster and readied to point the gun at the creature but before she could, the creature had pried itself from the ceiling, landed just next to Rose and pulled the gun from her hand. Rose stared in shock as the creature pulled apart the pistol and scattered the parts across the floor, the two once again stared into each others eyes. Rose backed away as the creature advanced towards her, it held out its clawed hands in what looked like it was wishing to be cuddled.She continued to back away as the creatures expression changed. No longer did it have a small smile, it seemed to grow larger and larger until it passed the point of possibility. Its smile slowly opened to reveal a shocking sight, as the smile parted a human face appeared. Rose stared at the face and instantly recognised it to be Mouse. Covered in the pink goo, Mouse struggled to escape from the creatures mouth. Managing to pull her hands out from within the creature, she pleaded with her captain to help. The creature stood there almost mockingly as Rose tried to pull Mouse from it's mouth, it was clearly just toying with the two humans. Rose's grip slipped due to the sticky slime which coated Mouse's hands and eventually lost hold of her friend. In an instant, Mouse disappeared back down the throat of the creature. Rose watched as the bulge that was her friend moved down the thin neck of the creature. The creature seemed to gulp loudly as Mouse slid down it's sticky and moist throat. The creature opened its mouth once more and seemed to inhale as much air as possible. Its once thin and flat chest ballooned out into a large sphere like shape as the air was passed through its body. Rose watched as a hand print pressed firmly through the stomach walls, her friend was trapped. The creature smiled and exhaled , its large belly shrank constricting Mouse within. The imprint was not simply a hand this time but Mouse as a whole, all air that was within the stomach was sucked out leaving nothing more than Mouse's small figure. The constricted figure flinched slightly as Mouse tried to move but her movement was very limited from within the strange creature.

The creature once again held its arms out as if to hug Rose, the captain through instincts ran with all her might down the corridor dropping her torch in the purpose. Feeling in the dark fro her radio, her ears caught rapid movement from behind her.

"This is Rose to all crew members, get back to the ship now. Unidentified life forms on board, they are hostile. I repeat they are......"

Before the captain could finish her order, her footing was lost in the darkness and she tumbled to the ground. The radio smashed on impact against the cold metal floor, the rapid movement from behind came to a halt. Rose cursed loudly as something soft and sticky wrapped around her legs, she let out a terrified scream as her whole figure was pulled backwards. The scream was ended swiftly as it formed into a muffled gurgle before nothing but silence.

The creature was discovered three days later on an abandoned freighter, the last known schedule of docking being an old abandoned space station, known as Station Six. The alien has since been categorized and all space ships have been advised to avoid species Alien 1 extant - Codename A1ex.

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